WW2 revisionism a threat to Zionist hegemony

WW2 revisionism a threat to Zionist hegemony

 By Brandon Martinez

The Canadian Jewish News website recently reported that a “holocaust” remembrance group headed by the rabid Zionist Mario Silva, a former Liberal MP from Toronto, is stepping up efforts to suppress discussion and debate about what really happened in Germany’s concentration camps during the Second World War.

The prejudicial group, which calls itself the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), essentially defines “holocaust denial” as anything that is not in complete conformity with Zionist mythology and dogma surrounding WWII.

In his book The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism, Jewish writer Ben Weintraub argues that the holocaust story has become a new religion for Jews around the world. Historian Michael Hoffman has called the holocaust — as it is defined by the victorious powers of WWII and their Hollywood propagandists — “pornography” and points out that it has replaced Christianity as the state religion of the Western world.

Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein described Organized Jewry’s campaign to mentally enslave the Western populace with ethnocentric and dogmatic memes relating to Jewish victimhood during the WWII period as a multi-billion dollar industry and extortion racket designed to bolster Israel and Zionist power.

Other historians, such as Jurgen Graf and Carlo Mattogno, have argued that the official holocaust story, which was handed down to the public by murderous governments headed by genocidaires like Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, contains lies and exaggerations deliberately created to hide Allied atrocities and mask Zionist depravity vis-à-vis the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Whether one believes it or not, whatever happened to Jews in the Second World War is no excuse for what the Zionists inflicted upon the Palestinians three years after the end of that war: the forced expulsion of 800,000 indigenous Arab Palestinians from their homes and villages, the total destruction of more than 500 of those villages, and many brutal massacres of thousands of Palestinians, including women and children. These inhuman abuses continue to this day with the full backing of much of the Western world, in large part due to sympathy elicited from “holocaust” guilt.

The Zionists’ delusional campaign to extirpate debate about this topic will inevitably have the opposite effect. By attempting to inculcate Orwellian conformity by enforcing – through threats of financial deprivation or imprisonment — rigid parameters around this one historical event, the Zionists exude a certain overzealousness that usually emanates from a position of weakness and insecurity.

If the Zionists have such a strong argument to back up their story, why then do they need to legislate against dissenting opinions? Why did the Zionists lobby dozens of European governments to enact Stalinist “holocaust denial” laws to prevent skeptics from voicing their views and findings? As the former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad asked, why prohibit research on this subject if the evidence for it is so solid and irrefutable?

Dozens of innocent researchers and writers are languishing in European jails simply for conducting forensic and documentary research pertaining to Germany’s policy towards Jews during the Second World War. Since their findings do not conform to orthodox belief, they are hounded and harassed, fined and imprisoned, much like Galileo was for contradicting the official doctrines of the Catholic Church.

This monstrosity is allowed to take place with very little protest from supposed defenders of free speech. The mass media operates in conjunction with the main Zionist groups to vilify revisionist researchers and cover-up the mistakes and distortions of incompetent “holocaust” scholars like Raul Hilberg and Deborah Lipstadt.

At the Toronto show trial of Ernst Zundel in 1985, Hilberg testified for the prosecution who sought to send Zundel to jail for publishing a revisionist booklet titled Did Six Million Really Die? Hilberg was cross-examined by Zundel’s defence lawyer Douglas Christie and was forced to make some damaging concessions to the revisionists. Hilberg admitted on the stand that there is no known Hitler order or directive outlining a plan or program to exterminate the Jews of Europe, contradicting statements he made in his own book, The Destruction of the European Jews, where he claimed just the opposite. In the second revised edition of his book, Hilberg excised all previous references to a Hitler extermination order. When asked by Christie to produce a single scientific autopsy report proving the homicidal gassing hypothesis, Hilberg told the court: “I’m at a loss.”

Deborah Lipstadt, the queen of holocaust dogmatism who aggressively attacks revisionist scholarship with erroneous smears, is also known for her utter incompetence and brazen hubris. For years Lipstadt and other Zionist “historians” touted the now-discredited four million deaths at Auschwitz figure – a Soviet propaganda lie that was revised to around one million in 1990 (the one million figure is also contested by revisionist historians). Lipstadt also promoted as ‘fact’ the hugely exaggerated Majdanek death total of 1.7 million Jews. The inflated Majdanek death figure was a propaganda invention of a Moscow-based journalist named Raymond Arthur Davies who was on the payroll of the Canadian Jewish Congress. A slightly lower but likewise false figure of 1.5 million Majdanek deaths was even trumpeted at the Allied-run kangaroo court at Nuremberg after the war. The current research director of that camp, Tomasz Kranz, now estimates that 60,000 people died at Majdanek during the war.

