Unworkable Alliances

Commentary by Brandon Martinez

There’s really no group out there that Europeans can count on to acknowledge their plight and aid in stopping the Great Replacement Plot. Do we really think that Africans, Arabs, Asians or non-white Latinos will sympathize with the concerns of European sovereigntists when all they want is to come here and stew in the riches of Europe, exploiting what Europeans have built? The idea that some Muslim Pakistani can be an ally against globalism simply because that Pakistani hates Israel is a dangerous delusion. That Pakistani might hate Israel but he also hates the West and Whites and probably wants to impose Sharia law on us infidels. The Rotherham rape scandal where Pakistani grooming gangs trafficked and sexually abused thousands of White British girls torpedoes the fanciful notion that a meaningful alliance with Muslims can be formed based solely on a shared disdain for Zionism. There’s literally almost nothing to gain from allying with such people when their own ethnic interests are in direct conflict with ours, making them little more than tools of the globalist scheme to “undermine the national homogeneity” of Europe.

Moreover, minority groups including Muslims are busy making alliances with Jews to stamp out nationalism in the West. If anything there’s a brewing minority coalition, led by Jews, to put down the growing nationalist sentiment across Europe. Opportunist Arabs and Muslims are merely using leftist losers to support their struggles in the Middle East while they take over the West demographically. These leftist bleeding hearts will show up at a pro-Palestine rally one day and then be throwing rocks at nationalists alongside Antifa scum the next day.

George Galloway is a perfect example of this. He was a fervent anti-Israel activist for most of his career in politics, but despite that was allowed to maintain a seat in the British parliament for decades and appear on mainstream TV regularly. That’s because on domestic issues he is a radical leftist lunatic who supports open borders for Britain and actively opposes nationalism in the country. The Bolshevik even called for throwing “Holocaust deniers” in prison. Galloway was a classic sabbath kaffir who would literally campaign in mosques. He loves multiculturalism because he is a sexual degenerate with a fetish for dark women. There’s a reason that the Galloways of the world are afforded a place within mainstream political discourse but the Nick Griffins are endlessly assailed, hounded and chased out. The Jewish establishment is far more fearful of the Griffins than the Galloways because overall they see organized nationalism among Whites as more of a threat to their global hegemony than that of low-IQ Arabs or Muslims who are easy to outwit and discredit.


8 thoughts on “Unworkable Alliances

  1. Hello Brandon, thanks for the email article.

    You may know that Joshua Bonehill is serving time for tweeting ‘holohoax’ cartoons to a jewess MP of the British Parliament. Perhaps you could drop him a line, he would be happy with the diversion in his sordid little cell at HMP Wayland.

    Regards – Fakk Baddan

  2. Can’t disagree with anything really. The hopes of some of the more open-minded pro-White crowd to ally with non-Whites is unfortunately a pipe-dream. Glad you’re still going to write some, Brandon. Hope you’re well.

  3. I’m doing well for the most part, though my pessimism about things have grown. I pay attention less to the day-to-day news and concentrate more on things of interest. Hope to hear from you occasionally here. A new book someday would be most welcome! Talk later.

  4. Pessimism is natural. Current events junkies are like drug addicts, they just can’t get enough of the “latest news” and putting their little cult spin on it. Then there’s the conspiracists who just can’t let go of some aging conspiracy that will never truly be solved. Then there’s the ideologues who think they can ‘save the world’ by trolling around on social media. All that is for hobbyists who have too much time on their hands. We all fell into these kinds of traps at some point. Gotta focus on what’s important, primarily family if you’re married, or if not, on bettering yourself physically and mentally.

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