Canada PM glorifies communist role in WW2


Canada PM glorifies communist role in WW2

By Brandon Martinez

Despite the present tensions between Canada and Russia, Canada’s neoconservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper praised the Soviet Union’s role in the Second World War as an “enormous contribution” in the “defeat of Fascism in Europe.”

“Obviously whatever contemporary difficulties we have with the current regime there, and they’re obviously immense, I don’t think we want to in any way diminish the Soviet and Russian contribution to the war [WW2] effort, which was obviously enormous at the time,” Harper said at the G-7 summit in Brussels on Thursday.

The Canadian leader, whose pro-Zionist credentials rival those of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu himself, failed to explain why the most murderous regime in history and world’s cruelest tyranny at the time is worthy of praise and adulation.

The only contribution Stalin’s Russia made to WW2 was inflicting murder and mayhem upon millions of people on a scale never seen before or after.

The USSR communist regime laid waste to millions, enslaved countless souls in the depraved Gulag Archipelago, and instituted a tyrannical police state where murder and torture was the order of the day. The Bolshevists did all of this long before Hitler rose to power in Germany.

In his controversial book Stalin’s Secret War, the Russian historian Nicholai Tolstoy unveiled a dark secret of WW2 that most historians are reluctant to admit: a majority of the Russian war dead (20-23 million out of a possible 30 million deaths) were victims of Stalin’s policies, not the Axis forces. Charles Lutton, in a review of Tolstoy’s groundbreaking book, described the Soviet Union as “an unrestricted police state, run by perhaps the foulest collection of congenital criminals ever assembled.” Lutton explained that the Soviet experiment “rested upon the output of 15-20 million slaves, laboring in Siberia and mines in the Arctic Circle, where the annual death rate of 50-70% far surpassed that of any previous slave society. Stalin’s Russia was a land with three categories of citizens: prisoners, former prisoners, and future prisoners.”

Tolstoy claims that a substantial number of Russian military casualties were the result of the Red Army’s crude methods of warfare, such as using ‘penal battalions’ comprised of hapless civilians as cannon fodder to clear paths on minefields. Soviet soldiers captured by the Axis forces were automatically deemed ‘traitors’ by Moscow. Upon repatriation back to the USSR after the war, 2.5 million Soviet POWs were either executed or sentenced to 10-25 years in a gulag. Despite ridiculous Soviet propaganda which depicts WW2 as the “Great Patriotic War,” the Russian people suffered far greater losses at the hands of their own government than that of Hitler’s Germany.

Tolstoy contends that tens of millions of Russians, whose deaths have long been attributed to Nazi Germany, were “killed in the course of Stalin’s ‘secret war’ against his own subjects” during WW2. Taking advantage of the “fog of war,” Stalin’s NKVD liquidated millions of Soviet citizens and then blamed their deaths on the Nazis. As part of the victorious powers that get to write their own history, the Soviets excluded any semblance of truth from Russian history books. A compliant and complicit West did the same. All of Russia’s misfortunes during the war were conveniently blamed on the vanquished “Fascist” boogeyman.

Knowing this, it is astounding and downright sickening to see Western court historians and contemporary politicians continue to belabor the myth of the “Fascist threat.” Fascism was a threat to whom? Not to Canadians, Americans, the Brits or anyone else not living inside or in the direct vicinity of Germany and Italy. If Fascism was a threat, it was no more of a threat than British, French, American or Soviet imperialism; it was no more of a threat to world peace than the Jewish banking houses in London and New York who financed both sides of many major wars in the last few centuries; and it was no more of a threat than Bolshevism, a fanatic ideology that was satisfied with nothing less than world domination.

From the perspective of most people of the global East and South, Britain and France were the great imperialist threats to sovereignty and independence. As the saying went, “the sun never set on the British Empire.” It was not German forces that were occupying many parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East at this time; it was British and French armies.

Why was “defeating Fascism” so much more urgent or necessary than defeating Communism or any other political system in a far-away country? It wasn’t Fascists who were financing and arming insurgents in dozens of countries in an effort to spark a “world revolution”; that was the work of Stalin’s Comintern. Yet the US and Britain welcomed Stalin as an ally with open arms during the course of WW2.

The close of WW2 saw the Soviet Empire stretch its tentacles across half of Europe. The voracious Stalinist regime in Moscow gobbled up Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, East Germany, and several other countries. NKVD death squads dispatched by the Kremlin swiftly eliminated any and all resistance to the communist takeover of these nations. The Western Allies looked the other way as half of Europe fell victim to Red aggression and expansionism. Millions of Eastern Europeans suffered for decades under the Bolshevist jackboot until it all came crashing down in the 1990s.

One reason Communism has been so soft-peddled by the West’s beguiling establishment is that a significant number of Jews participated in the homicidal project from its inception. During a June 2013 visit to Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, Russia’s current president, Vladimir Putin, pointed out that 80-85 per cent of the original Bolshevik leadership that ousted the Czar in 1917 was comprised of Jews. These Jewish communists were “guided by false ideological considerations,” Putin stressed.

In 1920, Winston Churchill of all people wrote an article entitled “Zionism versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People” in which he suggested that, “There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistic Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others.” He went on to describe Bolshevism as a conspiracy of “International Jews” hell-bent on the “overthrow of civilization.”

In a 1998 column published in the Toronto Sun, journalist Eric Margolis noted that a large percentage of the Communist Party bosses in the Soviet Union were Jewish. “The predominance of Jews among Bolshevik leaders,” writes Margolis, “and the frightful crimes and cruelty inflicted by Stalin’s Cheka on Ukraine, the Baltic states and Poland, led the victims of Red Terror to blame the Jewish people for both communism and their suffering.” Among the worst Jewish murderers of the communist killing machine were Lazar Kaganovich and Genrikh Yagoda.

The Stephen Harpers of the world couldn’t be bothered to point this out because it would upset their Jerusalemite paymasters. As serfs and workhorses for Zionism, the West’s leaders will continue to distort history and promote a whitewashed narrative that benefits all of the victorious parties of the bloodiest war in history.

On the other hand, the masses are hungry for the truth and one day in the near future the gigantic façade of lies and untruths that has enslaved humanity will collapse like a house of cards, much to the chagrin of our present degenerate rulers.

Copyright 2014 Brandon Martinez


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