Ian J. Kagedan, a spokesman for the Zionist-Masonic society of B’nai B’rith, clearly outlined the true agenda of “holocaust remembrance” in the Nov. 26, 1991, edition of the Toronto Star. He explained in no uncertain terms that memorializing the holocaust story “is central to the new world order” and that the Zionist vision for the world hinges upon the public acquiescing to the “holocaust’s lessons.”

In an essay dealing with this subject, Dr. Harrell Rhome pointed out that the holocaust dogma was created to deceive Gentiles into accepting a position of inferiority to Jews, “causing them to ostentatiously and obligingly revere the Chosen Ones – and support them with money.”

Perhaps we should all take a second, closer look at the events of World War II – the Zionists’ darkest secrets of all may be found there.

Copyright 2014 Brandon Martinez


8 thoughts on “WW2 revisionism a threat to Zionist hegemony

  1. Wow. I’m not a big Israel supporter. Although I do not keep up with current events to much, I agree that the Israeli government and over the top Zionists are sometimes out of line. But I am Jewish – reform (you probably don’t even know what that means, you’re so ignorant) – but Jewish. Does that make me biased on this topic? Probably a bit. All human beings are somehow biased on one level or another. But I know for a fact that over 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust. If they didn’t die, then I don’t know what happened to them, because they certainly ceased to exist. I don’t use that as an excuse for anything, or as a form of entitlement. But nonetheless, a people I identify with were decimated, and to my knowledge mistreated, tortured and starved. There are pictures. There are videos. There are documents. There are first-hand accounts, from both sides. I simply cannot express in writing the enormity of what happened in the Holocaust. It cannot be dismissed as historical “pornography”. If non-Jews want to feel like they should treat Jews better for it, good for them. I’m not making them do that, nor is anyone else. The Holocaust DOES contain lessons, lessons of the dangers of hate, which can be found in many other historical events. Obviously, if you ever learned about these events, you failed to find the message in them.

    • You call me ignorant while you tout ridiculous and false statements such as “over 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust.” You may want to tell that to Raul Hilberg, one of the holocaust’s leading “scholars” who said it was 5.1 million (his figure is also nonsense). And you might want to tell that to the officials of the Auschwitz state museum who reduced the death total there from 4 to 1 million in 1989, as well as the curators at Majdanek who now say the death total there was 60,000 (the original figure touted at Nuremberg was 1.5 million!)

      Sorry, you are promoting a fantasy that has been refuted time and time again. The “six million” number and story of persecuted Jews is symbolic cabalistic mythology that the Zionists had been promoting since the late 1800s to instil sympathy for the Zionist project.

      But (and I think you know this) the “holocaust” has never been about facts or evidence — it is a religious belief system sustained through incessant repetition and the silencing of any dissenting views.

      Some further reading for you here: https://martinezperspective.wordpress.com/2014/02/23/abby-martin-peddles-jewish-exceptionalism-fears-ww2-truth/

