Martinez & Bjerknes Unmask the Putin Cult

I spoke with Christopher Jon Bjerknes, author of a new book on Vladimir Putin’s communist agenda, about the lies, distortions, propaganda, troll tactics and objectives of the Putin cult.


2 thoughts on “Martinez & Bjerknes Unmask the Putin Cult

  1. Title: Mossad is just as dumb as the CIA, and collaborates in the destruction of Israel, in its own destruction.

    A comment to a conversation of Christopher Jon Bjerknes with Brandon Martinez, July 2017.

    Another mistake that comes up in the conversation is to consider Israel to be an independent active player. In reality, Israel is just another tool, another dumb creature used by the London’s Globalists. Indeed, Mossad controls all of the different “Palestinian” leaders. If there would be someone, whom Mossad does not control, that person would be quickly killed or removed and replaced by a controlled individual. Thus, Joel Skousen believes that Israel provides commanders for ISIS who are recruited from the Israeli Arabs. This is very plausible. So, if Israel controls the “Palestinian” leaders, why Mossad allows maintaining Israel in a constant state of war? Why are rockets regularly fired at Israel? Why are there terrorist attacks in Israel? The answer is obvious: the Israelis are maintained in the state of an Orwellian reality, in a state of permanent war, permanent threat, permanent hysteria.
    It is possible also that Israel does not control Hamas, because Iran controls Hamas. Iran iself is a creation of London’s Globalists, of the Hybrid British Empire. Whenever you this “pseudo-muslim” cult, you can be sure that the British intelligence is behind. But Iran seems to have emancipated, to have regained sovereignty, and the British have little or no control over Iran. This may be another reason why Iran is systematically targeted by the US, the British “Dumb Giant”.
    This being said, the number and diversity of attacks inside Israel is much larger than Hamas and Iran might do. If they do any attacks at all. Indeed, terrorism is almost exclusively used by the British. We go back to the previous conclusion that Mossad and the Israeli government conducts regular terror attacks against the Israeli populace to keep it in shape. If there is no regular reminders, the stupid populace quickly forgets about the war, about the dangers. It has to be maintained in shape, in a state of fear and hysteria, in a state where it can be easily mobilized and sent to war.
    Also, note the antisemite propaganda in Europe organized by the state-owned and corporate media in Europe. ALL the media in Europe are controlled by London’s Globalists, aka “The Hybrid British Empire”. Analysis of what these European media tell about Israel shows that London considers Israel to be a temporary state, something to be disposed of rather soon. The dumb Mossad is just as dumb as the CIA, and collaborates in its own destruction.
    Behind “Globalism”, there is a small genocidal cult headquartered in London. They can be easily defeated.:

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