George Galloway’s Absurd Double Standards

By Brandon Martinez

This video does a good job exposing the absurdist double standards of leftist British politician George Galloway.

Galloway is shown headlining an “anti-war” protest in 2015 when Britain was having a vote on whether to join the anti-ISIS coalition air war in Syria and Iraq. At that time Galloway and other leftists were protesting against Britain’s attempt to join that coalition to defeat ISIS. Yet strikingly, Galloway, a paid contributor to both Iran’s PressTV and Russia’s RT, came out full-stop in support of Russian and Iranian military intervention in Syria to do the exact same thing. He is quoted on his PressTV show saying he’s “not against airstrikes in Syria, only Western airstrikes.” Galloway joyously welcomed airstrikes by Russia when that country entered the conflict in 2015 on the side of Assad.

As Christopher Hitchens pointed out, Galloway is not anti-war, he’s just “on the other side of it.” Galloway backs military interventions by Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and presumably other regimes and groups so long as they’re on the side of his favourite dictators in the Middle East. Another video shows Galloway’s hypocrisy on the Arab Spring uprisings in 2011, where he supported the demonstrations against pro-Western monarchies in the Persian Gulf as well as against the pro-US Egyptian dictator Mubarak. But once the Arab Spring came to Syria, he denounced it as an evil Western plot to depose the “innocent” Assad regime. Galloway also derides oppositionists in Iran, Cuba, Russia and China as “Western agents,” backing those tyrannies with vigor.

Fastening his Maoist Commie cap to his head, Galloway sings praises of all dictatorships that are presumably of an anti-Western bent. The fact is that Galloway is a radical leftist literally in the pay of Iran and Russia as a contributor to their state propaganda channels. His stance on Syria is therefore in line with those governments who pay him to propel propaganda for their war effort. He supports Russian and Chinese expansion in the Middle East and Africa because he wishes the world to be ruled by a Russo-Sino communist empire. Anyone who disagrees with Galloway’s radical left platform will be jailed or executed in his utopian state. When will this Bolshevik be charged as a foreign spy for Russia and Iran?


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