Watson’s Vid On the Spiralling Migrant Crisis

By Brandon Martinez

Paul J. Watson’s new video exposes how people smugglers operating off the coast of Libya are literally running a taxi-service for migrants, ferrying boat-loads of Africans across the Med with the help of George Soros-funded NGOs and aid agencies.

Soros’ sprawling network of NGOs and aid agencies are working in tandem with the criminal human traffickers, communicating directly with them and helping “rescue” the smugglers’ human cargo off the coast of Italy. The agencies then let the Africans loose into Italy where they’re now taking over southern cities and turning them into crime hubs. Far from being poor, destitute refugees fleeing war-zones, these migrants cough up 1500 euros to get a seat on one of the traffickers’ boats. Other videos have shown migrants loitering around Europe wearing decent clothing and carrying expensive smartphones. They are not in desperate need of aid and assistance. Rather, they’re selfishly country-shopping throughout Europe looking to score the best welfare deal.

Watson cucks out in the video around the 7:30 mark, where he denounces racism, xenophobia and declares the anti-migrant activism of the growing identitarian movement “futile vigilantism.” He goes on to say the issue is not one of race but solely “culture.” This is the standard position of alt-light kosher conservatives. They can’t bring themselves to acknowledge the importance of two thorny issues that they know will bring heat down on them: race realism and the Jewish question.

True to form, Watson avoids both like the plague. He’s put out triggered attack videos on the alt-right alongside SuperCuck Mike Cernovich, wherein together they railed against the alt-right calling them right-wing social justice warriors. This is the Milo Yiannopoulos line. The self-styled “dangerous faggot” also wants to discredit white identitarianism and nationalism by comparing it with Black Lives Matter and other non-white identity groups pushing their ethnic agendas. Meanwhile, the hypocrite has ardently expressed good wishes and support for Israel, a Jewish ethno-state based on the identity politics of Zionism.

The modus operandi of Watson and the alt-light in general is to frame the discussion as an issue of “culture” and “Western values,” which supposedly anybody can adopt through assimilation. But that ignores a whole host of genetic and cultural factors that inhibit certain groups from integrating. And the issue is not merely culture or values, but the ethnic replacement of whites through mass immigration. The culture of the West cannot possibly be preserved if the genetics of the people who created the values and ideas underpinning that culture is severally altered or erased. Africans couldn’t re-create Europe or maintain its high standards – even if they were given a blueprint on how to do so – simply by sharing some cultural attributes with the indigenous whites of the continent, like a London accent or European manner of dress.

Paramount to the alt-light agenda is ignoring, downplaying and otherwise belittling discussions of Jewish power and its role in the Cultural Marxist mission. Loyal to their paymasters, alt-light gurus dutifully steer discussions away from the evidence of elite Jewish involvement in opening the floodgates of immigration in the West, a policy tailored to suit their own tribal interests as a “minority” trying to dominate a majority. Instead, the alt-light focalize attacks squarely on Islam and “the left.” The only Jew they’re willing to go after is George Soros, but they make sure to obscure his Jewish messianic motives and purposefully fail to connect him to the broader Jewish-Zionist establishment who back the same destructive policies contributing to our demise.


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