      • I think it’s so funny that you only addressed the “6 million” issue, because it actually matters the least. I guess you probably just didn’t have an intelligent or viable response to anything else I said. The exact number of Jews killed in the Holocaust would be impossible to ever determine. It could in fact be more; it could in fact be less. The point is, a lot of people died in the Holocaust. Not all of them were even Jews; Hitler persecuted gypsies, homosexuals, anyone who wasn’t white, etc. I skimmed your other article (citing yourself is an interesting tactic; generally “further reading” means “look at what these other reliable sources say”, not “look at me talk more”). I didn’t finish, but I got the impression that you seemed to think that the concentration camps were a nice place where, apparently there was little death. If so, then what the f**k happened to all the Jews who undeniably disappeared? It is in fact true that there were moments of peace for the Jews in certain camps on rare occasions, and I think that earlier on the program moved more slowly; but for the most part there were miserable conditions in which people were also being killed. As for moving to several death camps, you obviously need to read up a bit more. People were killed in the death camps, then groups were transferred to other death camps, where more people were killed, and so on. It was all organizational; I’m not sure if anyone really knows why exactly. The death camps were also places where people worked even as they were systematically slaughtered, so maybe they moved them as needed for work? I don’t know exactly, I’m not a Holocaust expert – it was a complex plan devised by a maniac. Your “cabalistic” (it’s actually spelled “Kabbalistic”) reference makes absolutely no sense; I’m not sure that you even know what Kabbalah is. Here’s some further reading on it: http://www.hebrew4christians.com/Articles/kabbalah/What_is_Kabbalah/what_is_kabbalah.html (FYI that’s taken from another source, not written by me)
        From what you say it sounds like Judaism is extremely focused on the Holocaust and Zionism. You might be surprised to know that the topic of the Holocaust is in fact rarely addressed in actual Jewish communities or services. It comes up every once in a while, sure, but is never a major focus.

        • If as you say the exact number of Jews who died in WW2 would be impossible to determine, than why have we been told that it was exactly “six million”? And how did the Zionists know it was “six million” so very quickly (they actually started pushing it months before the war even ended!)

          Here is a list of 256 references to “six million Jews” in newspapers dating back to 1900, in the context of persecution or an imminent “holocaust”: http://winstonsmithministryoftruth.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/145-references-to-6000000-jews-prior-to.html

          Of course you failed to finish reading my article because you have a closed mind. Your mind is set around a preconceived conclusion and you will ignore evidence that undermines it.

          You say, “I got the impression that you seemed to think that the concentration camps were a nice place where, apparently there was little death. If so, then what the f**k happened to all the Jews who undeniably disappeared?”

          I was just reporting what former Jewish inmates have said. They spoke of swimming pools, orchestras, theatres and soccer matches in Auschwitz and other camps. It is quite difficult to reconcile that undeniable “survivor” testimony with the notion that these camps were harrowing “death factories” that churched out corpses like cakes in a bakery — as we have been led to believe.

          What do you mean by “all the Jews who undeniably disappeared”? That is an unspecific and vague statement. “All the Jews” can mean anything, you haven’t put a specific number on it. Some Jews did seemingly “disappear”, only because they were separated from the rest of their families and were not reunited after the war. Millions of Polish Jews were evacuated deep into the Soviet Union during the war. Others went to Israel and changed their names. The revisionist David Cole showed that a Jew who appeared on the Montel Williams show with him in the 90s claimed his brother was “gassed” in Auschwitz only to find out that he was still alive living in LA. They had been separated during the war and assumed the other was dead.

          There’s no doubt some Jews died in the war, from all causes (bombings, starvation, disease, fighting as partisans in East Europe, etc.) Your claim that millions of Jews simply “vanished” is not credible and is typical of people who lack knowledge on the subject. As you yourself admit, you’re not an expert on the subject.

          I suggest you humble yourself and go finish reading my article before you make any more foolish comments.

    • >But I know for a fact that over 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust.

      You start off by promoting a blatant lie as fact. The 6million gassed/murdered is a “fact” just like the weapons of mass destruction in Irak and Afghanistan are a “fact”, the babies in incubators being killed in Kuwait are a “fact”, and the terrorists hating us for our freedom is a “fact”.

      No one believes your facts.

    • >There are pictures. There are videos. There are documents. There are first-hand accounts, from both sides.

      Non stop lies. That is how you operate. There are no documents, videos, pictures or credible witness of these “mass murdering gas chambers”. So why are you lying?
      If you aren’t lying why don’t you do what no historian has been able to do and answer Faurisson’s simple challenge: “SHOW US OR DRAW US(if you cannot show us) A GAS CHAMBER!”

      We are all waiting. We have been waiting since the 1970s.

      You don’t care what the facts are. You don’t even care that the orthodox historians have admitted that there is no proof for homicidal german gas chambers!


  2. I’ll admit that I’m somewhat close minded on this issue; I guess that I’m just stubborn that way. But then again, so are you.

  3. I’m not sure where you are getting your info, but great topic.
    I needs to spend ssome time learning mich more or understanding more.
    Thanks for great info I wwas loking for this informationn for my mission.

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