Confused Truthers


By Brandon Martinez

On the one hand various “truthers” proclaim that al-Qaeda doesn’t exist. James Corbett even released a documentary some years ago with the title, “Al-Qaeda Doesn’t Exist.” But today their story has changed. Now a lot of these same truthers say that al-Qaeda is so dangerous that we need Russia to bomb them in Syria. Most of them support this Russian military campaign to eliminate various al-Qaeda or Isis-affiliated rebels throughout Syria. Even the non-al-Qaeda rebels are considered fair game to bomb by some of the more fanatic pro-Assad truthers. So which is it? It can’t be both. Do these groups exist or not? Are they a “manufactured threat” or are they such a huge menace that they need to be wiped out by Russia?

The incoherence of the truther narrative is comical. They’re clinging to the outdated truther narrative about the fraudulence of the “terror threat” but at the same time contend that the threat is real over in Assad’s neck of the woods. But at various points they say even some of that stuff, like the beheading videos, are fake. Even so they contend bombing Isis is good if it’s the Russians leading the campaign. Their narrative is wildly incoherent. They want to maintain that Muslims are innocent patsies who are always set-up by the West, so they’ve resorted to saying that Isis are just “paid mercenaries” under CIA mind control or masked Mossad agents. This takes the blame away from the radical Islamic ideology that drives these groups and puts it back on suited intelligence officers in the West. The poor, innocent Muslims have no responsibility or agency. They don’t make their own decisions. They’re all just hapless dupes doing someone else’s dirty work.

Overlapping geopolitical interests have caused various states (including the US and Israel, but principally the Gulf States) to tacitly enable Isis’s rampages, but that doesn’t mean the group isn’t genuine in its stated goals to establish a Caliphate and implement Sharia law as all Islamic radicals say is their divine mission here on earth. Manipulation is not the same thing as “creation” or top-down pyramidal “control.” Even a leading Saudi cleric admitted that:

The Isis Caliphate is clearly real as this documentary shows:

The devilish Saudi regime has influence over these radical groups and can steer their direction through the funds it gives or withholds from them. The Saudi monarchs use these terrorists as tools of their jihad to purge “heretics” (Shiites, Sufis, etc.) within the Muslim world as well as to slaughter non-Muslim kaffir. But the Saudis know these deranged maniacs will eventually turn on them because the pure zealots believe Saudi Arabia itself is an illegitimate monarchy even if it has implemented some form of Sharia law. There have been numerous Isis-inspired attacks within the kingdom over the past two years. The Saudis are content to direct the most militant of the bloodthirsty beheaders that their ideology has produced into neighbouring rival states, thereby containing them within their own kingdom. But not even they can fully control it and it will eventually come back to haunt them.

Liberal “truthers” cannot face up to the fact that radical Islam is a real thing because it would put a huge dent in their flawed narrative that all evil stems from “the West.”


7 thoughts on “Confused Truthers

  1. If by “tool” you mean top down pyramidal control, then no. Isis can be infiltrated and perhaps steered through certain actions but not fully controlled. It has its own agenda which perhaps temporarily coincides with the agenda of some other states, but that won’t last very long.

    If London Bridge was a false flag that would mean every single witness/victim to the stabbing rampage was a “crisis actor”. I don’t believe such elaborate hoaxing is feasible.

    There have been multiple attacks in the Middle East over the past few weeks. Those all false flags too? Why do the false flags only happen in the West and never elsewhere according to your narrative? Isis-inspired attacks on Russia are fake too or only West?

  2. Just because someone witnesses an event, got hurt or died, does not necessarily make them crisis actors. Look up Harley T-SHIRT guy he was part of the hoax of 911. Car driving through Times Square NYC with people interviewed, just useful witnesses not actual crisis actors although some could have been. False Flags and hoaxes are different in the makeup. False flags there is actual damage and death. Hoax, well it would seem that there is very little damage/death. False Flag-911, Levon Affair Hoax-Sandy Hook and potentially the famed Holocaust in that fact that the ones that did die by other causes and not by way the official story/hoax aspects. The use of the word “tool” was yours, not mine. I will dig up your clip and send over the link but I do believe you said that ISIS does what “they” (as well as Saudi puppets) “want it to do.”

  3. Unless you have serious evidence for your claims, this is all just more guesswork and amateur “analysis”. Isis is its own thing and now operates in multiple countries, including Philippines. There’s no way it can be controlled in a rigid way getting orders from CIA agents in Langley. My previous analysis of the group was inadequate.

