Lunatic Leftists & “Truther” Muslims Declare Jihad Against Me

It doesn’t take much to get Muslims baying for blood.

Commentary by Brandon Martinez

A demented clique of “truther” Muslims and their leftist foot-soldiers are jihading against me on Twitter, allegedly for my “betrayal” (rather disillusionment) of their social justice cause to “save the world” and utopian fantasy of permanently ending war. Between the years 2014 and 2016 my writing was heavily focused on issues like US foreign policy, the Israel-Palestine conflict and other subjects that cater to Muslim sensibilities. I was, at that time, effectively a sabbath kaffir writing propaganda for Muslims and Arabs. I wrote for and gave interviews to mostly Middle Eastern publications. Some of it was accurate, but I wouldn’t stand by all of it today. This focus of mine attracted numerous Muslims and leftists to my writing. During that time I would often jump the gun and declare any terrorism involving Muslims “staged” within days without sufficient proof or research – part of the cognitive anti-war reflex to “debunk” anything that could possibly lead to conflict. Recognizing my error, I’ve since corrected that misguided tendency of mine. After coming across new evidence that contradicted what I believed before, I’ve changed my position accordingly on some of these events. That’s what honest people do; they don’t just indefinitely hold to a position no matter what.

I’ve also realized the folly in obsessing about issues like false flags. My critics among this group of Muslims, leftists and conspiracy hobbyists have no argument against what I’m saying now, and simply drudge up something I said a year ago, as if to say, “look what you were saying then, it’s different from what you’re saying now, therefore you’re a shill.” These imbeciles believe that dogmatically sticking to a position despite encountering new information and evidence to the contrary makes you “credible”? No, that makes you a hard-headed and deluded ideologue who cannot admit your mistakes.

What it all comes down to here is that these Muslims viewed me as a powerful asset for their Semitic agenda when I was focusing on issues that they care about (Middle East, Palestine, wars). But now that I’ve moved on from that dead-end and shifted my focus to more pressing matters relating to the Zionist/Globalist war against Europe and White men in particular, an agenda in which Muslims are quintessential useful idiots for the elite, they feel let down and are now engaged in some kind of Islamic shaming ritual. Now that I have no inhibitions not to criticize Muslims and Islam when it’s called for, they’ve embarked on a lame social media jihad against me for rebuking their co-religionists ransacking Europe. I detailed the mentality and agenda of these Muslim “truthers” in the video below.

Their agenda is to make Muslims appear to be harmless innocent patsies that can do no wrong in the hopes of bringing more Muslims to the West to further their religious mission to Islamicize the world for Allah. That’s why they set out to “prove” every act of violence by Muslims is a “false flag.” They’re also operating on the dogmatic religious assumption that Islam and Muslims are morally perfect, therefore any Muslim who does wrong is not acting in the name of Islam but some external factor, or was simply framed by evil non-Muslims looking to sully the religion. They’ve aligned with and are aided in this agenda by fanatical anti-war leftists who see and hear no evil beyond what they can pin on “the West”.

Kevin Barrett, for example, describes his activities as a “truth jihad”. A White American convert to Islam, all he does is write skewed propaganda to exonerate Muslims whenever they are involved in acts of violence or terror. He clings onto the most shoddy and dubious “evidence” to declare an event totally staged. He has an agenda – an Islamic one. He admitted in a debate with me that he actually wants to re-establish an Islamic caliphate, letting slip his desire to see the West itself come under Islamic leadership too. On top of that, during the debate he forwarded with vigour an extreme discourse of White guilt, virtually approving of George Soros’ messianic quest to achieve White genocide. That’s what drives these Muslim “truthers”: an Islamic nostalgia for the caliphate and global Muslim rule. That’s why they support the migrants flooding into Europe, hoping to use them as missionaries for Islam in infidel territory and to eventually absorb the continent into the future caliphate. They did it once before during the Moorish invasion and occupation of Iberia, and at least some of them are endeavouring to do it again.

