Reader responses on latest article

Here are some reader responses to my latest piece on Press TV entitled “Zionist perversion of history threatens world peace”:

Gina says: “Fantastic article!!!”

Abid says: “This is by far the best article I have ever read on Zionism and the holocaust industry.”

Africa says: “Great post,as they sa everything kept in the dark,will come into the light.”

N Smith says: “Excellent article”

Rene says: “This very good article by Brandon Martinez is a great introduction to this education.”

Abdulla says: “This is an excellent article, written in a correct tempered fashion with intelligent arguments. Well written, well investigated, well spoken.”

Another says: “What an insightful, informative, discerning, enlightening, and instructive article that captivates the reader to the end. Thank you Press TV and thank you the writer.This is journalism at its best.”

Charles says: “Great and informative article”

Rogerlux says: “Excellent account and a synthesis of widespread common sense and scholar knowledge.”

che says: “Excellent article!”

dave says: “A very enlightening article”

Thanks to all those who commented. Readers can contact me at:

Brandon Martinez


One thought on “Reader responses on latest article

  1. Since when are our people supposed to die for Israeli objectives? Traitorous president and congress. We should not let them ‘eat cake anymore’. Where is it in the Constitution we should fight other countries wars? All those American flag draped coffins for fighting for another country and the banks they own in the West. Enough already! It is time to stop being Israel’s bitch!

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