Richard Spencer – SuperCuck for Russia

Commentary by Brandon Martinez

Richard Spencer caused a bit of an uproar within nationalist ranks recently when he Tweeted out that the Holodomor was not a deliberate attempt at genocide by Stalin.

He said that the famine, which killed millions of Ukrainians in 1932 and which most historians say was a deliberate¬†policy of starvation directed by the Kremlin, “affected other regions” of the Soviet Union too, therefore could not have been a purposeful attempt to wipe out the Ukrainians. But what does that prove other than that Stalin was busily murdering many different groups within the Soviet empire? The moustached psychopath basically did away with anyone who he felt was getting in the way of whatever scheme he was implementing at the time.

Ukrainians don’t claim they were the only victims of the Stalin regime. Millions of Russians, Eastern Europeans, Caucasians and Central Asians also perished in the various purges, manufactured famines and mass executions carried out by Stalin’s henchmen. The paranoid tyrant frantically purged anyone disloyal to his rule. He relentlessly chucked millions into the Gulag Archipelago where many thousands slaved away until they died. In total, some historians put the death count at 40 million. Others¬†have put it at¬†20 million. Either way, millions of people perished at the hands of consecutive Soviet regimes. The¬†worst years were undoubtedly under Stalin.

Spencer is obviously pussy-whipped by his Russian wife,¬†Nina Kouprianova.¬†He clearly¬†gets most of his views about the Holodomor and Russia in general from her. She’s a fanatic Russian chauvinist/imperialist who sarcastically self-identifies as a “Kremlin bot” and has translated¬†works¬†by¬†Alexander¬†Dugin, the Eurasianist ideologue, into English. She’s written about her own nostalgia¬†for the¬†“Russian World,”¬†an archetype of Russian supremacism which projects a vision for¬†a permanent “sphere of influence” for Russia in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The Eurasianists want to establish a Russian caliphate ruling over virtually all the areas formerly controlled by the USSR.

Nationalist critics¬†on Twitter¬†have pointed out how Spencer has said little to nothing challenging the mainstream account of the Holocaust, yet goes way out of his way to shill for Stalin on the Holodomor and other crimes of the Soviet regime which involved many Jews. Like his wife, Spencer is a fawning bootlicker of the dictatorial Putin regime. One wonders why his wife is living with him in America if she’s so committed to all things Russian? Is she there as a subversive propagandist looking to secure support for the Kremlin amongst Western nationalists? Or is she just a hobbyist with a fetish for Russian politics? She wants to “Make Russia Great Again” by invading and subduing Eastern Europe under the Russian jackboot, so why doesn’t she evict herself from the US, get herself a rifle and go¬†join her glorious comrades waging war in Eastern Ukraine?

Parroting his wife and Dugin, Spencer has even said Ukraine is an “artificial country.”

This claim is dumb because every modern country is essentially artificial. The nation-state model is very recent in history. Most of the smaller countries in Europe are also very new, having gained independence from the various European empires after World War I or later. Spencer’s¬†effort to delegitimize Ukraine is extremely odd coming from a supposed “white nationalist.” Stranger still, Spencer advocates for some grand ingathering of all whites into a new “Roman empire.” How would that not be “artificial”? That’s far more “artificial” (and unnatural) a construction than the modern state of Ukraine. Moreover, Russia itself is a nation that has never really had fixed-borders,¬†perennially expanding and contracting its territory after conquests and defeats. It is a colonial metropolis, not a normal nation-state. But that doesn’t seem to bother Spencer, cucked as he is by the Russian broad he sleeps with.

There are some weird left-nationalists with a Strasserite bent that are basically Stalin fan-boys. These fools praise Stalin on the basis that he “industrialized” Russia.¬†Operating on¬†an economic determinist mindset, these left-nationalists, like their communist counterparts on the far-left, will lend support to any murderous¬†tyrant who simply¬†mouths some of their Marxist economic talking points. It matters not how many people that government kills to construct¬†the socialist “workers paradise,” so long as they build a couple factories and power plants (using slave labour), all is well and good in the eyes of these ideologues. These are the types of people who would gladly volunteer to¬†man¬†the gates of the Gulags and¬†unload bullets into pesky¬†“dissidents” not satisfied with the “superior” socialist system.

