Alt-Lite Professor Triggered By Alt-Right’s “Anti-Semitism”

Jordan Peterson vs. SJWs

Commentary by Brandon Martinez

Jordan Peterson, a Canadian professor of psychology, has become somewhat of an icon amongst conservatives and libertarians for his criticism of the increasingly authoritarian tendencies of the left. Peterson has publicly and eloquently critiqued the Social Justice Warrior phenomenon, receiving stiff opposition from establishment leftists and Antifa street thugs simply for suggesting that the “gender bending” crowd have pushed the envelope too far. In the video below Peterson is asked about the Alt-Right, to which he responds with criticism of its tendency to “degenerate into anti-Semitism.” Like most “Alt-Lite” gatekeepers, Peterson refuses to tackle the ultimate societal and historical taboo: Jewish influence and its destructive impact. He wants to play the “enlightened” professor rebuking the nihilistic left in basic political terms, but stops just short of identifying the ethnic roots of that current among the Jewish intelligentsia from the Frankfurt School. He certainly won’t delve into the predominant Jewish role in cultivating multiculturalism, mass immigration and feminism as part of a group evolutionary strategy to disempower and subjugate White Gentiles. As a professor at a heavily Jewish-dominated university in Canada, it’s no surprise that he avoids that topic like the plague, as it would probably cost him his career in academia.


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