The Martinez Perspective Ep. 5: Vladimir Putin — Moral Actor or Machiavellian Realist?

On this episode of The Martinez Perspective, host Brandon Martinez is joined by journalist and radio host Joshua Blakeney.

The focus of this discussion was the dogmatism of the Left, how ideologues discard facts and truths that do not coincide with their ideology, Zionist militarism, neocon wars and the role of Vladimir Putin’s Russia in world affairs.

Is Vladimir Putin a “hero” as some anti-Zionists view him to be? Is he a moral actor or a Machiavellian realist motivated purely by self-interest and economic considerations?

Martinez and Blakeney discuss and debate Putin’s motivations and whether or not the view of Putin as “good guy” is parochial and superficial. They also discussed the merits and drawbacks of realism vs. idealism and the dichotomy of being an activist vs. an intellectual.

Should we prioritize certain independence struggles over others? For example, is the Chechen struggle for self-determination from Russia fundamentally different from that of the Palestinians? Should we place some victims of imperial governments above others in a quasi-caste system of victimhood? And how is that compatible with a moral universalist outlook?

All of these interesting concepts and ideas are discussed on the show. Don’t miss this one!


6 thoughts on “The Martinez Perspective Ep. 5: Vladimir Putin — Moral Actor or Machiavellian Realist?

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  2. Brandon,
    Wow! Congratulations to you and Joshua for an outstanding discussion. It’s rare to find two people share thoughts which focus near 100% to issues of the highest importance for humanity, and where each has agreed to courageously move forward and out to identify real problems with the goal of solving them. The thought came to mind that Joshua and yourself could collaborate on a book where the first 90% of the content is actual discussion (this talk Chapter 1), and 10% reflection on those talks with summations that focus entirely on your best recommendations to improve life on this Earth. Or the book could include all of the voices you can find of men and women who are entirely driven by desire to create a better world.
    5-stars. Thanks.


    Putin signs law banning rehabilitation of Nazism (read holycost denial laws)

    President Vladimir Putin has signed a law banning the rehabilitation of Nazism, the Kremlin press service said on Monday [May 5, 2014]. The law, which introduces criminal punishment of up to five years in jail for the denial of facts set out by the post-war Nuremberg trials and for the dissemination of false information on the actions of the Soviet Union during the war, was earlier adopted by the parliament. Publicly desecrating symbols of Russian military glory or spreading information disrespecting public holidays related to the country’s defense will be punishable by a fine of up to 300,000 rubles, ($8,400) or community service for up to a year, RIA Novosti said.

    How’s that for a complete puppet of a slimebag? It was all a set-up leading to this, every other thing he did that ‘made sense’ was buttering up the Russians & every other Putin-groupie outside Russia to put in this check-mate and stranglehold. The hell with this bastard.


  4. Putin groupies Mike King and Bro Nat join forces to let you know why Putin put 143 million people under thought-crimes legislation:

    It’s just ‘real-politik’ see, 143 million shackled in thought is small price to pay for nobody being able to call good ole KGB-Putin ‘Hitler’ or a “Notsee” when he inevitably has to show force in Ukraine to stop the BS that’s going on there.

    Delusions, delusions. As if Putin will ever repeal these laws or there can be any ‘freedom’ worth its weight without freedom of thought and speech. Oh well, the truth is not defense in the ‘Brave New World’ and don’t forget to inflict yourself with all the ‘pleasures’ you need.

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