IslamoCuck Truther Girl Can’t Muster an Argument

By Brandon Martinez

The “truthers” have no serious arguments against what I’ve said in various articles critiquing them on this blog. Case in point is this piece about me by some Islamocuck truther girl named Jaci Stanton.

The entire article is bereft of any actual attempt at refuting what I say in my articles on truthers and their contradictions. Instead, she wrote a long autobiographical screed about how she became so favourable to Muslims after learning “the truth” about 9/11 and neocon-inspired wars. Throughout the piece she mentions that after discovering war crimes committed by the US in Iraq, she developed a “huge passion for” the Middle East and Muslims. Yeah, I would say that’s the standard backstory and psychology of most Islamophilic truthers. Nothing special here.

She writes that, “I did not ever draw conclusions about Daesh or become a voice against Zionists and Israel because I wanted to think of Muslims a certain way.” But that’s not true. She attested to developing a philo-Islamic view after being exposed to information about crimes committed against Muslims in various Middle Eastern wars. So all of her views about Muslims after that point have obviously been tainted with the proclivity to see them as eternal victims who can do no wrong on their own accord. That’s the problem. That bias has caused her analysis of Muslim issues generally to be skewed by feelings of guilt and sympathy that arose from reading about the suffering of some Middle Easterners during the wars after 9/11. I don’t deny that some Muslims have been victims of injustice. My bias against Islam and Muslim immigration into the West doesn’t stop me from acknowledging that in certain cases they have been wronged by non-Muslims (Iraq war, Palestine, etc.). But that doesn’t mean all or even the majority of Muslims are therefore victims, nor does it mean that Islam is a benevolent religion. Nor does that disprove the fact that some Muslims have been perpetrators and aggressors, rather than victims, both today and historically.

She and others like her refuse to address my valid points, such as that the Islamic terror threat today is clearly real, thus rendering 9/11 truth a pointless exercise in that it’s main contention, that the “terror threat” is fabricated, is now an untenable position to maintain. How about that 9/11 can’t be used as a pretext for future wars, thus rendering 9/11 irrelevant from an anti-war perspective? Or the fact that the “truthers” can’t get their story straight in that they say Islamic terror is fake “over here” but that it’s real “over there” in the Middle East. None of these issues are addressed.

What it comes down to, and what she essentially confesses to, is that she was upset over the Iraq war so she became a bleeding heart shill for Muslims in all their struggles. When Muslims do wrong, it’s not them doing it, but shadowed CIA agents forcing their hand. But that’s not actually proving what they think it is. If Muslim radicals are working with the CIA, then all it proves is that radical Muslims are willing to sacrifice principles to collaborate with other evildoers for short term gain when they have a common interest with these other players. That would make them doubly evil, not innocent. So the claim here is basically that radical Muslims are the murderous foot soldiers for the big powers. I guess that means we should hate them even more?

This woman is engaged in typical reactionary politics and leftists are famous for it. They find out who has been “victimized” in some form or fashion and then leap to their defence in every situation. It’s the same dynamic when leftists write apologia for third world dictatorships like North Korea. Kim Jung-Un is being “targeted” by the big bad American empire so he “must be doing something good.”

She writes that she “loves Muslims” and describes them as “kind and loving” who have “a gentleness and sweetness about them.” Yeah, tell that to the people who have had their heads sawed off by Isis, were just knifed to death on the London Bridge or were run over by a Muslim kamikaze in a truck. Tell that to the 2,000 Nigerians massacred in a matter of days by the “kind and loving” Islamists of Boko Haram who are just doing Allah’s work. This kind of pro-Islamic cuckoldry is a sign of our times as the left tries to drive the dagger deeper into the heart of the West.

While she lacks any serious argument refuting my points, she does manage to mete out some insults about my eyes scaring her, how I’m a “douche bag,” and the typical leftist charge that I’m a “racist.” Then there’s this gem in the comments:

But, yeah, this Brandon Martinez guy has revealed himself as some sort of arrogant psycho with disturbed eyes. To me as a woman he looks like the kind of guy who would slip rufies in my drink and laugh at me if I fell. He’s messed up.

Oh, how typical of an emotional woman to make up outrageous nonsense in order to impute malevolent intentions on someone she disagrees with. This rhetoric reminds me of what unstable women typically do when they go through a break-up with a guy: portray their exes as evil SOBs who are intent on hurting and raping women. Not only am I an evil racist, but “clearly” I’m the kind of guy who would try to abuse women! Racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic – these are all the evils that the left attribute to straight, white men. This is all so ironic considering she’s an Islamophile who has a love-in with a genuine rape culture. In Islam, when a woman is raped, she is the one charged with adultery! But she just loves herself some Muslims whereas an evil white male like myself is the real danger.

These paranoid truthers label all dissent from their cult narrative as “cognitive infiltration” by the shadow government to throw them off their fruitless quest for truth and justice. They function like a standard cult on par with scientology. Dissenters and critics are scorned and abused. The party line must be enforced at all times. Anyone who sways is a “heretic” to be outcast forever.

