The Martinez Perspetive Ep. 4 w/ Ryan Dawson: Ukraine, Imperialism and Zionist Corruption

On this March 31, 2014, episode of The Martinez Perspective, host Brandon Martinez talks politics, war and deception with author and commentator Ryan Dawson.

Dawson, the author of Welcome to the USSA and Separation of Business and State, gives a sobering analysis of Ukraine’s grim future under the jackboot of international bankers and oligarchs. Also discussed are Israel’s hegemonic designs vis-a-vis Syria and Iran, the myth of World War II as the “good war,” as well as the bellicose nature of Zionism and its hijacking of US foreign policy.

Ryan Dawson has been trailblazing against corporate and government corruption for close to a decade, producing such films as War By Deception, More Than Taboo and Decades of Deception. He podcasts on


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