London’s Muslim Mayor Previously Said Terror Attacks Part of “Living in Big City”

Commentary by Brandon Martinez

Last year London’s Muslim-Pakistani mayor Sadiq Kahn said that terrorist attacks are “part and parcel” of living in a major city. People should just “expect” these violent events to happen routinely in the modern world, he implied. What some have surmised the mayor really meant was that terror should be expected when living in a major city that has lots of Muslims living in it, like London. The other day a suicide bomber allegedly blew himself up outside a concert in the English city of Manchester, killing dozens of innocent concert-goers, mostly young teenage girls. They’re saying he was a radicalized Muslim of Libyan descent. The Islamic sect of Salafism, which fuels ISIS-type ideology, underwrites the slaughter of all infidels and advocates global domination of Islam. Not all Islamic schools of thought support these radical beliefs, but there is enough in the Koran and Hadiths for these maniacs to latch onto in order to justify their barbarism.

As London’s first Muslim mayor, Khan has been busily promoting immigration and refugee settlement of his co-religionists to the city. He was a prominent voice against Brexit and launched the #Londonisopen campaign to supposedly reassure “the more than one million foreign nationals who live in London that they will always be welcome, and that any form of discrimination will not be tolerated.” Khan is an open-borders globalist who wants to drown Britain in a sea of strange foreigners, turning not only London but the whole country into a squatting zone for refugees and assorted vagabonds from the Third World. Khan is the perfect Muslim screen for the Jewish elites to implement their agenda. Right now the interests of Muslims and Jews somewhat overlap in Europe as the continent moves towards nationalism and populism, so expect more sinister collaboration between the two groups.

For some time now, Britain has been pursuing a berserk dual-policy of permitting millions of Muslim and Arab immigrants to enter the country, whilst concurrently involving itself in various wars, squabbles and conflicts in the Middle East where those immigrants have strong roots and attachments. In doing so Britain has opened itself up to terrorism. When you engage your military forces abroad and then import hordes of the foreign group you’re occupying, you can only expect some of them will retaliate on the home-front. And that’s what has happened. If Britain wants to end terrorism, it should pull out its forces from the Middle East and repatriate all the immigrants from that region it has brought in over the past decade.

But the globalists currently in charge of the British government won’t do that because their goal is precisely to lessen the population of native Brits and increase the population of brown foreigners. Whether that’s accomplished through a terrorist detonating outside of a concert packed with British teens in Manchester or through a steady non-white immigration flow to Britain’s major cities, the globalist mission to erase the identity of Europe moves forward. The less white people, the better, in the minds of globalists, cultural marxists and their Jewish-Zionist overlords.


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