Joshua Blakeney interviews revisionist David Cole

Description by Brandon Martinez

The indefatigable Joshua Blakeney (journalist/radio-host) picked David Cole/Stein’s brain on a great new interview with the elusive Jewish holocaust revisionist turned “Republican Party Animal” turned holocaust revisionist.

David Cole, also known under the alias David Stein, was a prominent holocaust revisionist researcher who received a great deal of notoriety for his work back in the 1990s, appearing on the Montel Williams Show, the Donahue Show, and other mainstream media venues to discuss the issue.

After receiving serious death threats from the Jewish Defence League, a Jewish supremacist group known for terrorist plots and thuggery, Cole recanted his revisionist conclusions and went into hiding for more than a decade.

Last year Cole/Stein was “outed” by an ex-girlfriend, and revealed to be a well-known party organizer for right-wingers in Hollywood. In addition to organizing boozing bonanzas for conservative Hollywood big-wigs, Cole/Stein acted as a consultant on mainstream holocaust films (strangely enough), which Cole, in this interview, described as “pure hokum.” “I didn’t believe any of it,” Cole said of the films he reluctantly helped produce under his kosher persona David Stein.

Due to his heretical past, Cole/Stein was cut loose by most of his friends and ostracized by his hedonistic Hollywood peers. But now Cole is back with a vengeance, re-orienting himself on the truth-seeking path. With a new-found zeal, Cole said he now has “nothing to lose” and affirmed his dedication to the revisionist cause. “I’m in it for the long haul,” he said.

During the interview, Blakeney queried Cole about his relationship with pseudo-skeptic opportunist hack Michael Shermer, who Cole described as an “unscrupulous, mercenary and dishonest man.” “If Michael Shermer said water was wet, I would want a second opinion,” Cole said. Cole intends to release taped phone conversations with Shermer from the 1990s, wherein the vain glory-hound admitted that the official account of the holocaust contains many holes, despite publicly defending and buttressing the orthodox dogma seemingly for monetary gain.

Highlighting the plight of the perennially persecuted German-Canadian revisionist Ernst Zundel, Cole emphasized the victories of the revisionists during the 1985 and 1988 Zundel trials in Toronto. Cole recounted an amusing story about how he edited a film about Zundel and other holocaust heretics in the studios of Fox News. The film is called “El Gran Tabu” and was featured at a Mexican film festival in 2007.

Cole recounted many more fascinating stories and anecdotes of his journey for historical truth while Blakeney noted the interesting correlation between the 9/11 truth movement and holocaust revisionism, pointing out that both causes face the same beguiling and dishonest opponents who seek to “pathologize the skeptics rather than deal with the substance of our arguments,” Blakeney observed.

David Cole is the author of a new autobiography entitled Republican Party Animal, which he described as a “stridently revisionist book.” It will be in stores across America in spring 2014. He blogs at

Don’t miss this one!


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