Whites Are the Global Minority

Commentary by Brandon Martinez

Lana Lokteff poses an interesting question in her latest video: why would anyone actually want to be a minority? You’ll often see minorities in the West complaining that they’re “not being treated fairly”; not being given “equal rights” or opportunities. Yet why then did they choose to leave their own country where they were most likely part of the majority? Why deliberately put themselves at a disadvantage as a minority?

The reason is that the living conditions in whatever country they came from was obviously so bad that being a minority in a Western country is better than being part of the majority there. Additionally, they know that minorities in the West are not treated badly, but are propped up on a pedestal by the liberal-leftist establishment. They’re handed all kinds of free stuff until they can “get on their feet” in our societies.

This minority whining game is a shaming tactic to guilt whites into relinquishing resources to support the “poor, helpless” minorities in their midst. Minorities are very good at this game. Shaming works like a charm on bleeding-heart liberals, leftists and cucks. But it doesn’t work on strong, nationalist men and women who see through the charade.

Lokteff makes the case that whites are by far a global minority. So while black, brown and Asian people may be “minorities” in Western countries, their races form the majority of the world. Numerous projections have affirmed that in a few short decades, whites could become minorities in our own countries. A recent study out of Canada forecasted that in less than two decades, 7 out of 10 residents of Vancouver will be visible minorities. Despite this drastic decline of white populations around the world, only white Western countries are being subjected to mass immigration. That’s because the globalist “diversity” agenda is precisely designed to make the West less white.

Leftists, in their utopian quest to empower the “underdog,” oddly do not extend any hand of support to the minority white populations in South Africa and Zimbabwe who have been ruthlessly discriminated against for decades. The black President of South Africa Jacob Zuma recently called for the expropriation of white-owned land without compensation. He wants to kick whites off land they’ve lived on for centuries and hand it to random blacks. Imagine if a European leader proposed something like that? They’d be endlessly assailed as the “reincarnation of Hitler.”

Loony leftists side with blacks even when those blacks are the majority because they claim whites once had the upper-hand during colonialism. So in order to right that wrong, it’s okay to commit another wrong: discrimination against whites. The crazy logic of the left has always been that whites cannot ever be victims in any sense, especially not victims of discrimination and state-sanctioned racism as we’re seeing in South Africa today. Therefore, the very impetus driving leftist politics today is a genocidal animus against whites. They want to tear down “white privilege” wherever they claim it exists. And in places where it discernibly doesn’t exist, they will invent it as a boogeyman to keep themselves relevant.

The leftist-minority coalition is growing more brazen in their attacks against whites. And it doesn’t look like they’ll stop any time soon the way things are going.


12 thoughts on “Whites Are the Global Minority

  1. Now, while I don’t envision any sort of a white genocide scenario in a demographic sense coming to Europe, I’m no pro-immigrant cuck. We’re not gonna be replaced but I am not OK with large-scale influx of people from Africa, MENA, South and East Asia.

    Let me explain the problems with the former narrative first, though:
    1)Apart from France with its large African and Maghrebi community, no European country has such a huge fraction of foreigners.
    2)The refugee influx was a drop in the bucket, numerically, and only modestly added to the existing Maghrebi, Turkish, and Pakistani numbers. Paris has massive riots back in 2005.
    3)Birth rates might seem scary in places, but they are about as predictable as stock market trends. Judging by how easily Danes were coaxed into a baby boom following a commercial campaign, this is not insurmountable.
    4)The problem isn’t so much rooted in Islam but in the bio-cultural backgrounds of most of these immigrants.
    5) Even leftist elites(to say nothing of the ZioCon Wilders types!) realize that altering demographics is playing with fire. They may need the migrant votes, but they also need an orderly society/system with complacent, polite whites manning the oars. They know thess immigrants ain’t gonna dance to their beat for long.

    So, what’s the problem then?

    One word: DIGNITY. It is everything to a healthy society just as it is everything to a healthy individual.

    How can we have civilizational dignity when our women are being groped by some random immigrants and we’re supposed to accept it or be labeled racist? It matters not whether they constitute 1% of the population.
    How can we have dignity when don’t have a say as to who comes into our countries—-even if it’s just 10 people?

    The right-wingers generally don’t offer better alternatives and make us invoke Israel and the Jews(and Islam) to justify and validate our concerns. Many of them are ready to give their wifes to Nigerians so long as they’re Muslim apostates. You can only imagine their admiration for lighter-skinned non-European non-Muslims. lol

    In many ways, an honorable death is better than a long, dishonorable life. I want our peoples to start following OUR destinies again. I don’t want us to be marionettes for SJW or kosher conservative agendas any longer. I don’t want to live in a society where debates between Hostile Elites—between “Bibis” and “Soroses”—control acceptable dialogue. Enough false dichotomies and disinformation.

    It’s time for our peoples to start following OUR destinies again. THAT is what’s at stake and always has been.

