Semitic Squabble in New York


Commentary by Brandon Martinez

A classic Semitic squabble is unfolding in New York. Pamela Gellar, high priestess of the counter-jihad, recently put on a demonstration to oppose Linda Sarsour, a Muslim-American “progressive” activist who was invited to speak at the City University of New York. This whole episode clearly illustrates the internal Abrahamic war between Muslims and Jews. A brief look at the speakers for Gellar’s event reveals a coterie of largely Jewish counter-jihad Likudniks, a few pro-Zionist ex-Muslims and a couple Christian Zionists, all united in opposition to the “Jew hating” Muslim social justice warrior, Sarsour.

So on one end of the ring we have right-wing Jews and their lackeys screeching about Islam and jihad, and on the other we have a Muslim SJW who is effectively an agent of the Jewish-Globalist Sorosian agenda for America and the West. This circus of controlled opposition should be mocked as a farce. Both the Jewish neocon brigade and pro-Sharia Muslims are malcontents and nuisances in the West. Neither group has the interests of the indigenous peoples of the West in mind. Both are manipulative, conniving and worship insane desert fables that tell them to kill or subjugate the inferior non-believers. Both groups want to supplant the founding white peoples of Europe and North America with their own type, replacing our cultures with their backwards, intolerant Abrahamic values and totalitarian forms of rule.

Disgraced pederasty-advocate Milo Yiannopoulos took the stage at Gellar’s event to denounce Sarsour as a “Jew hater.” This charge stems from the fact that Sarsour’s SJWism often drifts into pro-Palestine activity, being a Muslim from a Palestinian background. It is odd to see Milo protesting a speech from someone he dislikes, when a similar thing happened to him at the University of Berkeley, where lunatic Antifa leftists trashed the place forcing Milo’s appearance to be canceled. In his spiel Milo said he is not against Sarsour’s right to deliver the speech, but called for Sarsour to be “exposed.”

Gellar, Breitbart and the counter-jihad movement in general are pursuing exclusively Jewish interests by pitting white Westerners against Israel’s Muslim rivals. Nick Griffin, former chairman of the British National Party, made mention of an underhanded attempt by (most likely) Gellar and her crew to subvert the direction of his party and nationalism in Europe generally. In a 2013 speech, Griffin disclosed that neocon Jews from the US offered him money with the stipulation that he focus the party’s invective exclusively on Islam, dropping any scrutiny of the banking system and Zionism. Griffin turned down their offer, so they opted to siphon nationalist support away from the BNP, establishing the fake Zionist-led civic nationalist group the EDL/British Freedom Party as well as a bunch of junk websites and think tanks designed to co-opt British nationalism for Jewish-Zionist interests.

Griffin also made it clear, however, that just because these counter-jihad Jews have an agenda to pit the West vs. Islam, we should be careful not to recoil too far in the other direction and become philo-Islamic as there are real problems with Islam in Europe that cannot be squared with nationalism for the continent. So while we should call out the distinctly Jewish racial agenda of loudmouths like Gellar, Breitbart, Milo, etc., we should also oppose their bearded Abrahamic cousins who are no friends of European nationalism either.

Despite the serious divide between Muslims and Jews over Palestine, the more mainstream factions of the two groups have actually joined forces to thwart the nationalist/identitarian renaissance sweeping the West. A strong ethnic and cultural nationalism that doesn’t kowtow to any foreign group of usurpers is obviously the best way forward for Europe.


5 thoughts on “Semitic Squabble in New York

  1. Milo made it clear Sarsour ought to be allowed to speak, so he’s hardly doing the same as what was done to him at Berkeley. As someone living in the UK where 22 kids were blown away by an Isis thug recently my response to your noting that Islam is inimical to nationalist western values is: d’ya think?!?

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