Former Anti-Islam Activist Wants Me to Stop Criticizing Muslims

Is Jaci Stanton a hooker for the Palestinian resistance?

By Brandon Martinez

The other day I responded to the non-arguments of a woman named Jaci Stanton. She’s a former liberal atheist anti-Islam activist who bizarrely wants me to stop criticizing Muslims and being a “racist” nationalist calling for an end to the white genocide occurring in Europe. She’s still blabbing away like there’s no tomorrow.

I recall a few years back Stanton had a YouTube channel of a liberal atheist bent. It’s gone now, but from what I remember more than 50 percent of her content was anti–Islam material. She would post videos of Muslims stoning people to death and savagely chopping off the hands of accused thieves. She asserted that Islam was a backwards, violent religion hell-bent on world domination. I remember she even said Muslim immigration was an Islamic weapon of conquest through a process called “hijrah“. Yet now she’s criticizing me for opposing this invasion.

Apparently she’s completely changed her mind on Muslims, and now speaks of them with excessive (and downright creepy) fealty, describing them as “kind and loving” who have a “gentleness and sweetness” about them. In this recent article she expressed a sexual desire for these brutish bearded Arabs and Muslims, calling them “sweet hot guys” and that she thinks “a lot of Arab guys are hot.” She literally has a sexual fetish for Arab and Muslim men! She says she has befriended a lot of Arabs and Muslims online which explains why she’s trying to seduce them on Facebook by posing like a prostitute for a hooker catalog with Palestinian imagery in the backdrop. Maybe she wants to be a sex slave for Hamas, who knows. Perhaps she’s already a sex slave for the Islamic State, chained down in one of their dungeons being forced to say nice things about Islam and Muslims online. Kidding aside, she’s a total weirdo.

She’s criticizing my more strident tone on Islam/Muslims these days as they ransack Europe on the orders of George Soros, complaining that this contrasts with my previous rhetoric from years ago which was more along the lines of setting up an alliance with this group. But this is the same woman who previously declared Islam the most dangerous faith on earth and focused most of her time attacking it. If she wants to see what a volte-face looks like, then she should have a look in the mirror.

She has no argument against what I’m saying now other than to deny the growing insanity of the “truther” cult who, for the most part, claim virtually all Muslim terrorism is manufactured. Other than that she’s a liberal who constantly throws around the “racist” charge at nationalist critics of mass immigration and the Zionist Kalergi plan to destroy the West.

I critique Muslims and Islam from a European nationalist perspective, not a liberal atheist one. You don’t see me whining about gay and women’s rights in Muslim countries. I highlight what Muslims and other parasitic migrants are doing in our countries in the West. My argument is that Muslims are cultural imperialists who seek to supplant “infidel” cultures that don’t conform to their 7th century primitive religious doctrines. If they could, they would tear down and ransack every church in Europe. And when they become populous and politically strong enough, they probably will. I don’t really care what barbarism these people wish to engage in within their own countries. But I don’t want that in Europe. But I don’t limit that to Muslim immigrants. Obviously all non-white immigration is problematic and part of the plan to degrade Europe.

The problem is this woman is a single mom with too much time on her hands. She should be focused on things females typically do and are good at like cooking, housekeeping and raising children. Entering complex political discussions is the last thing a woman should do. This woman proves it.


3 thoughts on “Former Anti-Islam Activist Wants Me to Stop Criticizing Muslims

  1. Take it easy on her, she’s just under “the spell of Sabbath Kaffir.” You seemed to be cured, maybe send her your recommendations for the antidote. Maybe she’s just inadequate in her analysis and can’t see the light. Cut her some slack or rip her a new one, it’s your blog.

  2. Is this silly bimbo still blabbering about?

    Yeah, I’d say she should be spending her time at other things females are good at, but I wouldn’t include cooking in that list for American women… cooking is something they are NOT good at; I can cook better than the vast majority of American broads, no doubt. Housekeeping and raising children are two other things they happen to be terrible at.

    I’d say she should get back to things American women are good at like, say… shopping for shoes, clothes, and purses; racking up credit card debt and/or spending their bf’s/husband’s money; yammering endlessly on the phone; causing drama; popping out kids from multiple baby daddies; eating bonbons and ice cream on the couch in front of Oprah or Desperate Housewives or Sex and the City; reading their Cosmo magazines, romance novels, and “women’s ‘studies'” books/magazines/courses; framing men for false domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault, and rape accusations; or prowling for the next sucker to take them out to an expensive dinner or on a paid vacation.

  3. I think I forgot to mention that curing a virile, high-libido male of priapism is ANOTHER thing American women are good at. Just one look or one sound of these masculine abominations is often enough to make a dude with a major woody go flaccid.

    You know, Satan’s gonna be ramming HOT rods up their STINKING ass holes for TRILLIONS of millenniums. Either DEPORT these cunts or send them to the fucking FRONT LINES… give ’em a pink feather for cowardice if they try to cower out.

    And the dumb broad goes on to say she’s not a “leftist” even though she comes off as your typical feminist and anti-white. She’s a single mother… what a “surprise” that is, to me. Was that because she had a one-night stand and doesn’t know who the father is, or could it have been one of those two-year “relationships” or what.

    She makes mention of how Jews are exploiting blacks. What she doesn’t realize is blacks and women are like two peas in a pod in this equation. Both are being lionized and empowered at the expense of their opposing groups: for women, this is men; and for blacks, this is whites.

    What are courses like Women’s Studies and Black Studies in universities? I guess they’re “exploiting” blacks and women n sheeeit. Or just maybe, they’re courses on here innocent, oppressed, and benevolent blacks and women are, and on how evil, oppressive, and malevolent men and whites are. Hollywood, the MSM, universities, the government, the SPLC, ACLU, NAACP, the feminist lobby, and many other anti-hate organizations, affirmative action, integration, welfare, and the government be demonizing/disempowering blacks and women, while lionizing/empowering whites and men n sheeeeit.

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