    You didn’t answer any of my questions. Are attacks in the Middle East and against Russia “false flags” too or just the West? This question is crucial because it exposes the fraud of the truther narrative. Hence why you won’t answer it.

  4. Good vids and good article, overall Brandon. ISIS and Islamic terror certainly isn’t merely Mossad/CIA/MI6/western government/s/media funded/promoted. There are extremists in every religion or even view, and there are definitely Islamic extremists and those that even agree with ISIS.

    However, and at the same time, I get bored looking into these cases because the MSM and western governments don’t all just stop what they’re doing and give their attention to cases like these without twisting it in their own ways. There are real Islamic attacks that never make the MSM or ever get made mention of by the MSM/establishment. The establishment also has a penchant for framing whites in these attacks and if anyone goes to pro-black pages, they love talking about case after case of supposed ‘white attacks’ on black victims, whether these are white civilians or white cops.

    There are far too many fishy things about what happened in Manchester for this to be ‘real’. One of those things is the establishment loves to conduct drills prior to, or even during these events; and these drills typically involve many, many people. Like this first vid, for example, which was a drill conducted a little over a year ago, in one of Manchester’s largest malls:

    (Also, these events don’t merely just serve identitarians because the establishment is simultaneously working on abrogating more personal freedoms, and the ‘war on terror’ will never be ended any time soon, either. My personal contention is there are very real Islamic attacks, but when they make it to the MSM, they’re extremely, extremely likely to be staged).

    This acting is fake AF:

  5. Here’s your clip stating your ‘facts’ about ISIS:

    As for bundling all the events you mentioned into a general category of “False Flags” it seems you baiting me to make a definitive statement while asking me to do ‘more guesswork and amateur “analysis” ‘ which you have already accused me of doing. It’s a case by case subject for discussion so no need put me in your confused-truther/liberal grouping. Hoaxes/FF can be promoted and pontificated by unknowing people or media but some of the events I mentioned above are beyond belief and lack all probability of physically occurring, such as 2 Planes knocking down 3 buildings (Towers 1, 2 and Building 7).

    As for your “My previous analysis of the group was inadequate.” comment to explain away your 180 degree turn around on the nature of ISIS, it appears to be a huge understatement. It’s a flip not an inadequacy. As for orders from “Langley” it is more likely Tel Aviv as the the Head of the Snake or chain of command.

    Hoaxes/False Flags are right out of the First section of the Protocols, they used to call it “Make-Believe/Terrorization.” Over a hundred years old but they’re using the same tactics. You use to call out the Elephant in the room and now you are just pointing to crap it’s spewing all over the walls. You might be changing your opinion too abruptly IMO.
    be well,

  6. As for bundling all the events you mentioned into a general category of “False Flags” it seems you baiting me to make a definitive statement while asking me to do ‘more guesswork and amateur “analysis” ‘ which you have already accused me of doing.

    I’m pointing out how you false-flag obsessives never scrutinize attacks in the Middle East or against Russia. Often, you say all of those were “real” and only the Western ones are staged, which proves an anti-Western bias. None of the events you mentioned have you provided solid proof of false-flag beyond speculation about crisis actors.

    As for your “My previous analysis of the group was inadequate.” comment to explain away your 180 degree turn around on the nature of ISIS, it appears to be a huge understatement. It’s a flip not an inadequacy.

    The only thing I’ve changed is the motive/rationale for what Isis does. When I was under the spell of Sabbath Kaffirsm I tried to put all of the blame on their supposed backers, ignoring the theological underpinnings of what they do. The fact that some states have tacitly helped them get their hands on guns/supplies does not negate the fact that it is a genuine Islamist group that wants to establish a caliphate and implement Sharia law. They’ve already done it. And most of their leading backers are Islamist regimes out of the Gulf who at least partially share or sympathize with their goals. The Western powers were opportunistically leveraging them against Assad but I don’t think they ever fully controlled it. If anything the Saudis have more control of it but not even they can handle these nutters.

    As for orders from “Langley” it is more likely Tel Aviv as the the Head of the Snake or chain of command.

    You think Netanyahu secretly meets with the Isis leaders in Tel Aviv? That’s obviously absurd. Like these other states Israel has tacitly supported some of the rebel elements to leverage them against Assad and keep them killing each other. Doesn’t mean they have total control over them. The fact that Isis hasn’t attacked Israel is no more proof that they control Isis than the fact that Assad hasn’t attacked Israel proves they control him.

    You’re way too conspiratorial thinking everything is rigidly controlled in a pyramidal fashion. A lot of the alliances we see are tenuous and temporary. The real world is far more chaotic than you wish it to be.

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