Antifa Gutter Punks Keep Getting Trashier

Commentary by Brandon Martinez

The “Antifa” (antifascist) crowd have always been composed of degenerate hippies, fat slobs, drug addicts, and, apparently, dreadlocked freaky girls who do raunchy hair-fetish porn. Meet “Moldylocks,” aka Louise Rosealma aka Emily Rose Nauert, the 20-year-old Antifa radical who got waylaid by an Alt-Righter at the recent Berkeley riot.

When she’s not “collecting Nazi scalps,” she apparently undresses herself in front of a camera to show off her vomit-inducing hairy underarms and vagina area. Contradicting her own self-professed feminist Antifa views, she claims in the porn video that she actually likes “being restrained” and “dominated” by her (presumably) male partners in bed. Meanwhile, through her delinquent Antifa activism she seeks to tear down the “patriarchy” (aka male domination) in the broader society. These contradictions are commonplace for Antifa gutter punks who literally believe in nothing besides smashing, trashing, stinking up and degrading everything around them to conform with their preferred vagabond lifestyles. Antifa are in actuality “anti-civilization,” aka nihilistic punks who want to tear down all forms of order and hierarchy so as to drag humanity down to a state of barbarism.

They advocate for nothing besides repeating stale old Marxist and Leninist platitudes about the evils of capitalism and “white supremacy.” They’re not truly against “racism” because they are themselves engaged in an organized racist campaign to attack, shame and disempower white people in their own homelands. If anything, Antifa are essentially anti-white racists hell bent on chasing the last white person out of their job and livelihood to atone for the presumed sins of their forefathers.

Years ago I recall seeing videos of Canadian Antifa stalking and harassing Ernst Zundel, a German-Canadian publisher who spearheaded revisionist research into the Holocaust mythology of the Second World War and who paid dearly for his honest work. Those videos made my blood boil and sparked my own interest and activism in alternative history and politics. It was sickening watching ideologically hollow street bums stalk and assault an honourable man who simply sought to get at the truth of what really happened in his country of birth during a war.

Antifa have always been little more than violent foot-soldiers for the anti-white segment of the globalist Jewish establishment. In fact, there was an old video showing a Jewish official from the B’nai B’rith (the main lobbying arm of international Zionism & Masonry) in Canada actively lobbying the provincial government of Ontario to fund Antifa. So we had there a case of self-interested Zionist Jews puppeteering low-brow savage communists and assorted leftist agitators to go after one of their chief adversaries in the realm of historical research. A literal case of “shut it down” subterfuge at work. And that’s still what’s happening today on the streets of Europe and North America, as we see a leftist militancy metastasize after the surprise election of the populist, civic nationalist Donald Trump.


5 thoughts on “Antifa Gutter Punks Keep Getting Trashier

  1. Well, most of these civic nationalists are kosher on Israel. I’ve never been a Trump cheerleader and was quick to point out his faults to his alt-right fans. But that’s what Trump is, a populist and civic nationalist. I’m simply noting that these Antifa leftists are so insane that they believe a pro-Jew civic nationalist is a dangerous “white supremacist” Nazi.

  2. Moldylocks becomes famous for getting punched by Nazi-Nathan Damigo from the video Luke ‘the Saudis did 911’ Rudkowski filmed. MSM give Moldy a platform to tell her side, as she lies about where she was struck, shows no injury, etc., while Nathan gets Ezra Levant’s Zionist group The Rebel Media to push out his scripted talking points. It’s a 3 way Kosher event with Lucky Luke’s video, Kosher certified Neo-Nazi interview, and Antifa getting CBS exposure. All the while the POTUS fulfills the Greater Israel plan and attacks Syria without any investigation of the supposed Assad chemical attack. Trump is a Zionist puppet wearing a civic minded suit at the very least but even that is a huge understatement. It is true that Antifa is paradoxical in it’s ideology but it’s irrelevant compared to it’s use as a Goy on Goy conflict tool for the Jews, which are the true”nihilistic punks” creating a state of barbarism only to rebuild it as their Zionist utopia.

  3. You sound overly paranoid with your talk of “staging” regarding that Berkeley incident with Damigo. You’ve provided no evidence that it was a set-up beyond mere speculation and inference. If Jews are micromanaging all sides down to the slightest detail then why even bother fighting them when, if what you say is true, they’ve clearly already won? I don’t believe your theory has any merit anyway but is typical of people who spend too much time on the internet and don’t leave their houses.

  4. Great comment but my sense of the all these happenings are not a result of paranoia just personal observations and speculations as you know. No fight here, it’s a spiritual matter. Let’s see what Trump is up to today! Wow, he’s at the Western Wall praying. Cute hat he had on, eh? It must have been a huge honor for him, making history and all that. I would have replied sooner but been out of the house all day, working. Thanks for your consideration.

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