Harper’s love affair with Zionism

harper-netanyahuPictured is Canadian PM Stephen Harper with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

Harper’s love affair with Zionism

By Brandon Martinez

Most Canadians have at one time or another heard the dubious platitude that Canada is an “honest broker” and a “peacekeeper” when it comes to international affairs.

This widely held view is one of the grand myths that are repeated time and again in mainstream political discourse in this country.

Canadian foreign policy is in reality much more nefarious.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who some critics suggest is more of a neo-conservative than a true conservative, has spearheaded an unprecedented shift in the direction of Canadian foreign policy, favouring militarism, colonialism and imperialism rather than peace, justice and stability. Two of Harper’s closest allies on the global stage also happen to be two of the world’s worst human rights abusers: the United States and Israel.

The Middle East is a particularly troubled region of the world, and this is where Harper’s most egregious double standards come to the fore. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which lies at the heart of the broader Middle East crisis, is an issue where Harper has revealed himself to be a willing accomplice to imperial aggression.

Affirming his blind subservience to Israel, Harper said in a 2010 speech on Parliament Hill that as long as he is prime minister of Canada he will defend Israel “whatever the cost,” and apparently no matter what Israel does.[1] A year earlier Harper gave a speech at a United Jewish Appeal Federation event and proclaimed Canada’s “unshakable support for Israel,” reassuring the Zionist audience that, “Our government believes that those who threaten Israel also threaten Canada.”[2] Bloc Québécois MP Richard Nadeau said Harper is “more Zionist than [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu.”[3]

Born out of terrorism and ethnic cleansing, Israel has continuously committed aggressive acts that no honest person could describe as anything less than state-terrorism.[4] Yet Harper decidedly supports Israel unconditionally, while hypocritically condemning Palestinian and Lebanese resistance to Israeli subjugation as “terrorism.” Harper hysterically condemns Iran for its peaceful nuclear energy program, accusing the Iranians of seeking to acquire atomic weaponry without any evidence, yet doesn’t say a word about the mountain of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons that Israel possesses.

When Israeli forces invaded Lebanon in 2006, the third time Israel has launched a full-scale invasion of that country, Harper looked on with pleasure as Israel mercilessly murdered over a thousand Lebanese civilians, including hundreds of women and children. Israel’s vicious campaign of aerial bombardment destroyed much of the infrastructure in the country, leading to many more deaths.[5] During its illegal onslaught against Lebanon the Israeli Army killed several Canadian citizens including Major Paeta Hess-Von Kruedener, an unarmed Canadian UN soldier stationed in the area. The Harper government not only did not condemn the murder of Hess-Von Kruedener but actually tried to cover it up.[6] Harper defended Israel’s aggressive, inhuman actions in Lebanon, calling it “measured.”[7] In late 2008/early 2009, Israel unleashed a carnival of destruction upon the people of Gaza during its barbaric “Operation Cast Lead” siege — killing over 1400 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and even using white phosphorous chemical weapons in the lethal operation. Harper once again vehemently backed the Israeli side, blaming the victims of Israeli aggression for their own misfortune.[8]

The target of Israel’s terrorism extends beyond Arabs and Muslims. In 1946, the Irgun, an extremist Zionist terror group led by Menachem Begin (who later became the prime minister of Israel), bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which was housing the British administrative headquarters for Palestine at the time. Ninety-one people were killed including dozens of British personnel. The Zionist bombers admitted to disguising themselves as Arabs as they carried out the attack.[9]

In 1954 Israel attempted another “false flag” terrorist trick, this time in Egypt targeting British and American buildings with firebombs in an effort to frame the Egyptians and thereby poison relations between Egypt and the West. The incident was later dubbed the “Lavon Affair.”[10] In 1967, during the Israeli-instigated Six Day War, Israel attacked a U.S. military surveillance ship, the USS Liberty, in international waters. Israel’s prolonged two-hour assault with warplanes and torpedo boats resulted in the deaths of 34 American servicemen; 174 others were wounded.  According to American survivors of the attack, Israel knew they were attacking an American ship and did so deliberately to hide war crimes they had committed in the Sinai desert that the Liberty had caught wind of and would have relayed back to Washington.[11]

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, have been used by Israel to drive a wedge between the Western world and the broader Arab/Muslim world, and Canada under the leadership of Stephen Harper has contributed greatly to this engineered divide. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s current prime minister and head of the far right-wing Likud Party, described the 9/11 attacks as a “good thing for Israel,” adding that the event “swung American public opinion” in favour of Israel and against Israel’s enemies: Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians.[12] Some researchers theorize that Israel may have had a hand in 9/11, citing its history of false-flag terrorism against Western targets to frame their adversaries in the region.[13]