Pro-Russian sentiment is obviously substantial within co-opted nationalist circles, based mostly on the false idea that Putin is a “nationalist” and “Christian,” when in fact he’s an imperialist (not a nationalist) and opportunistic politician who uses religion to curry favour among religious Russians.

Antifa Gutter Punks Keep Getting Trashier

Commentary by Brandon Martinez

The “Antifa” (antifascist) crowd have always been composed of degenerate hippies, fat slobs, drug addicts, and, apparently, dreadlocked freaky girls who do raunchy hair-fetish porn. Meet “Moldylocks,” aka Louise Rosealma aka Emily Rose Nauert, the 20-year-old Antifa radical¬†who got waylaid¬†by an Alt-Righter at the recent Berkeley riot.

When she’s not “collecting Nazi scalps,” she apparently undresses herself in front of a camera to show off her vomit-inducing hairy underarms and vagina area. Contradicting her¬†own self-professed feminist Antifa views, she claims in the porn video that she actually likes “being restrained” and¬†“dominated” by her¬†(presumably) male partners in bed. Meanwhile, through her delinquent Antifa activism she seeks to tear down the “patriarchy”¬†(aka male domination) in the broader society. These contradictions are commonplace for¬†Antifa gutter punks who literally believe in nothing¬†besides smashing,¬†trashing, stinking up and degrading everything around them to conform with¬†their preferred vagabond¬†lifestyles.¬†Antifa are in actuality¬†“anti-civilization,” aka nihilistic punks who want to tear down all forms of order and hierarchy so as¬†to drag humanity down to a state of barbarism.

They advocate for nothing besides¬†repeating stale old Marxist and Leninist platitudes about the evils of capitalism and “white supremacy.” They’re not truly against “racism” because they are themselves engaged in an organized racist campaign to¬†attack, shame and disempower white people in their own homelands. If anything, Antifa are essentially anti-white racists hell bent on chasing¬†the last white person out of their job and livelihood to atone for the presumed sins of their forefathers.

Years ago I recall seeing videos of Canadian Antifa stalking and harassing Ernst Zundel, a German-Canadian publisher who spearheaded revisionist research into the Holocaust mythology of the Second World War and who paid dearly for his honest work. Those videos made my blood boil and sparked my own interest and activism in alternative history and politics. It was sickening watching ideologically hollow street bums stalk and assault an honourable man who simply sought to get at the truth of what really happened in his country of birth during a war.

Antifa have always been little more than¬†violent foot-soldiers for the anti-white segment of the globalist Jewish establishment. In fact, there was an old video showing a Jewish official from the B’nai B’rith (the main lobbying arm of international Zionism & Masonry) in Canada actively lobbying the provincial government of Ontario to fund Antifa. So we had there a case of self-interested Zionist Jews puppeteering low-brow savage communists and assorted leftist agitators to go after one of their chief adversaries in the realm of historical research. A literal case of “shut it down” subterfuge at work. And that’s still what’s happening today on the streets of Europe and North America, as we see a¬†leftist¬†militancy metastasize after the surprise election of the populist, civic nationalist Donald Trump.

An Alliance With the Alt-Lite?

Commentary by Brandon Martinez

Red Ice just put out a video called “How the Alt-Right Should Relate to the Alt-Lite,” basically arguing that an olive branch should be extended to folks within the¬†Alt-Lite milieu in the hopes of “red pilling” some of them¬†down the road.¬†Of course, there is always the prospect of rescuing¬†those trapped in the Alt-Lite bubble, and showing them the door to a¬†more robust and accurate analysis of the problems and their true causes.¬†The video advises against too much hostility towards those of the Alt-Lite persuasion, and proposes forming a pragmatic¬†alliance with them to confront leftist violence in the streets. I think this should only be applied to the¬†lower down followers of Alt-Lite as opposed to the High Priests of the movement who have time and again made it absolutely clear that they will continue pushing a watered-down civic nationalism that opposes¬†both White identitarianism and open discussions of Jewish power.

In his new “comeback” party video, Alt-Lite idol Milo Yiannopoulos draped flags of Israel throughout the rented “mansion” wherein he paid a bunch of models to follow him around while he pranced about like a wannabe rockstar.¬†At speeches he has wrapped himself in¬†the Zionist flag and proclaimed his love for Israel.