  2. Frangistani, the worldwide white population has been rapidly declining since the 60’s. You can look up stats on demographics on Wikipedia for every country that is majority-white and you’ll notice the same general trend with these countries where whites started rapidly declining in number during this period. Brazil started in the 40’s and is now majority non-white. Cultural Marxism gained a lot of power/influence in the 60’s. Of course the World Wars didn’t help whites, either, but obviously neither is CM.

    If the trend keeps up as it is, whites will most definitely be replaced. Whites have low birth-rates and an aging population; they’re being heavily taxed; they’re being programmed with propaganda to miscegenate with other races and to hate themselves and their ancestors; and they’re also experiencing high rates of inter-racial crime, including murder.

    White genocide is for real. It may not be being done with white phosphorous or bombs dropping from the sky, but it’s happening nonetheless:


  3. @Dana

    Gonna drop a couple of whitepills here first.
    The miscegenation rate of American whites is lowest among all demographics sampled: Hispanics, blacks and east asians. It’s around 8% for both genders. A large fraction of this 8% is with Hispanics who already have a lot of Euro ancestry and share our culture.

    The “mushark” is very much a unicorn. People who think it’s at epidemic proportions are victims of what’s called the “availability heuristic”. In other words, the person begins to think something is common because it so vividly and readily jumps to mind.

    Demographics can change dramatically over a period of time. Just look at how the % of blacks dropped from 25 to 10 between sometime in the 19th century and 1950s. Much of what accounts for the non-black non-whites here are California and New York. If you live in Michigan, Penn, NH you will have a ton of white neighbors.

    Cultural marxism is on the decline, too(soon to be replaced by ZioConnism if we don’t usurp things). Big time.

    But I will concede this: non-whites are in sectors of our societies in ways that really violate our dignity. In Europe, MENAs and Africans amplify their presence by harrassing people in our most iconic cities, the pride of our civilization. In the US, Asians and MENAs occupy the highest tiers of our society—think about the power those Indian doctors and Chinese engineers have. And I didn’t even touch the JQ. lol

  4. Frangistani, Cultural Marxism is on the “decline”?! Lmao! How in the world do you come to that conclusion?! I mean, I try to be polite, but I just can’t be sometimes, lol.

    Maybe you mean a growing segment of western society is catching on to Cultural Marxism. This does not mean society is *not* becoming more polarized on the topic, however.

    Is affirmative action on the decline? Are forced integration programs like HUD on the decline? Is welfare usage on the decline or on the incline? Are inter-racial relationships on the decline or on the incline? Is gun control on the decline or on the incline? Are LGBTQs losing or gaining power?

    The 8% of whites statistic you refer to: You’re aware that whites are still around 60-62% of the US population, right? Did you notice that for all the races mentioned that the smallest groups have the largest inter-racial marriage rate, growing successively smaller until you get to the largest group? This means Amerindians have the largest rate, followed by Asians and then blacks. Now some stats may have a different result on Hispanics and blacks because Hispanics have rather recently and rapidly overtaken blacks as the largest ‘minority’ group in the US. Why might this be, though? You didn’t take into account that if you’re the majority population, you’re going to encounter fewer people of different races in day-to-day life as opposed to if you’re the smallest group of people.

    The other problem is that when whites have offspring with non-whites, it’s highly likely that the offspring won’t consider themselves ‘white’ but of whatever non-white race/s they are.

    “Mudshark” is not a term I use, but white women and black men are definitely one of the highest, if not the highest inter-racial relationship groups in America. White dudes and Asian women are another high one. But I wouldn’t say the black men and white women dynamic is exactly a unicorn, lol.

    Isn’t it also interesting that Arabs are considered “white” by sources on demographics like Wikipedia when it comes to tallying up numbers?

    How much of the worldwide Chinese population inter-marries with non-Chinese? How about East Indians? How about other Asians? How about the world-wide black population? And, at least if you’re black, there’s a good chance that the offspring will also consider themselves black. Probably “just as high” as whites, right?

    The white American population is rapidly declining, and all other groups are either growing, or rapidly growing; the rapid growers include Amerindians, Asians and Hispanics; whereas blacks are gradually growing. This trend isn’t going to be stopping anytime soon because it’s by design. For example, it’s not hard to look up who was behind the Immigration Act of 1965.

  5. Cultural Marxism is on the ‘decline’… that just kills me, man. I mean, does that mean fewer and fewer college campuses are promoting women’s studies, blacks studies, gay studies, and/or any other non-white racial groups’ studies? Does that mean Hollywood is putting out fewer and fewer anti-white, anti-male, anti-cisgender and anti-Christian movies? Does that mean all the various ‘anti-hate’ organizations are declining in number, funding, influence, and power? The courts, too? And the MSM? Or Common Core?

