Zionist media outlet smears Canadian patriot


Canadian patriot James Keegstra and his lawyer Douglas Christie

Zionist media outlet smears Canadian patriot

By Brandon Martinez

A Zionist writer for the Calgary Sun recently authored a eulogistic hit-piece on the deceased Canadian patriot James Keegstra, a high school teacher and former mayor of Eckville, Alberta, who was prosecuted for a “hate crime” in the 1980s as a result of expressing negative opinions about Zionists in his classroom.

In the article, titled “Eckville’s Anti-Semitic ex-teacher remained defiant until the end,” Bill Kaufmann spoke of Keegstra’s “anti-Semitic instruction” and decried the “anti-Jewish content” of the late teacher’s social studies class.

Wikipedia reports that in 1984 Keegstra was stripped of his teacher’s certificate and charged with a hate crime for “teaching his social studies students that the Holocaust was a fraud and attributing various evil qualities to Jews.”

Kaufmann, in his anti-Keegstra screed, labeled the Albertan a “Holocaust denier,” a throwback from the 1500s when the Catholic Church decreed all viewpoints skeptical of church doctrine “heresy.” Galileo was forced under threat of torture and imprisonment to recant his “heretical” theory that the earth is not the center of our solar system, but instead revolved around the sun. Modern-day inquisitors would inflict similar misfortune upon those who question what the winners have told us about the Second World War.

Zionist exceptionalists such as Kaufmann and his colleagues at Sun News seek to maintain total immunity for the Jewish-Zionist community to commit any act without any repercussions or even criticism. They aspire to eliminate and neutralize critics through smear campaigns and ad-homenim inferences. Never will they debate the issues raised by the Keegstras of the world because they know truth is not on their side.

It is interesting to note that Kaufmann and his bosses at Sun News are not and have never been concerned with the anti-German instruction of all public learning institutions in the Western world. German-Canadian activist Ernst Zundel campaigned tirelessly against the ethnic bias against Germans in the popular media, but the faux conservatives at Sun News, the National Post and other mainstream media outlets have leveled nothing but virile hate and slander against the man.

Many astute observers have pointed out that most of the commentators who write and broadcast for Sun News are Jewish and Christian Zionists. The pro-Israel bias of the media company is beyond the pale. Two prominent mouthpieces on the network are Ezra Levant and Michael Coren, both of whom share the same passion for whitewashing Israel’s crimes and deflecting attention from the power and affluence of their fellow Zionist tribalists in Canada.

On one broadcast on Ezra Levant’s “The Source,” the Zionist host spoke with Marc Lemire about his horrendous ordeal with the thought police in Canada, who have fanatically pursued him for eight years merely for a post on his forum that he didn’t even write and barely anyone read. When asked which special interest groups were intervening in Lemire’s case on the side of censorship, Lemire noted that all but one of the pro-censorship interlopers were Jewish organizations and the one non-Jewish group throwing its weight behind the Stalinist thought crime law was being represented by a former Jewish lobbyist. In a display of cognitive dissonance, Levant sarcastically admitted “the Jews” are on the side of censorship and then went on to describe Canada’s thought crime laws as “Nazi.”

Levant’s ideological twin and fellow Sun News host, Michael Coren, has had the Jewish Defence League leader Meir Weinstein as a guest on his show several times. This is the man who led a campaign of terror against revisionist publisher Ernst Zundel in the 1980s and 1990s. The JDL is the same group that spawned the likes of Baruch Goldstein, an American Jew who immigrated to Israel and carried out a sadistic massacre of 29 Palestinian Arabs in a Hebron mosque in 1994, and Irv Rubin who was jailed in 2001 for plotting to bomb a mosque in California.

As Sun News plays host to extremist JDL members, it also regularly features top officials of Stephen Harper’s conservative regime in Ottawa, particularly Canada’s Minister for Multiculturalism Jason Kenney who has proven to be more Zionist than the Israelis themselves. Does this not show that Canada’s political class is complicit with the most extreme elements in the Zionist community?

While masquerading as defenders of liberty, the kosher talking heads of Sun News are little more than gatekeepers tasked with shifting the blame for the loss of civil liberties in Canada away from its true architects: the organized Jewish-Zionist community.

These Machiavellian schemers do not have the interests of most Canadians at heart. The Ezra Levants of the world realize that restricting freedom of speech is bad for the Zionist agenda of demonizing Muslims as per the Likudnik post-9/11 “war on terror” strategy of pitting Muslims against Westerners and vice versa. If Levant and Co. are unable to vilify Muslims in the press, then Israel’s geopolitical game-plan to divide and conquer the Muslim world using Western proxy armies will fall by the wayside.

So on the surface the Zionist pundits of Sun News act like they are advocates of free speech while at the same time denigrating the true heroes of freedom of speech in this country — such as Ernst Zundel, Douglas Christie, Paul Fromm, Marc Lemire, Arthur Topham, James Keegstra and others — as “haters” and “bigots.”

The lesson to be learned from all of this is that despite their disingenuous claims Zionists like Ezra Levant and Michael Coren are not and have never been friends of liberty; they are self-interested chauvinists bent on subjugating the rest of us, albeit using some unorthodox methods of deception and subterfuge to do so.

The leading lights of liberty in Canada have always been free thinkers like James Keegstra and Ernst Zundel who refused to surrender in the face of tremendous adversity.

Copyright 2014 Brandon Martinez


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