Yiannopoulos claims that he disavows¬†“identity politics of every kind,”¬†expressing particular disdain for¬†White ethno-nationalism as espoused by Alt-Right leaders like Richard Spencer.¬†However, Yiannopoulos’ claim to oppose all forms of identity politics is plainly contradicted by his fawning reverence of and support for the state of Israel, which defines itself as a “Jewish” homeland based entirely on the identity politics of Zionism. So in Yiannopoulos’ perfect world, every group will¬†abandon identity and rootedness and adopt¬†his preferred lifestyle of degenerate mammonism, leaving only the Jews with their own fortified ethno-state and strong in-group solidarity intact. Clearly his seditious¬†mission is to weaken the identities of the Gentile races while supporting Jewish nationalism.

Other prominent Alt-Lite figures like Ezra Levant, Steven Crowder, Paul Joseph Watson, Gavin McInnes, Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich play an identical tune on the two taboos that they desperately wish to avoid: White identitarianism and the Jewish question. By removing those two crucial issues from the platform, the Alt-Lite are carving out a kosher nationalism dominated at the top by Zionist Jews and Judeo-Christian cucks who will do very little to address the root causes of the malaise afflicting the West. They will continue to point fingers at blue-haired feminists and SJWs, whilst totally ignoring the elephant in the room. Since much of the Alt-Lite is merely engaged in clickbait opportunism and aimless populism, they must steer clear of the truly controversial topics that could get them axed from their social media soapboxes.

On issues like free speech, feminism, SJWism and mass immigration, the Alt-Lite provide some valuable content opposing those leftist abominations. But on two central, defining issues that are essentially a make or break for the survival of Western civilization, they fail miserably and¬†take up a status quo consensus view that race is unimportant, and all that’s required¬†to¬†get in the “Western civ” club is adopting certain Judeo-Christian libtard “values.” On Jewish power and their leading role in the globalist juggernaut to bring the West to its knees, the Alt-Lite act¬†as¬†praetorian muscle guarding the gates of Jewish privilege. For this they¬†can never be trusted and should always be kept at arms length.

Alt-Lite Professor Triggered By Alt-Right’s “Anti-Semitism”

Jordan Peterson vs. SJWs

Commentary by Brandon Martinez

Jordan Peterson, a Canadian professor of psychology, has become somewhat of an icon amongst conservatives and libertarians for his criticism of the increasingly authoritarian tendencies of the left. Peterson has publicly and eloquently critiqued the Social Justice Warrior phenomenon, receiving stiff opposition from establishment leftists and Antifa street thugs simply for suggesting that the “gender bending” crowd have pushed the envelope too far. In the video below Peterson is asked about the Alt-Right, to which he responds with criticism of¬†its tendency to “degenerate into anti-Semitism.” Like¬†most “Alt-Lite” gatekeepers, Peterson refuses to tackle the ultimate societal and historical taboo: Jewish influence and its destructive impact. He wants to play the “enlightened” professor rebuking¬†the nihilistic left in basic political terms, but stops just short of¬†identifying the ethnic roots of that current¬†among the Jewish intelligentsia from the Frankfurt School. He certainly won’t delve into the predominant Jewish role in cultivating multiculturalism, mass immigration and feminism as part of a group evolutionary strategy to disempower and subjugate White Gentiles. As a professor at a heavily Jewish-dominated university in Canada, it’s no surprise¬†that¬†he avoids that topic like the plague, as it would probably cost him his career in academia.

Unworkable Alliances

Commentary by Brandon Martinez

There’s really no group out there that Europeans can count on to acknowledge their plight and aid in stopping the Great Replacement Plot. Do we really think that Africans, Arabs, Asians or non-white Latinos will sympathize with the concerns of European sovereigntists when all they want is to come here and¬†stew in the riches of Europe,¬†exploiting what Europeans have built? The idea that some Muslim Pakistani can be an ally against globalism simply because that Pakistani hates Israel is a dangerous delusion. That Pakistani might hate Israel but he also hates the West and Whites and probably wants to impose Sharia law on us infidels. The Rotherham rape scandal where Pakistani grooming gangs trafficked and sexually abused¬†thousands of White British girls torpedoes¬†the fanciful¬†notion that a meaningful alliance with Muslims can be formed based solely on a shared disdain for Zionism. There’s literally almost nothing to gain from allying with such people when their own ethnic interests are in direct conflict with ours, making them little more than tools of the globalist scheme to¬†“undermine the national homogeneity” of Europe.

