Liberal leader Justin Trudeau assailed by Zionists

This article was published by Whatsupic on April 10, 2014.



Liberal leader Justin Trudeau assailed by Zionists

By Brandon Martinez

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was recently criticized for allegedly commenting in an interview with Salam Toronto, a Persian-language news outlet, that Canada should take a more “balanced” approach to the Middle East and resume relations with Iran.

Referring to the alleged comments, mouthpieces for the ruling Conservative Party stood up in Parliament and chastised Trudeau for not being sufficiently pro-Israel.

Reports are now saying that the Liberal leader did not even make the comments in question and that a Zionist website distorted Trudeau’s actual remarks to suit their purposes.

The Harper regime in Ottawa severed diplomatic relations with Iran several years ago to appease the whims of Zionist war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, who has called Harper a “good friend.”

Canada’s foreign policy in the Middle East has been in Israel’s pocket essentially since the formation of that illegal state in 1948. In his book Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid, author Yves Engler documents how former Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson was a staunch Zionist who enthusiastically backed the Zionist project from its inception.

Ottawa’s approach to the Middle East is not just imbalanced; it is erring on the side of criminality. The Canadian regime not only backs Israel diplomatically, it has entered into numerous military and security agreements with the rogue state as well, and thus is guilty of criminal complicity with Israel’s ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people.

Iran, unlike Israel, is a peaceful nation with a rich culture and tradition. The Persian nation has not attacked another country in hundreds of years, while Israel has embarked on an endless spree of murderous incursions against nearly all of its neighbouring states throughout its relatively short history as an uninvited guest in the Middle East.

Iran does not possess any nuclear weapons and is a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, while Israel has a large stockpile of WMDs and refuses to comply with any international regulations.

Israel even deployed illegal white phosphorous bombs against Palestinian civilians in its 2009 onslaught against Gaza known as Operation Cast Lead, which resulted in more than 1400 deaths on the Palestinian side. Moreover, Israel deliberately murdered an unarmed Canadian UN peacekeeping soldier named Paeta Hess von-Krudener during its 2006 invasion and occupation of Lebanon.

Israel routinely engages in illegal settlement building in the West Bank, slowly but surely squeezing the Palestinians off their remaining land.

Iran, on the other hand, respects religious and ethnic minority groups. Iran is home to some 25,000 Persian Jews who previously rejected Zionist offers to move to Israel.

Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency routinely carries out assassinations on foreign soil and has used forged Canadian passports on covert missions. In 1997, two Mossad agents entered Jordan on false Canadian passports in a failed attempt to assassinate Hamas leader Khalid Meshal.

Why does Ottawa continue to maintain close relations with such a bellicose, racist and criminal state as Israel?

The fact is that Canada is waging a “cold war” against Iran on behalf of the Zionist regime. Harper and his neoconservative cohorts on Parliament Hill are nothing more than puppets and errand boys for their Zionist masters in Tel Aviv.

Canada desperately needs to radically change its foreign policy if it wishes to gain back some of its long-lost credibility on the international stage.

A rapprochement with Iran should be the place to start.

Copyright 2014 Brandon Martinez


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