CJ Bjerknes Takes on Putin Cult

By Brandon Martinez

Prolific writer Christopher Jon Bjerknes just published a new book on Putin entitled “Putin’s Reign of Terror the Permanent Revolution in Our Time“.

He talked about the book and his theories about Putin, Russia and their role in global affairs on Red Ice Radio, a normally pro-Putin alt-right platform.

Bjerknes brought up many great points and critiques that I have been airing for years, much to the chagrin of the Putin cult in the “alternative” media community who are either ideologically or financially inclined to support Putin’s Russia.

Bjerknes points out the flawed arguments of the Putin cultists who dismiss anything allegedly from “mainstream” media that’s critical of Putin. Just because the mainstream media says something does not make it untrue or unworthy of investigation. These alt-media hacks want to act like they have some kind of monopoly on truth, when in fact they have just as much bias as the mainstream but from a different direction.

Bjerknes trotted out all of the dirty deeds Putin engaged in during his dubious rise to power, his connections to Organized Jewry in Russia, and his burgeoning alliance with Israel against Sunni Islamic powers. He also noted how Putin has at different times both scapegoated and used Russian Muslims for his own purposes in pursuit of power.

He mentioned how Putin has sent out assassins to kill Russian journalists and opposition politicians who were investigating his misdeeds and sordid history. None of this shakes the rock-hard faith the Putinists have in their hero because they are, above all, members of a wretched cult on par with Scientology. They don’t require their cult leader to be morally good to worship, admire and praise him; he just needs to have certain leadership qualities in order to herd his alt-media flock.

Bjerknes also posited that Russia is backing/financing quasi-nationalist forces in Western Europe in order to create a fifth column of pro-Russian useful idiots in the West in efforts to destabilize Russia’s EU rivals. This explains why so many Western-based nationalists are such cucks for Putin and Russia, hoping he will throw them a few shekels. In contrast Putin’s regime hypocritically and vehemently opposes nationalism in Eastern European and Central Asian states that line its borders. So on the one hand Putin backs “fascists” in Western Europe because they’re pro-Russian, but then morphs into an “anti-fascist” crusader when facing off against the nationalist Ukrainians in conflict with his proxy rebels who fly communist flags and erect Stalin posters in their strongholds. During that conflict Putin got his Kremlin media organs to blast out propaganda demonizing the political forces in Ukraine that weren’t complaint with his aims as “fascists” and “neo-Nazi extremists.” Putin also opposes “Nazis” within Russia and banned Holocaust denial.

You’ll notice that the comments section on that interview is filled with pro-Putin trolls throwing out typical ad homenim attacks and labels without mustering a single good argument to counter Bjerknes’ points. They cannot debate the faults of Putin rationally so they just throw out wild accusations and insults. This is pretty standard behaviour for the Putin cult and exactly why it should be denounced as a dangerous manifestation of group-think.

What’s so absurd is that these people are so belligerently loyal to Putin that they will throw Bjerknes totally under the bus on the sole basis that he’s a critic of Putin, overlooking all his other positions that they would most likely agree with. Bjerknes is clearly a strong patriot, nationalist and one of the more articulate and insightful critics of Jewish power. One doesn’t have to agree with all his conclusions to recognize that. None of that apparently matters to the alt-right and alt-media-centered Putin cult whose only criteria for judging someone is how loyal that person is to the God Emperor currently tyrannizing over the Kremlin. These people are either mentally ill or are acting as part of the Russian troll army.


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