Also of note is that on her Facebook page, she’s posing like a prostitute in front of leftie pro-Palestine memes. What would her pious Muslim friends think of that?

She claims she’s not virtue-signalling for Muslims yet in the article she posted this weird picture of a smiling Muslim guy. Clearly an attempt to portray Muslims as harmless fuzzy teddy bears that just want a big hug. That is the very definition of virtue signalling!


6 thoughts on “IslamoCuck Truther Girl Can’t Muster an Argument

  1. Hi Brandon, someone sent me this link. I knew you would troll my Facebook haha and attempt to weakly rip me. I used my Facebook account for this very reason and you fell right into it. Hilarious. I did see the first part of your article “She and others like her refuse to address my valid points, such as that the Islamic terror threat today is clearly real.” I actually did address that in two different comments to you on this blog rather than in my article. I have not read your responses to me on this blog as of today. Your facts, in general, are quite distorted. Beyond all that you’re an abusive dick who is not worth my time. I did not read this article because I genuinely don’t care what you have to say about me. While scrolling down to comment I saw you wrote I had “leftie” pro-Palestine pictures. I’m not a leftist, dickwad. I made those pictures. Go back to sucking your booze bottle in Spain while accusing women who are simply modeling of being prostitutes while you whack it in the corner. Don’t let my picture fool you. I knew you were going to respond this way. I’m glad to see I hit a nerve. 🙂

  2. I knew you would troll my Facebook haha and attempt to weakly rip me. I used my Facebook account for this very reason and you fell right into it.

    So you wanted me to see your prostitute pose on Facebook and for me to critique it? And how do you gain by that? That doesn’t really make any sense. Sounds like a made up excuse.

    I actually did address that in two different comments to you on this blog rather than in my article. I have not read your responses to me on this blog as of today.

    And I already responded to your one comment on that post. Sounds to me like you don’t like to actually debate things but just state your opinion and run away. That way you don’t have to defend your positions.

    Beyond all that you’re an abusive dick who is not worth my time.

    Obviously I am worth your time otherwise you wouldn’t have taken the time to write an article about me. But how does this work? I cordially responded to your one comment on my post, but then saw you wrote this cruddy article where you make no points other than detailing your entry into pro-Muslim politics, and beyond that just calling me a “douche bag”, a “racist” who’s likely to abuse women and telling me to “fuck off”. You’re the one who initiated the abusive language towards me. And even here I mainly attack your weak points and reactionary mindset. The prostitute pose was just such an edition to your weak arguments.

    I did not read this article because I genuinely don’t care what you have to say about me.

    Sure. You don’t want to read it because then you’d have to mount some kind of rebuttal to my valid points. And you’re not up for that because your position is so weak.

    While scrolling down to comment I saw you wrote I had “leftie” pro-Palestine pictures. I’m not a leftist, dickwad. I made those pictures.

    You may not call yourself a leftist, but your whole mindset and agenda is textbook leftist. You want to go to bat for the “oppressed underdog.” That’s what attracted you to these Muslim issues like Palestine in the first place. I’m not even against these causes you’ve adopted on their own, but I do think it’s weird for white people like yourself to struggle in the service of some race and nationality that is not your own.

    Go back to sucking your booze bottle in Spain while accusing women who are simply modeling of being prostitutes while you whack it in the corner.

    Right, modelling. You appear to be a typical female attention whore who just latched onto these Middle East causes in order to meet hairy Arab-Muslim men that you want to bang to satisfy your white guilt syndrome. Is that guy whose picture you posted your Arab crush or something? That was so ridiculous. Total virtue signalling!

    Just remember, you’re the one who made this exchange hostile, not I. But now that I’ve responded you will play the victim. This is par for the course for women. I expect it.

  3. Lmao! Brandon, this is your typical, dumb, westernized/feminized, white broad. And her talk of “rufies” makes me think she’s most likely to be an Ameriskank, specifically. More than any other kind of westernized/feminized slags, in my experience I’ve noticed Ameriskanks have had the highest proclivity to throw references to “rape” around as if they actually live in a “rape culture” (especially in majority white cities and/or neighborhoods) and as if at least half of the so-called “rapes” in America are *not* false rape accusations. Not a mention or a finger lifted from these cunts for men that have had their lives destroyed by false rape accusations or any mentions of women that have raped boys, children or toddlers. BTW, funny for a female to call a dude a “douchebag” when dudes don’t use douches for their stinking and/or yeast-infected twats. Another great example of Ameriskank arrogance and bigotry is like today, on Father’s Day, you’ll notice all kinds of these cunts demanding credit and attention for being mothers on FATHER’S DAY.

