Leftist Hack Oliver Stone Loves Putin

By Brandon Martinez

Oliver Stone is a vanilla leftie who loves any foreign dictator that “stands up” in some form or fashion to the US. So it’s no surprise that he just did a series of fawning interviews with Putin, which will be released as a documentary. In an interview with Stephen Colbert, Stone doubled down on his admiration for the Russian tyrant.

Stone previously made documentaries glorifying Marxist Latin American leaders like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Evo Morales of Bolivia. Stone does the leftist standard circuit of licking the backsides of any government leader, no matter how oppressive, that isn’t cooperating with the US on some front.

Colbert pressed Stone on Putin’s oppressive authoritarian system which has trampled on free speech, jailed and harassed political opponents, and assassinated the most strident critics of the regime. Stone’s lame response was that he “supports free speech” but refused to condemn Putin for constructing an Orwellian police state in Russia where even social media posts critical of the Kremlin can land you in jail for years. Stone then grumbled about how Putin was a poor victim of unfair “abuse” by the media.

Stone’s son Sean is a conspiratard who believes in every imaginable conspiracy theory and has a show on Russia Today called “The Hawks.” They’re both afflicted with a leftist myopia that sees no other evil in the world besides that of the US government/establishment. All other oligarchies/establishments, like those in Russia, China, Iran, etc., are lionized as “victims” of “the empire.” Only the US and its allies are deemed  “bad,” whereas the rest of the world are innocent doves who just want to sing kumbaya with their neighbours. This one-track thinking is the basis of all leftist “anti-imperialist” presumptions and the reason leftists are such slimy apologists for any backwards tyranny outside the Western hemisphere.

Some rightists also have a love-in with Putin on the sole basis that Russia is “less liberal” on social issues than Western states at the present time. If that’s the only criteria, then why don’t these pro-Putin rightists pack up and move to Russia and embrace the “White man’s paradise”? They won’t do that because they know their standard of living would significantly decrease once they enter the Putinist Utopia.


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