Moreover, minority groups including Muslims are busy making alliances with Jews to stamp out nationalism in the West. If anything there’s a brewing minority coalition, led by Jews, to put down the growing nationalist sentiment across Europe. Opportunist Arabs and Muslims¬†are merely using leftist losers to support their struggles in the Middle East while they take over the West demographically.¬†These leftist bleeding hearts will show up at a pro-Palestine rally one day and then be throwing rocks at nationalists alongside Antifa scum the next day.

George Galloway is a perfect example of this. He was a fervent anti-Israel activist for most of his career in politics, but despite that was allowed to maintain a seat in the British parliament for decades and appear on mainstream TV regularly. That’s because on domestic issues he is a radical leftist lunatic who supports open borders for Britain and actively¬†opposes nationalism in the country. The Bolshevik¬†even called for throwing “Holocaust deniers” in prison. Galloway was a classic sabbath kaffir who would literally campaign in mosques. He loves multiculturalism because he is¬†a sexual degenerate with a fetish for dark women. There’s a reason that the Galloways of the world are afforded¬†a place within mainstream political discourse but the Nick Griffins are endlessly assailed, hounded and chased out. The Jewish establishment is far more fearful of the Griffins than the Galloways because overall they see organized nationalism among Whites as more of a threat to their global hegemony than that of low-IQ Arabs or Muslims who¬†are easy to outwit and discredit.

Lunatic Leftists & “Truther” Muslims Declare Jihad Against Me

It doesn’t take much to get Muslims baying for blood.

Commentary by Brandon Martinez

A demented clique of “truther” Muslims and their leftist foot-soldiers¬†are¬†jihading against me¬†on Twitter, allegedly for my “betrayal” (rather disillusionment) of their social justice cause to “save the world” and utopian fantasy of permanently ending war. Between the years 2014 and 2016¬†my writing was¬†heavily focused on issues like US foreign policy, the Israel-Palestine conflict and other subjects¬†that cater to Muslim sensibilities. I was, at that time, effectively a sabbath kaffir writing propaganda for Muslims and Arabs. I wrote for and gave interviews to mostly Middle Eastern publications. Some of it was accurate, but I wouldn’t stand by all of it today. This focus of mine attracted numerous Muslims and leftists to my writing. During that time I would often jump the gun and declare any terrorism involving Muslims “staged” within days without sufficient proof or research ‚Äď part of the cognitive anti-war reflex to “debunk” anything that could possibly lead to conflict. Recognizing my error, I’ve since corrected that misguided tendency of mine. After coming across¬†new evidence that contradicted what I believed before, I’ve changed my position accordingly on some of these events. That’s what honest people do; they don’t just indefinitely hold to a position no matter what.

I’ve also realized¬†the folly in obsessing about issues like false flags. My critics among this group of Muslims, leftists and conspiracy hobbyists have no argument against what I’m saying now, and simply drudge up something I said¬†a year ago, as if to say, “look what you were saying then, it’s different from what you’re saying now, therefore you’re a shill.” These imbeciles believe that dogmatically sticking to a position despite encountering new information and evidence to the contrary makes you “credible”? No, that makes you a hard-headed and deluded¬†ideologue who cannot admit your¬†mistakes.

What it all comes down to here is that these Muslims viewed me as a powerful¬†asset for their Semitic agenda¬†when I was¬†focusing on¬†issues that they care about (Middle East, Palestine, wars).¬†But now that I’ve moved on from that dead-end and shifted my focus to more pressing matters relating to¬†the Zionist/Globalist war against Europe and White men in particular, an agenda in which Muslims are quintessential¬†useful idiots for the elite, they feel let down and are now¬†engaged in some kind of Islamic shaming ritual. Now that I have no inhibitions not to criticize¬†Muslims and Islam when it’s called for, they’ve embarked on a lame social media jihad against me for rebuking their co-religionists ransacking Europe. I detailed the mentality and agenda of these Muslim “truthers” in the video below.

