Leftists, Sabbath Kaffirs and the “False Flag” Cult

“Everything’s a false flag and anyone who says otherwise is a shill!”

Commentary by Brandon Martinez

There’s a lot of cross-pollination between activists within the “anti-war,” “peace” and “truth” movements. Among them are a sub-group of conspiracist gurus obsessed with uncovering “false flag” events that spark war. Since most of these amateur, largely internet-based “false flag” investigators are essentially fanatical anti-war activists of a leftist bent – many of whom would literally become human shields to prevent bombs from landing on some third-world country – their conclusions about events are heavily slanted to suit their obvious bias to “prevent war” at all costs. These types of people are effectively social justice warriors who believe they can save the planet from “armageddon” by “exposing” some terrorist attack as a “psyop” by the government. Despite the fact that none of their revelations about false flags have stopped even one war or intervention to date, they keep trekking on with the “research,” which gets sloppier and less intellectual each year.

An interesting phenomenology underpinning these currents is sabbath kaffirism, a term I invented to denote people who have, in their anti-war zealotry, internalized extreme philo-Islamic attitudes since it has been mostly Islamic countries affected by recent US-led wars in the Middle East. Instead of just opposing the wars they believe are destructive, they take it upon themselves to pen pro-Muslim propaganda day and night, declaring all criticism of Islam invalid and virtually all instances of Muslim terrorism “staged” with crisis actors faking scenes of death and carnage. Muslims, of course, love this. They don’t have to do any work when they have an army of leftist propagandists doing the heavy lifting.

These leftists, consumed with a hatred and animus against everything “Western,” will always side with Muslims against the West. But interestingly, things become more complicated when the squabble is internal, where you have Muslims warring against other Muslims. In those cases, like we’re seeing with the Syrian civil war, the leftist zealots almost uniformly side with the more “secular” factions among the Muslims like the Ba’athist regime of Assad. In fact these same leftists employ all the typical neoconservative tropes about menacing Muslim terrorists in their propaganda war for the Ba’athist regime, since its opponents are largely theocratic Muslims. Yet the secularism of the West doesn’t stop these same leftists from siding with theocratic Muslims when they’re in conflict with the West, does it? That’s because at the heart of the leftist ideology and worldview is an anti-White animus, so when brown-skinned Muslims are targeted by an ostensibly White “imperialist” country, the leftist takes up the cause of the Muslim. However, their secular bias shows itself when Muslim populations fight each other, a juncture in which leftists feel the need to “choose a side” in the foreign conflict, waving their pom-poms like a cheerleading squad at a high-school football game for the more secular elements among the Muslims.

By refusing to engage in a slavish form of dhimmitude (deference to the “superior” pious Muslims), certain Muslims among the conspiracist subculture will label you a “Zionist,” even if you’ve been (as I have) a critic of Zionism and Israel too. It matters not how opposed to the wars you once were or how strong you are in critiquing Judaism and the Zionist elite, the Muslim zealots treat any and all criticism of their religion as blasphemy against god and thus declare you an enemy kaffir to be slayed and extinguished for Allah.

Even if these hacks were right and every single act of terrorism pinned on a Muslim was somehow staged, that would not make mass Muslim immigration to Europe a good or desirable thing for a variety of other reasons, principally the aggressive culture war Muslims wage against their infidel neighbours.


2 thoughts on “Leftists, Sabbath Kaffirs and the “False Flag” Cult

  1. What is your take, Brandon, about the Feb. 18, 2017, Nation of Islam presentations by Gage, Barrett and Bollyn–which prove the false flag aspects of 9-11 and implicate Israel as a key player in 9-11? http://noi.org/911Revisited Is Barrett’s presentation about false flags balanced? Is Bollyn’s finger (fact) pointing at Israel as a key player in planning, executing and covering-up 9-11 on the mark?

  2. Pretty boring. That stuff is old hat and it has run its course. Those three guys just repeat the same things every time and mistakenly believe they’re somehow making a difference or on the brink of some breakthrough “awakening” that will never happen. Even if it did the power structure will not collapse simply by people “knowing” the truth about some event like 9/11. The people who did 9/11 aren’t even in power anymore, at least not in America. They’re wasting their time.

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