An Alliance With the Alt-Lite?

Commentary by Brandon Martinez

Red Ice just put out a video called “How the Alt-Right Should Relate to the Alt-Lite,” basically arguing that an olive branch should be extended to folks within the Alt-Lite milieu in the hopes of “red pilling” some of them down the road. Of course, there is always the prospect of rescuing those trapped in the Alt-Lite bubble, and showing them the door to a more robust and accurate analysis of the problems and their true causes. The video advises against too much hostility towards those of the Alt-Lite persuasion, and proposes forming a pragmatic alliance with them to confront leftist violence in the streets. I think this should only be applied to the lower down followers of Alt-Lite as opposed to the High Priests of the movement who have time and again made it absolutely clear that they will continue pushing a watered-down civic nationalism that opposes both White identitarianism and open discussions of Jewish power.

In his new “comeback” party video, Alt-Lite idol Milo Yiannopoulos draped flags of Israel throughout the rented “mansion” wherein he paid a bunch of models to follow him around while he pranced about like a wannabe rockstar. At speeches he has wrapped himself in the Zionist flag and proclaimed his love for Israel.


Yiannopoulos claims that he disavows “identity politics of every kind,” expressing particular disdain for White ethno-nationalism as espoused by Alt-Right leaders like Richard Spencer. However, Yiannopoulos’ claim to oppose all forms of identity politics is plainly contradicted by his fawning reverence of and support for the state of Israel, which defines itself as a “Jewish” homeland based entirely on the identity politics of Zionism. So in Yiannopoulos’ perfect world, every group will abandon identity and rootedness and adopt his preferred lifestyle of degenerate mammonism, leaving only the Jews with their own fortified ethno-state and strong in-group solidarity intact. Clearly his seditious mission is to weaken the identities of the Gentile races while supporting Jewish nationalism.

Other prominent Alt-Lite figures like Ezra Levant, Steven Crowder, Paul Joseph Watson, Gavin McInnes, Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich play an identical tune on the two taboos that they desperately wish to avoid: White identitarianism and the Jewish question. By removing those two crucial issues from the platform, the Alt-Lite are carving out a kosher nationalism dominated at the top by Zionist Jews and Judeo-Christian cucks who will do very little to address the root causes of the malaise afflicting the West. They will continue to point fingers at blue-haired feminists and SJWs, whilst totally ignoring the elephant in the room. Since much of the Alt-Lite is merely engaged in clickbait opportunism and aimless populism, they must steer clear of the truly controversial topics that could get them axed from their social media soapboxes.

On issues like free speech, feminism, SJWism and mass immigration, the Alt-Lite provide some valuable content opposing those leftist abominations. But on two central, defining issues that are essentially a make or break for the survival of Western civilization, they fail miserably and take up a status quo consensus view that race is unimportant, and all that’s required to get in the “Western civ” club is adopting certain Judeo-Christian libtard “values.” On Jewish power and their leading role in the globalist juggernaut to bring the West to its knees, the Alt-Lite act as praetorian muscle guarding the gates of Jewish privilege. For this they can never be trusted and should always be kept at arms length.


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