Diversity in London Brings Terror

By Brandon Martinez

Another day, another terror attack in Europe. Soon enough this will be a daily occurrence.

Muslim radicals seem to have a thing for vans, trucks and knives, don’t they?

Some radical Muslim killers just ran down and knifed a bunch of innocent people in London while shouting the usual Muslim slogans. Seven are confirmed dead, and close to 50 are wounded.

This comes on the tail end of the monstrous Manchester stadium bombing where an Isis devotee blew himself up, killing mostly teenage girls.

As London’s globalist Muslim mayor said last year, terrorist attacks are just “part and parcel” of living in a major city… perhaps in cities where his co-religionists are a sizeable minority, like London.

I always find it confounding that “truthers” instantly play the false flag card for an attack that happens in the West, but never do so for attacks that happen elsewhere.

In the past few weeks there have been multiple attacks by Islamist militants in the Middle East. In late May there was a vicious assault in Egypt targeting a bus full of Coptic Christians. A bombing near the Afghan presidential palace took place in Afghanistan around the same time. Back in April there were two separate bombings against Christian churches in Egypt. All the attacks were claimed by Isis or affiliated groups. An Isis affiliate recently invaded the city of Marawi in southern Philippines, killing hundreds.

How can all of that be a grand “false flag”?

The biased “truthers” never apply their hardened skepticism to events that occur outside the West. Actually, they usually just ignore anything that can’t be pinned on a Western regime. That’s because their propaganda is designed exclusively to discredit and demonize “the West.” Violence in non-Western countries is ignored, downplayed or somehow pinned on the West, too. These are not researchers, they’re basement-dwelling dolts with a nihilistic agenda to tear down Western civilization.

Some of them, like Kevin Barrett, vigorously support the migrant invasion of Europe and strive for an Islamic Caliphate that they hope will one day beat down and humiliate the Kaffir West. Islamists like Barrett have some lunatic leftist allies in Europe who want the same thing:

The van/knife attack in London is standard MO for radical Muslims in Europe who have launched similar attacks in France, Sweden, etc. If these are “false flags,” it only serves to benefit the nationalist opposition challenging the liberal elite currently in power across Europe. So if the pro-open borders liberal elite in power were constantly staging false flags, it’s much more likely they’d frame-up right-wing nationalists to discredit their principle opposition. Why would they constantly stage false flags and blame Muslims or migrants when they’re the ones who let these malcontents in? This would only serve to disgrace the current rulers and empower the nationalists.

None of that matters to the “truthers” who are pushing a narrow pro-Muslim, leftist agenda. The liberal truther narrative must maintain that all violence by Muslims is fake or, if real, was the result of a sinister CIA mind control program. Because Muslims would never commit violence on their own volition unless under mind control by evil white CIA agents in black suits, right?

But who cares. Such people are insignificant and exist mainly as fringe trolls in the social media sphere, retweeting each other’s nonsense.

The only way to stop terrorism in Europe is to elect nationalist leaders to power who will secure the borders and deport the radicals immediately. Muslim and migrant terrorism should be used to discredit the leftist elite ruining Europe. They, along with their migrant pawns, have European blood on their hands. The blood will keep flowing so long as they stay in power. They let it happen by welcoming in savages who have no respect for the cultures they’re squatting in, and who have allegiances to foreign countries and groups with primitive Abrahamic values.

In response to the latest outrage, British PM Theresa May said, ‘enough is enough.’ But her words are meaningless if she won’t actually do what needs to be done. May is not a nationalist, but a globalist hack working in lock-step with the Sorosian-Kalergiite Zionist elite who want to kill and bury Western civilization, permanently.


3 thoughts on “Diversity in London Brings Terror

  1. Hi Kevin!

    I read many of your articles and listened to a lot of radio interviews on youtube.
    I agree with you that so many false flags do not male sense. However do you still believe that the 2015 Paris and 2016 Nice attacks are staged?


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