Their agenda is to make Muslims appear to be harmless innocent patsies that can do no wrong in the hopes of bringing more Muslims to the West to further their religious mission to Islamicize the world for Allah. That’s why they set out to “prove” every act of violence by Muslims is a “false flag.” They’re also operating on¬†the dogmatic religious assumption that Islam and Muslims are morally perfect, therefore any Muslim who does wrong is not acting in the name of Islam but some external factor, or was simply framed by evil non-Muslims looking to sully¬†the religion. They’ve aligned with and are aided in this agenda by fanatical anti-war leftists who see and hear no evil beyond what they can pin¬†on “the West”.

Kevin Barrett, for example, describes his activities as a “truth jihad”. A White American convert to Islam, all he does is write skewed propaganda¬†to exonerate Muslims whenever they are involved in acts of violence or terror. He clings onto the most shoddy and dubious¬†“evidence” to declare an event totally staged.¬†He has an agenda ‚Äď an Islamic one. He admitted in a debate with me that he actually wants to re-establish an Islamic caliphate, letting¬†slip his desire to see the West itself come under Islamic leadership too. On top of that, during the debate he forwarded with vigour an extreme discourse of White guilt, virtually approving of George Soros’ messianic quest to achieve¬†White genocide. That’s¬†what drives these Muslim “truthers”: an¬†Islamic nostalgia¬†for the¬†caliphate and global Muslim rule. That’s why they support the migrants flooding into Europe, hoping to use them as missionaries for Islam in infidel territory¬†and to eventually absorb the continent¬†into the future caliphate. They did it once before during the Moorish invasion and occupation of Iberia, and at least some of them are endeavouring to do it again.

These “truther” Muslims will use the trick of labeling all criticism of their religion “Zionist” or “Neocon” and accuse anyone critiquing them of supporting Israel. This is an idiotic ploy¬†to silence criticism of their culture in much the same way that¬†Zionist¬†Jews beat down their critics with accusations of anti-Semitism. One can easily be critical of both Israel/Judaism and Islam at the same time.¬†That’s actually being consistent because¬†Islam is, at least partially, derived from Judaism. Many concepts in Judaism and Islam are similar, and both cultures harbour hostile attitudes towards those outside the faith. Both cultures are authoritarian and intolerant of free speech, ultimately seeking to dominate the Goyim and Kaffir nations of disbelievers. Islam is an Abrahamic faith and Jews are revered in Islam as a “people of the book”.

These people use the Muslim/Arab conflict with Jews over Palestine to make Muslims and Islam look like the frontier of resistance to Jewish power. But when you look at other areas like mass¬†immigration and the culture war against the West, Jews and Muslims have formed¬†alliances to weaken and subdue indigenous Whites under a backwards Semitic tyranny. Historically, Jews and Muslims have worked closely together to besiege¬†their common foe: Christian Europeans. So don’t let these Muslims fool you into thinking they are¬†front-line¬†opponents of Jewish¬†power agendas when in fact they happily collaborate¬†if¬†it suits their religious/ethnic interest to do so.

This particular clique of largely anonymous social justice warriors congregate on Twitter. Most of them eventually blocked me because they failed so miserably at forming an actual argument. They’re so kooky¬†that they say virtually anyone who doesn’t prioritize pro-Palestine¬†and 9/11 truth activism (issues only Muslims and leftists¬†still care about) is a “shill”; anyone who voices the slightest criticism¬†of Islam is a “neocon”; anyone not¬†being a busy-body sleuthing out the latest “false flag” must work for the CIA or Benjamin Netanyahu. These fringe lunatics¬†are reenacting the “They Live” movie, thinking they have some special anti-spook glasses that enables¬†them to spot covert “shills” and “agents,” which amounts to anyone not dedicating¬†their life to¬†some futile social justice cause to remedy¬†the unfortunate situation some Middle Easterners find themselves in. If these Muslim and leftist nut jobs were serious then they would go get themselves rifles and head over to the Middle East to fight for the causes they claim to believe in. Instead, like total losers, they aimlessly¬†Tweet up a storm to no effect whatsoever.

Leftists, Sabbath Kaffirs and the “False Flag” Cult

“Everything’s a false flag and anyone¬†who says otherwise is a shill!”