These “truther” Muslims will use the trick of labeling all criticism of their religion “Zionist” or “Neocon” and accuse anyone critiquing them of supporting Israel. This is an idiotic ploy to silence criticism of their culture in much the same way that Zionist Jews beat down their critics with accusations of anti-Semitism. One can easily be critical of both Israel/Judaism and Islam at the same time. That’s actually being consistent because Islam is, at least partially, derived from Judaism. Many concepts in Judaism and Islam are similar, and both cultures harbour hostile attitudes towards those outside the faith. Both cultures are authoritarian and intolerant of free speech, ultimately seeking to dominate the Goyim and Kaffir nations of disbelievers. Islam is an Abrahamic faith and Jews are revered in Islam as a “people of the book”.

These people use the Muslim/Arab conflict with Jews over Palestine to make Muslims and Islam look like the frontier of resistance to Jewish power. But when you look at other areas like mass immigration and the culture war against the West, Jews and Muslims have formed alliances to weaken and subdue indigenous Whites under a backwards Semitic tyranny. Historically, Jews and Muslims have worked closely together to besiege their common foe: Christian Europeans. So don’t let these Muslims fool you into thinking they are front-line opponents of Jewish power agendas when in fact they happily collaborate if it suits their religious/ethnic interest to do so.

This particular clique of largely anonymous social justice warriors congregate on Twitter. Most of them eventually blocked me because they failed so miserably at forming an actual argument. They’re so kooky that they say virtually anyone who doesn’t prioritize pro-Palestine and 9/11 truth activism (issues only Muslims and leftists still care about) is a “shill”; anyone who voices the slightest criticism of Islam is a “neocon”; anyone not being a busy-body sleuthing out the latest “false flag” must work for the CIA or Benjamin Netanyahu. These fringe lunatics are reenacting the “They Live” movie, thinking they have some special anti-spook glasses that enables them to spot covert “shills” and “agents,” which amounts to anyone not dedicating their life to some futile social justice cause to remedy the unfortunate situation some Middle Easterners find themselves in. If these Muslim and leftist nut jobs were serious then they would go get themselves rifles and head over to the Middle East to fight for the causes they claim to believe in. Instead, like total losers, they aimlessly Tweet up a storm to no effect whatsoever.


6 thoughts on “Lunatic Leftists & “Truther” Muslims Declare Jihad Against Me

  1. What do you expect people to think of you if you delete your social media accounts, shut down your websites which displays all your past work, and take down all your youtube videos? Who is the one who looks like a “lunatic?” Your behavior is suspicious at best. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, sure enough, it’s a shill.

  2. Social media is for hobbyist losers like yourself to argue with idiots. Why would I waste my time on that? I announced beforehand I was closing the website because current events isn’t something I’m interested in anymore, and that was how the website was set up as a current events thing. How “suspicious” of me. If people want to read my old articles they can get them in my books on Amazon. You and your Twitter club of misfits are paranoid kooks who claim everybody is a shill who isn’t either obsessed with 9/11 or the Israel-Palestine conflict.

    You’re just a disgruntled former “fan” who is grasping at anything to throw at me because you don’t like my direction now. It doesn’t suit your 9/11 truth/anti-Zionism cult focus. As usual you have nothing to refute what I say in this article, just more nonsense without a modicum of evidence.

    Now go back to selling wine instead of trying to add your lame two cents to topics that are clearly over your head.

  3. Are you actually proud of your work these days? “Refute” what you wrote in this article? Your writing is a joke compared to the work you’ve put out in the past. Quite frankly you sound like you’re auditioning for a job with the The Rebel. Hell, why don’t you join the “Proud Boys”? You’d fit right in. And why didn’t you address you taking all your youtube videos down? You must have done the same thing when you moved on from your Zander phase right? You must be afraid of seriously contradicting your work now that your views align perfectly with the “alt-right”. Remember when you told me you won’t go on Red Ice anymore because they are focusing on the criminal Zionist’s enemies and playing right into their schemes? You are literally doing the same, this is why your so-called “fans” are calling you out. You used to call those who behaved like you’re doing now before. It comes with the territory. I wish you luck in your new job with The Rebel (congrats by the way!)

