The Suicidal Death Cult of Putinism


By Brandon Martinez

C.J. Bjerknes has observed that the Putin Cult which has usurped the “alternative” media, alt-right, alt-left, anti-war and libertarian movements is a suicidal death cult comparable to the murderous cult established by communist nut job Jim Jones. Putinists on both the left and right are openly cheering for the West’s downfall. These goons would gladly welcome a Russo-Sino invasion of the West and would, out of a deranged self-hatred, willingly submit to communist rule headquartered in Russia and China.

Bjerknes has noted that the argument of these demented cultists is that we in the West are “immoral” because of the actions of our governments, media, etc., so the supposedly “morally superior” Russians and Chinese have a right to kill and/or enslave us to their interests. The cultists ignore and work overtime to obscure the fact that Russia and China are far more corrupt and openly brutal with their own people than any Western state. The criminal elite tyrannizing over Russia, China and other Eastern powers are bizarrely given a pass by the Putin Cult and its suicidal adherents.

The alt-right has been duped by Putin’s vast PR machine which has falsely portrayed him as the saviour of whites and Christians. In reality Putin has tried to put severe restrictions on certain Christian sects in Russia that are considered heretical by the Russian Orthodox establishment. And now the Kremlin is moving to ban Jehovah’s Witnesses as “extremist.” Putin really only supports the Russian Orthodox Church because it is a tool of the state and its leader a KGB/FSB agent. But Putin doesn’t only play melodies to hypnotize gullible Christians. He has played the saviour card to inveigle Muslims and Jews as well.

Putin’s media has attempted to inculcate a saintly image of the Russian tyrant and through its subversive foreign media arm, Russia Today, has indeed created an army of cultists that worship this KGB agent as a god.


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