    I was the admin for the Boycott American Women page. It wasn’t just hordes of white knights and manginas that would come in and get schooled, but there was an endless list of histrionic Ameriskanks absolutely compelled to insert their meaningless thoughts and opinions of the page. Debating and/or actually WINNING a debate was something they could never do, nor was it something they could ever even get CLOSE to doing. They’d come in, get a foot up the ass, and then run off because they knew they couldn’t win. Then the cunts would resort to reporting the page for the same reason: they certainly can’t win and they don’t want more and more people figuring out their extremely low value, so they just hit *report* like the overgrown gotdamned children that they are.

    Jaci, I tell you what I WOULD laugh at – if these females were you. And I wouldn’t just kinda laugh, I’d laugh my goddamned ass off. Womyn like you need to be deported to the Middle East.

  4. Oh, another paragraph of hers:

    “Understanding and having knowledge of the war crimes my country committed overseas along with the actions they were still doing with Israel gave me a huge passion for the middle east. I lived most of my life in an Abrahamic religion. Aside from the brief season of my life where I was influenced by anger-filled narcissists like YouTuber Atheism is Unstoppable and Zionist activist Anni Cyrus, I liked talking to Muslims. So much of what I researched that caused me to leave Christianity were things Muslims already knew. I was lied to about Islam when I was a Christian. All they said was Islam was a counterfeit religion that didn’t have a relationship with god. It was a religion of works, Christians said. But I learned this wasn’t true. I saw so many testimonies online of Muslims sharing how Allah had delivered them from drugs, partying, sex, and gave them a new life. I read articles of how Muslims were told to read and meditate on the Quran to spend time with Allah. If you’re lonely and don’t have a partner trust in Allah, the picture image quotes on Google said. He is sufficient.”

    This broad is so lacking in nuance and myopic. Yeah, I’ve had and have Muslim friends and Arabic friends, too. I covered a bunch of this kind of activism on my last FB account where I actually had a platform to speak on. When it got deleted, out of the blue, I re-friended a few FB friends from it but didn’t have either the time or desire to re-friend nearly all of the almost 5k people. I also realized I should have never friended the majority of people I knew in real-life on FB. Anyway, I wasn’t about to restart that account and began focusing on anti-feminism. I had an Arab buddy who I was tight with and who was a good dude tell me, after I started sharing anti-feminist information, that I should bam out another account. I said not only don’t I have the time or desire for that, but I have my own life and issues to deal with. On that account I was also sitting on information that I didn’t know how to go about sharing because I knew it was going to cause “division”. The average person is not a major epiphany person and doesn’t make a whole lot of realizations outside of mainstream thought. So, my buddy had this image of me that I was always going to share anti-Zionist information, but that was/is far from the whole picture.

    Yeah, I do like certain Muslims and will talk to them, no doubt. There are plenty of them I don’t like, either. There are plenty of dumb-ass, entitled fukin Muslims like that Mohamed chump Brandon had on his page not all that long ago. Anytime Brandon would share any issue facing whites, Mohamed would be there to “re-correct” him and to tell him that Palestinians and Arabs and Muslims are “oppressed” and basically that this is all he should talk about. What a piece of arrogant, entitled shit that dude is. I’ve encountered plenty of white-hating Muslims myself that don’t mind lying and they sure don’t mind stealing from whites, amongst many other things. This bitch doesn’t seem to realize any of this. Yeeees, LOTS of Muslims and Arabs don’t like whites and they see themselves as morally, culturally, religiously, and even racially superior. Is this bitch blind or just stupid or what? How can she have been around so long and not notice this shit? It’s a very common problem in the truth movement itself.

    And while this broad is talking about Christians (yeah, there are plenty of dumb Christians out there… my personal pet peeve is people that take ambiguous verses that could be interpreted so many different ways and then claim to “know” or be some kind of “sole authority” on what the verse/passage means… there are also those that are literalists and take/make extreme interpretations or misinterpretations of things so passionately and seriously…. it never pays to be too extreme in religion), she doesn’t seem to notice or mention that there are plenty of Muslims that convert to Christianity… you can find all kinds of cases like this…

  5. I am truly ashamed that I am related to this con-artist or as she calls herself constantly, the “victim”. I found this site by chance and I am rolling on the floor laughing. Her main issue with being a Christian to an Atheist and now a Muslim is she’s doing everything she possibly can to make people feel sorry for her, throw money at her, have a place to live while she freeloads and sponges off anyone who will fall for her pathetic twisted unreality. I’m guessing the Christians and the Atheist she ran into weren’t sympathetic enough to her cause. I don’t know about you but I prefer to have folks around me that live in reality Dana hit the nail on the head. Touche Dana!

  6. BTW, I have always attempted to verbalize or explain the mentality of Jaci (I guess that is who she calls herself now because she’s pissed off everyone she knows with her real name) and Brandon also hit the nail on the head. She has accused every male in her life of rape, abuse, etc. etc. and goes about trumping up fake charges to get what she wants. She will be running from this to that for the rest of her life until she ultimately finds some moron to fall for her bull. However, she’ll have what she believes to be a rational explanation (excuse) for everything she says and does.

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