  4. So you cannot refute anything I’ve written in this article, and like the other crazy fools you associate with, simply harken back to some time when I was more aligned with your thinking and demand I go back to that. I have no idea why my past work impressed you, it was nothing special. All I did was try to pick holes in official stories using speculation without providing any smoking gun proof. Much of the rest was just a repetitive rehash of the same old themes about Oded Yinon and Israel. Some of my old work was pretty embarrassing really. You and other “fans” are just hang over SJWs who cannot let go that I’ve moved on from overdone and futile topics like 911 and the Middle East. You’re also a bit late to the party since I’ve been talking like this for at least 8 months now yet you’re acting like it was some sudden thing. Islam is a cult offshoot of Judaism. I’ve psychoanalyzed exactly how these Muslims think and operate. You are being used as a sabbath kafir and you’ll be disposed of once they gain enough power.

    As for youtube I didn’t take anything down, youtube removed my account after my third copyright strike for mirroring videos from other channels. Why are you still following me anyway if you hate my direction? You’re like a demented stalker.

    Gavin McInnes and Proud Boys are alt light not alt right. Learn the difference. The alt right are pretty on point on most issues and theyre pretty anti-war so I dont see what youre complaining about. The only thing worth focusing on is saving Western civilization from destruction. That’s something worthwhile as opposed to some futile quest to achieve ‘world peace’ or making the Middle East less tumultuous. I could see if you’re an Arab or Muslim why the Middle East would interest you since you have a stake in the outcome of those battles but I’m neither so it makes no sense to bother with it. Ive already said my piece on these wars anyway and written enough exposing Israel’s schemes. I don’t need to repeat myself 100 times like your hero Islamist hero Barrett.

    You need to get yourself a life. Tweeting will not achieve anything. Good luck.

  5. It’s interesting how you’re able to pinpoint your ideological shift in views to a precise ‘8 months ago’.
    Of course, most free-thinking people do change their views with new information, but it is typically a gradual process. When one turns so rapidly like you did, contracting so many things you once espoused, it’s going to invite criticism from those who were engaged with your work.
    What happened 8 months ago Brandon? Were you sexually assaulted by an african migrant or something? Or did you receive a new script from your handler instructing you to shift?
    The timing of YouTube “removing your account” “due to copyright strikes” is quite cohencidental with the closing down of your website(s) and other public platforms, wouldn’t you agree?

  6. 8 months is a rough estimate. Actually it’s probably more than that. I called out the migrant crisis as a plot against Europe from the beginning. I’ve been posting migrant-critical content on NAM and my YouTube for about a year, yet only now you’re whining about it? The only thing I’ve changed really is my tone about Islam since encountering sufficient evidence proving it’s incompatible with Europe and there are elements within it that effectively want to colonize Europe and say so openly. Have a gander to these two documentaries:

    I’ve simply changed my view on the workability of an alliance with a group that wants to behead you for making fun of their prophet.

    You’re just a loony leftist who can’t stand to hear criticism of any group other than Whites and Jews. You’re an overzealous anti-Zionist who has internalized a Muslim victimhood narrative, so you try to gatekeep any discussions about the faults of this group. Your mindset is typical of the run-of-the-mill “anti-war” leftist and truth movement zealot.

    How exactly do you suppose I got YouTube to put up some notice saying they took my channel down due to terms of service violations? I must be really powerful eh? My YouTube channel was full of migrant-critical content so you should be happy it’s down being the SJW that you are. You’re a crazy conspiracy kook. Getting called a “shill” by you is more entertainment than anything. I’m glad you feel that way. Now buzz off back to your local mosque where you can genuflect to Muslim victimhood.

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