    BTW, you’re not a white knight, are you? I’ve seen you mention non-whites groping white women, but nothing about the anti-male, misandric part of all this, including the bogus idea that gender is merely a ‘social construct’ or that there’s a ‘war on women’ when it’s the exact opposite. What about white dudes getting the screws by non-white women like what happened during the Duke Lacrosse case?

    I think it’s much more likely you’ve never viewed Cultural Marxism as a significant threat to begin with.

  6. Dana–

    Again, demographics can take a turn much like stock markets. Our demise can’t be predicted in the manner the Celsius value of absolte zero can be linearly extrapolated. Far from predetermined.

    The interracial marriage stats say something more, though: that whites are not merely hooking up w/minorities at a rate that would be expected under random mating. Here in California, a majority-minority state, whites overwhelmingly choose to date and copulate with other whites.
    Btw, you’re right, MENAs are counted as white, which they’re not, but their numbers aren’t huge. With them, it’s a matter of disproportionate status and wealth.

    Cultural Marxism is very much on the decline and this fact is particularly salient when you look at how socially conservative Millenials are compared to Boomers.

    LGBTQ may appear to be on the incline thanks to how some kosher right wing outlets bring it to the fore, but nothing could be further from the truth.
    To label someone a fag or a tranny in high school is pretty much to give him a death sentence. Even conservative boomers are horrified! 😀

    Misandry might be taught to liberal arts majors and on the TV screen, but Millenials treat that w/disdain just like Russians treated commie propaganda. The truth is, dudes are obsessed with masculinity today and females are not opting to be “independent career women”. Oh, and the fat SJW caricature sporting orange hair is very much a social pariah.

    The “magic negro” theme was popular in the early 2000s, but it doesn’t sell anymore. It’s not center stage. Gangsta rap and ghetto culture are seen as crap. So is whiggerism, by extension. Someone like Thor is far more idolized than Scorpion King.

    Muslims and Islam aren’t positively regarded at all and are the subject of jokes and ridicule among friends. In fact, people are too myopic here in that they fail to see the merchant-wahhabi machinations in the dense fog from which attacks like the one in London stems.

    The truth is, people have seen the hypocrisy of the leftist commies for what it has been all along. Add to this the 2008 crisis and you’ve got yourself a population that hasn’t time or patience for BS PC platitudes.

    Had this been, say, 15 years ago, I’d be expecting some kind of a collapse induced by the dominant lefist current in the cultural fabric.

    But this is all one big whitepill.

  7. Frangistani – noooooo, white demographics (that is, the trend of the rapidly declining white population) won’t be changing any time soon. You’ve taken ONE case where a white country’s population increased rather quickly, temporarily, (I didn’t even bother to look it up, but let’s just say for the sake of argument that it’s true) and took it to mean that the white population, as a WHOLE (worldwide) can just easily reproduce this feat. It HASN’T happened for about SIXTY years. How many reasons did I give as to why this can’t/won’t be happening any time soon? Know how many goddamned anti-white, Marxist Jews are out there? Marxist/Luciferian Jews are behind this, and I’ve personally compiled 6 pages of ’em, front and back… there are a whole bunch of them.

    OH, and when you mention when the black population declined rapidly in proportion to the white population for a time – that WASN’T a fuckin accident; that was because early immigration in the US was for WHITE people because whites could obviously assimilate with each other easier than they could other races (this is a worldwide trend because diversity *isn’t* strength). This is contrary to that Marxist narrative that America was a “melting pot”. Yeah, it was a melting pot – a melting pot of different WHITES. Immigration slowed way down in about 1925, and it was re-opened in 1965, for primarily NON-WHITES, primarily BY… duh, duh, duh – Marxist Jews. It’s not an *accident*, for example, that white South Africans can’t just come to America – the immigration policy is not set up that way, and so the white South Africans will continue to keep getting attacked, killed, and the industry/civilization they built, stolen.

    Not much that I can’t stand more than people that love to RUN their fucking mouths about shit they know little or NOTHING about. You, son, are a borderline idiot wasting my fukin time over here, lol.

  8. Dammit, I’ve got a new computer and it’s great and fast but somehow I accidentally tilted the information that’s displayed on the screen to the side and can’t figure out how to re-correct it yet, and it’s taking me a long time to find and read shit on here, lol.

    The anti-white agenda is in full force. You can find information on this all for MONTHS. One example of what I’m talking about is you can just go to YT and enter ‘anti-white’ and got all kinds of information… like this:


  9. And something else you can do is enter in to YT ‘Misandry in the media’. This dude compiled something like 23 videos on the topic, but you can find many, many more. The “war on women” that’s been promoted for so long in the MSM is Orwellian-speak meaning, in reality, the war on men…Anti-white and anti-male are both basic components of Cultural Marxism. And no, dummy Fragistani, this shit isn’t an *accident* or happening *at random*, lol –

  10. Oh, and did I mention that “white privilege” is Orwellian-speak for white oppression? Lol.

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