An incident often cited as proof of Israeli complicity in 9/11 was the infamous “five dancing Israelis” debacle, where five Israeli nationals, later identified as Mossad agents, were seen by witnesses on a rooftop in New Jersey with a video camera filming the plane impacts into the World Trade Center towers.[14] Subsequently, witnesses observed the five Israelis celebrating and cheering with shouts of joy and mockery. They were later arrested by the NYPD and told the police: “We are Israelis. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.”[15] Robert Baer, a retired CIA agent, said the five Israelis were in place to film the attacks before the first plane hit the north tower of the World Trade Center, and thus must have had precise prior knowledge of what was to come that terrible day.[16]

People sympathetic to Israel in the mass media and academia have endeavored to suppress the long and sordid history of Israeli terrorism. Victims of Israeli terror, including the American survivors of the USS Liberty attack, have never been given a fair platform to tell their stories, especially in the West.

In his book “Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid” Canadian foreign policy expert Yves Engler argues that Canada, under Harper’s Conservative regime, has become the “most pro-Israel country in the world.” To prove this Engler notes Canada’s United Nations voting record under Harper in which Canada has either abstained or voted against every single UN resolution condemning Israel’s aggressive behaviour, its illegal settlement activity in the West Bank and its inhumane treatment of the Palestinians in general. Canada, like the United States, has become Israel’s cat’s paw at the UN.

Engler, in the aforementioned book, also details the close collaboration between the Israeli and Canadian intelligence services, a fact that should be troubling to Canadians. In 1997, Israeli Mossad agents used forged Canadian passports to enter Jordan in a failed assassination mission against Hamas leader Khalid Meshal.[17] Ottawa did little to reprimand the Israelis for this crime. If any other country had done this Ottawa would have been outraged.

Harper has drastically increased Canada’s ties with Israel, signing several military and economic agreements with a nation that former U.S. President Jimmy Carter described as an “apartheid state” where Jews hold precedence over all other citizens, dominating every aspect of Israeli society and passing discriminatory laws.[18] In July 2008, a group of 21 South African activists and government officials visited Israel/Palestine and concluded that Israeli treatment of Palestinians is “far worse” than anything they experienced in South Africa during its apartheid days.[19] Desmond Tutu, the former Archbishop of Cape Town, condemned Israel’s cruel actions towards the Palestinians and has made comparisons between Zionism and the former apartheid system in South Africa.[20] Nelson Mandela has expressed similar sentiments. It should be noted that Israel and apartheid-era South Africa were staunch allies.

Harper’s immoral and callous support of Israeli imperialism is the result of two primary factors:

1. Christian Zionism. Harper is an evangelical Christian, and a sizable portion of his political support base stems from the Evangelical community. Many Evangelicals adhere to a bizarre dispensationalist dogma, which stipulates that all Jews must be gathered in the land of Israel in order for Jesus Christ to return and rapture all Christians up to heaven. Due to their religious beliefs many Christian leaders and groups are fanatically pro-Israel.

2. The pro-Israel Zionist lobby. Some of these Zionist pressure groups are: Canadian Jewish Congress, Canadian Jewish Public Affairs Committee, B’nai B’rith, Canadian Zionist Federation, Canada-Israel Committee, Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy, Israel Appeal Federations Canada, etc. Harper has a close relationship with these pro-Israel groups who have bestowed many awards upon him for his “service” to Zionism. Rich Zionist individuals have also attempted to steer Canadian mid-east policy in a pro-Israel direction. This includes people such as the late Israel Asper (former head of media giant Canwest Global which, until 2010, owned a large chunk of Canada’s national media), the Bronfman family, Heather Reisman and her husband Gerry Schwartz (owners of Indigo/Chapters) and many others.[21]

Regrettably, much of the Canadian mass media and mainstream academia are afraid to tackle this issue honestly, fearing accusations of “anti-Semitism” and other Zionist lobby bullying tactics. The anti-Semitism epithet is itself a misnomer because Palestinian Arabs are a Semitic people themselves and most Jews in Israel are actually of European extraction. The former Israeli minister Shulamit Aloni told journalist Amy Goodman of Democracy Now that the accusation of anti-Semitism is “a trick, we always use it [to stifle criticism of Israel].”[22] Indeed, defaming your critics is always easier than rationally debating them, especially when truth is not on your side.

A growing number of informed Canadians have been voicing their concerns about Israeli imperialism and the undue influence of the pro-Israel lobby in Canada. Many Canadians object to Harper’s one-sided support of the Israeli regime, which has damaged Canada’s credibility in the eyes of much of the civilized world, causing a great deal of resentment especially in Arab/Muslim countries. Unfortunately, the reality of the system we live in favours the heartless people with money and power who have a larger and louder voice than the little guys with a conscience.

But truth always finds its way to the surface in the long run.

Copyright 2014 Brandon Martinez

End Notes

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