Commentary by Brandon Martinez

There’s a lot of cross-pollination between activists within the “anti-war,” “peace” and “truth” movements. Among them are a sub-group of conspiracist gurus obsessed with uncovering “false flag” events that spark war. Since most of these amateur, largely internet-based “false flag” investigators are essentially fanatical anti-war activists of a leftist bent ‚Äď many of whom would literally become human shields to prevent bombs from landing on some¬†third-world¬†country ‚Äď their conclusions about events are heavily slanted to suit their obvious bias to “prevent war” at all costs. These types of people are effectively social justice warriors who believe they can save the planet from “armageddon” by “exposing” some terrorist attack as a “psyop” by the government.¬†Despite the fact that none of their revelations about false flags have stopped even one war or intervention to date, they keep trekking on with the “research,” which gets sloppier and less intellectual each year.

An interesting phenomenology underpinning these currents is sabbath kaffirism, a term I invented to denote people who have, in their anti-war zealotry, internalized extreme philo-Islamic attitudes since it has been mostly Islamic countries affected by recent US-led wars in the Middle East. Instead of just opposing the wars they believe are destructive, they¬†take it upon themselves to pen¬†pro-Muslim propaganda day and night, declaring all criticism of Islam invalid and virtually all instances of Muslim terrorism “staged” with crisis actors faking scenes of death and carnage. Muslims, of course, love this. They don’t have to do any work when they have an army of leftist propagandists doing the heavy lifting.

These leftists, consumed with a hatred and animus against everything “Western,” will always side with Muslims against the West. But interestingly, things become more complicated when the squabble is internal, where you have Muslims warring against other Muslims. In those cases, like we’re seeing with the Syrian civil war, the leftist zealots almost uniformly side with the more “secular” factions among the Muslims like the Ba’athist regime of Assad. In fact these same leftists employ all the typical¬†neoconservative tropes¬†about menacing Muslim terrorists in their propaganda war for the Ba’athist regime, since its opponents are largely theocratic Muslims. Yet the secularism¬†of the West doesn’t stop these same leftists from siding with theocratic Muslims when they’re in conflict with the West, does it? That’s because at the heart of the¬†leftist¬†ideology and worldview is an anti-White animus, so when brown-skinned Muslims are targeted by an ostensibly White “imperialist” country, the leftist takes up the cause of the Muslim. However, their secular bias¬†shows¬†itself¬†when Muslim populations fight each other, a juncture in which leftists¬†feel the need to “choose a side” in the foreign conflict,¬†waving their pom-poms like a cheerleading squad at a high-school football game for the more secular elements among the Muslims.

By¬†refusing to engage¬†in a slavish form of dhimmitude (deference to the “superior” pious Muslims), certain Muslims among the conspiracist subculture¬†will label you a “Zionist,” even if you’ve been (as I have) a critic of Zionism and Israel too. It matters not how opposed to the wars you once were or how strong you are in critiquing Judaism and the Zionist elite, the Muslim zealots treat any and all criticism of their religion as blasphemy against god and thus declare you an enemy kaffir to be slayed and extinguished for Allah.

Even if these hacks were right and every single act of terrorism pinned on a Muslim was somehow staged, that would not make mass Muslim immigration to Europe a good or desirable thing for a variety of other reasons, principally the aggressive culture war Muslims wage against their infidel neighbours.

Putin looking out for “Russia’s interest” is a bogus platitude

Commentary by Brandon Martinez

By saying he has “Russia’s interests” at heart, fans of Vladimir Putin justify their support for the tyrant.¬†This wordplay is a trick¬†because phrases like “Russia’s national interests” or the “interests of the Russian people” are never coherently defined by the speaker. Therefore,¬†Putin allegedly having the interests of the “Russian people” at heart in his policy making decisions is just a flaccid platitude that Putinists throw around without providing any serious proof to justify the statement. What “interest” exactly do the “Russian people” have in their country’s military involvement in Syria? Virtually nothing. And in what generic “Russian” interest was there for Putin to institute all kinds of oppressive laws restricting the freedom of speech and assembly of Russian citizens? None. The “interests” Putin serves are: 1) first and foremost his own power;¬†2) that of the clique of oligarchs and fellow KGB bureaucrats who slavishly back up his rule. Moreover, this idea of a uniform common interest amongst the “Russian people” is a communistic delusion. The differing strata of Russian citizens and their financial/social status make such a concept¬†illusory. The different classes of people in Russia obviously have different interests, so Putin cannot possibly be fairly representing the “interests” of all sub-strata of Russia’s citizenry simultaneously. That would be virtually impossible in a country of 144 million people.