Richard Spencer – SuperCuck for Russia

Commentary by Brandon Martinez

Richard Spencer caused a bit of an uproar within nationalist ranks recently when he Tweeted out that the Holodomor was not a deliberate attempt at genocide by Stalin.

He said that the famine, which killed millions of Ukrainians in 1932 and which most historians say was a deliberate policy of starvation directed by the Kremlin, “affected other regions” of the Soviet Union too, therefore could not have been a purposeful attempt to wipe out the Ukrainians. But what does that prove other than that Stalin was busily murdering many different groups within the Soviet empire? The moustached psychopath basically did away with anyone who he felt was getting in the way of whatever scheme he was implementing at the time.

Ukrainians don’t claim they were the only victims of the Stalin regime. Millions of Russians, Eastern Europeans, Caucasians and Central Asians also perished in the various purges, manufactured famines and mass executions carried out by Stalin’s henchmen. The paranoid tyrant frantically purged anyone disloyal to his rule. He relentlessly chucked millions into the Gulag Archipelago where many thousands slaved away until they died. In total, some historians put the death count at 40 million. Others have put it at 20 million. Either way, millions of people perished at the hands of consecutive Soviet regimes. The worst years were undoubtedly under Stalin.

Spencer is obviously pussy-whipped by his Russian wife, Nina Kouprianova. He clearly gets most of his views about the Holodomor and Russia in general from her. She’s a fanatic Russian chauvinist/imperialist who sarcastically self-identifies as a “Kremlin bot” and has translated works by Alexander Dugin, the Eurasianist ideologue, into English. She’s written about her own nostalgia for the “Russian World,” an archetype of Russian supremacism which projects a vision for a permanent “sphere of influence” for Russia in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The Eurasianists want to establish a Russian caliphate ruling over virtually all the areas formerly controlled by the USSR.

Nationalist critics on Twitter have pointed out how Spencer has said little to nothing challenging the mainstream account of the Holocaust, yet goes way out of his way to shill for Stalin on the Holodomor and other crimes of the Soviet regime which involved many Jews. Like his wife, Spencer is a fawning bootlicker of the dictatorial Putin regime. One wonders why his wife is living with him in America if she’s so committed to all things Russian? Is she there as a subversive propagandist looking to secure support for the Kremlin amongst Western nationalists? Or is she just a hobbyist with a fetish for Russian politics? She wants to “Make Russia Great Again” by invading and subduing Eastern Europe under the Russian jackboot, so why doesn’t she evict herself from the US, get herself a rifle and go join her glorious comrades waging war in Eastern Ukraine?

Parroting his wife and Dugin, Spencer has even said Ukraine is an “artificial country.”

This claim is dumb because every modern country is essentially artificial. The nation-state model is very recent in history. Most of the smaller countries in Europe are also very new, having gained independence from the various European empires after World War I or later. Spencer’s effort to delegitimize Ukraine is extremely odd coming from a supposed “white nationalist.” Stranger still, Spencer advocates for some grand ingathering of all whites into a new “Roman empire.” How would that not be “artificial”? That’s far more “artificial” (and unnatural) a construction than the modern state of Ukraine. Moreover, Russia itself is a nation that has never really had fixed-borders, perennially expanding and contracting its territory after conquests and defeats. It is a colonial metropolis, not a normal nation-state. But that doesn’t seem to bother Spencer, cucked as he is by the Russian broad he sleeps with.

There are some weird left-nationalists with a Strasserite bent that are basically Stalin fan-boys. These fools praise Stalin on the basis that he “industrialized” Russia. Operating on an economic determinist mindset, these left-nationalists, like their communist counterparts on the far-left, will lend support to any murderous tyrant who simply mouths some of their Marxist economic talking points. It matters not how many people that government kills to construct the socialist “workers paradise,” so long as they build a couple factories and power plants (using slave labour), all is well and good in the eyes of these ideologues. These are the types of people who would gladly volunteer to man the gates of the Gulags and unload bullets into pesky “dissidents” not satisfied with the “superior” socialist system.

Pro-Russian sentiment is obviously substantial within co-opted nationalist circles, based mostly on the false idea that Putin is a “nationalist” and “Christian,” when in fact he’s an imperialist (not a nationalist) and opportunistic politician who uses religion to curry favour among religious Russians.


4 thoughts on “Richard Spencer – SuperCuck for Russia

  1. Find me a better leader of a white nation out there. As is Putin is the best we have at this point.

  2. The “best” leader who kills his own for power.

    If Putin’s Russia is appealing to you, get yourself a plane ticket and head over there, where you will be arrested for “denying the Holocaust”.

    Internet cheerleading is for cucks. Put your money where your mouth is.

  3. Great article! Matrimonial motive for denying the food removal, that’s a tricky fact to check. The Irish Potato Famine predates (1845-50) the Ukraine so it’s a well tried and true method for genocide. The Katyn Forrest massacre in 1940 could be another extreme natural (“drought”) condition according to Richard Spencer. The Soviets have a great track record of brutality. nice reply above to PauL

  4. The irony is that Otto Strasser, who’s actually one of my personal political heroes (knowing there are many who have distorted his ideas towards a NazBol direction), regarded Russia as an “Asiatic power”: “Russia does not belong, never has belonged, and never will belong to Europe.” (Germany Tomorrow, London: Jonathan Cape, 1940, p. 120)

    In contrast, he regarded Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic countries as European territories occupied by Soviet Russia (ibid., pp. 95-96). As late as 1961, in his book “Deutschland und der 3. Weltkrieg”), he called for German reconciliation with Poland which would together ensure a Soviet evacuation from Ukraine and Belarus, and also called for the independence of the Baltic countries.

    Strasser also called for a de-Prussianization of Germany, and a strong federal structure of the regions. Part of this was also his conviction that Germany and Poland had no real reason to be enemies, which was nothing but a Prussian rivalry fostered by Russia. To me, he represented the best of our South German tradition away from the Prussianism that has historically been the closest towards Russia – Ernst Niekisch, an early advocate of National-Bolshevism, called for a “synthesis” between Prussian statism and Russian Bolshevism, and criticized the South Germans as puppets of “Rome”.

    Russophile white nationalist enthusiasts frequently evoke a “Berlin-Moscow axis” and draw on the historical nexus of Prussian military officers who historically were anti-Polish and pro-Russian. I see that nowadays too with the delusional pro-Russian German nationalists, who fly the old Prussian Kaiser-era flag with nostalgia and remain obsessed with delusions about the “return” of lost territories from Poland, even while our Deutschland is facing a demographic crisis and is under the thumb of the shame/guilt/PC tyranny.

    Dugin also promotes these ideas, admitting he would want to turn Germany (of course centered from Berlin) into an alliance with Russia, even returning Kalinigrad (Konigsberg). Of course, this would be designed to pit play Germany off against Poland and Lithuania….Just like his agents in the West love to play off Polish nationalists against Ukrainian nationalists. Its all for the benefit of Russia, which wants us all weak and fighting each other while cucking out for Mother Russia!

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