The Immivasion Hits Spain


By Brandon Martinez

Leftists and globalists are ruining Spain. They’re pushing an open borders agenda in addition to anti-Spaniard policies which empower the immigrant hordes that they wish to take over and make Spain a colony of non-white usurpers.

Why do Latinos (specifically those who lack any real Spanish ancestry) come to Spain? Their ancestors fought wars of independence against Spanish rule. Yet today they throw it all away to buy their ticket to Spain. They do it for the simple opportunistic reason that the Euro currency has more value than their weak currencies and economies in Latin America.

They have no real concern for Spain, its culture or history. They may pay lip service to Spanish culture in order to fit in, but they do so with glinting dollar signs in their eyes. They come for the money. They come to take jobs away from native Spaniards. They want to be the new colonial masters of Spain in a process of reverse colonization. And now they’re edging to get more political power for their own people at the expense of native Spaniards.

This video shows numerous Latino immigrants in Spain edging for more power. They’re infiltrating the city councils to push legislation that grants them more “rights” (a codeword for special privileges). They work exclusively towards the betterment of other immigrant Latinos and non-whites generally.

They’re using the tactic of lawfare (manipulating and twisting existing Spanish laws to suit their interests) to wage their ethnic war against the native Spaniards who are, like all Europeans today, rapidly being replaced by non-white foreigners.

The immigrants like to cry “racism” when they’re not treated like kings upon entry to the country. They throw the racist label at any Spaniard that doesn’t want his kin to become extinct by the next century. They try to bend the definition of “Spanish” to include any non-white person from the Americas who happens to speak Spanish. But that doesn’t work for a multitude of reasons. Spanish is not simply a language, but an ethnicity and race that codified in the Iberian Peninsula, what is now known as Spain and Portugal. You cannot carry mostly the blood of Africans and Amerindians and still be “Spanish” no matter how much you want it to be so. Languages can be learned and forgotten, but genetics cannot.

But thankfully, like in other parts of Europe, nationalism is rising in Spain as the economy tanks and more immigrants arrive to steal away the few jobs that are available. Groups like Hogar Social and La Falange are popularizing nationalism across regions of Spain as the globalist project for white genocide moves forward across the West.


6 thoughts on “The Immivasion Hits Spain

  1. Clearly Spain, America, and every other majority-white nation/area needs not only Latino immigration, but Latinos in general, in order to maintain or increase loyalty, IQ, GDP per capita, safety, overall productivity, and the like.

  2. “Leftists and globalists”??

    Brandon, with all due respect (and I mean that), you’re starting to sound like controlled opposition.

    We know (((who’s “behind the curtain”))) wielding the (((real power))) behind (((Leftists and globalists))).

  3. I’ve written about Jews and their role in this in other articles on this blog, and I’ve made that clear throughout my work in general, so your petty criticisms are dumb. And that doesn’t mean that leftists and globalists who aren’t Jewish should be let off the hook, as you seem to want.

    You’re one of these people who spazzes out when he doesn’t see the word “Jew” every fourth word. It’s like some kind of drug addiction.

    And if you’re so strong about this why are you too scared to write out the word instead of using those stupid brackets?

    And start using your real name as I have for the past four years writing about these dangerous topics. Until then you can’t really talk.

  4. Brandon,

    You sure don’t handle friendly criticism very well, but I’ve always appreciated your integrity.

    So it’s disappointing to realize you make impulsively untrue accusations. For the record:

    —I’ve ONLY used my first & last real name since I first started posting online comments in 1998 — how about you?

    —As for me not daring to say “Jew”…

    When I Google [ “Pat Kittle” Jew ] I get 5,240 results:
    — [ ]

    I confront my hometown Santa Cruz City Council about their own disproportionate Jewish power, when they are constantly promoting “diversity” and making Santa Cruz a “sanctuary city” for everyone on Earth who cares to sneak in here and keep their criminality to nothing more serious than stealing our cars.

    For being such an uppity goy the Jewish mayor (Don Lane) hysterically reprimanded me and personally gave me a copy of tedious shop-worn propaganda in the form of a book by Abraham Foxman (ADL head-shyster at the time) — as if I wasn’t familiar with how we must never criticize anything Jewish because of how they “suffered.” When I truthfully informed the Council I have Jewish friends they burst out laughing.

    Reviewing my Google search I see where someone at Stormfront approves of my observation about Jewish power, which is fine with me because it’s true:
    — [ ]

    I am banned from countless websites, precisely for criticizing Jewish treachery. Take Amazon book reviews for example — hundreds of my comments disappeared this year (though a few remain) when Jeff Bezos finally caved in to the Jew lobby, and I am now banned from posting further comments at Amazon.

    My book review of Alison Weir’s “Against Our Better Judgment: the Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel” has (so far) survived the Amazon purge:
    — [ ]

    Often times I use the (((triple parentheses))) because they are called “hate speech” by the ADL, precisely because ((())) refers to Jewish privilege, and only Jewish privilege — and the ADL knows it.

    In conclusion, I’m not saying you are controlled opposition, I’m saying your recent writing is far less likely to expose Jewish power than previously (I have your books on my Kindle). No I don’t expect every 4th word you write to be “Jew.” What a cheap shot. I continue to appreciate your perspective on the Alt-Right.

    — Pat Kittle

  5. You sure don’t handle friendly criticism very well, but I’ve always appreciated your integrity.

    Criticism? Your comment was a paranoid ad hominem attack implying that I’m “controlled opposition” because I didn’t make sufficient reference to Jews in this one blog post.

    I’m saying your recent writing is far less likely to expose Jewish power than previously (I have your books on my Kindle).

    That’s way off-base. I have numerous articles on this blog talking about Jews and even have blogs critiquing alt-lite figureheads specifically because they refuse to identify and critique the Jewish supremacist role in the chaos. So according to your absurd standard, the only “real” opposition must be a 14/88 skinhead calling for all Jews to be gassed. If I’m not good enough, then I don’t know what would be short of a “gas the kikes, race war now” skinhead. If you want to throw your lot in with that crowd, be my guest.

    I think I’m right to say that you’re operating in the paranoid mindset where if you don’t see the word Jew obsessively splashed across the page, you get “bored” or anxious and lash out at those not sufficiently slamming Jews in every single article.

  6. Brandon,

    You set me up as a straw-man, and take me down magnificently.

    My mild admonition is hardly “paranoia” & I am not even remotely suggesting “gas the kikes.”


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