Weakest Link in Anarchist Theory

Commentary By Brandon Martinez

The weakest part of anarchism is its lack of solution to the issue of crime and punishment. If there’s no state or book of laws that prohibit certain behaviours by penalty of imprisonment or fine, things that we can all agree are immoral like murder and theft, then there’s virtually no deterrence for criminals to commit those crimes en masse. If there are no institutions or agencies in existence that could punish perpetrators of crime, or even investigate crimes like murder with modern technology, then we’d be left with a dilapidated system of vigilante justice where anyone can wag the guilty finger at someone else, accuse them of wrongdoing, and take revenge. If there’s no court system where those accused of crimes can try to prove their innocence, and prosecutors try to prove their guilt, then how can justice ever be served? We can all agree that under the statist model there are bad and oppressive laws that shouldn’t exist, like laws that limit free expression and organization, but anarchism will simply bring new problems as opposed to remedying the excesses of the state.


One thought on “Weakest Link in Anarchist Theory

  1. Your commentary seems to reflects the first Protocols’ assertion that unregulated populace with too much freedom quickly turns the unruly mobs into anarchy, which is the highest form of savagery, hence the need for the authoritative government which merges into the despotic one man ruler devoid of any moral or ethical compass. The current system in control is clearly giving rights to a select few to authorize murder and theft for their own benefit. Just look at the invasions justified after false flag events like 911 or Gulf of Tonkin. What about the authorized theft by the IRS on people accounts that don’t pay their fair share with levies, seizure of property or bank accounts. Fair share of what? They are taxing the populace for debts made on money printed by international banks/merchants with interest. Invading countries that don’t kowtow to centralized banking money system or thwart the plan for the greater Israel. Murder and theft are a spiritual issue but offset with “legal” authority.

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