Paradoxical Fascist Support of Putin

By Brandon Martinez

In his interview with Red Ice, C. J. Bjerknes highlighted the intense paradox of fascist support for Putin, a former KGB communist who portrays himself as the new St. George fighting the Nazis in Ukraine.

Many self-identified “fascists” across the West, such as Matt Heimbach of the Traditional Workers’ Party, are fanatic supporters of Putin and Russia generally. Heimbach pays homage to Russia on the basis of its Christian heritage and entertains the pseudo-philosophizing of deranged cannibal-apologist Alexander Dugin, a sworn enemy of the West who has called for our destruction. Heimbach is closely connected to Matthew Raphael Johnson, a Western-based self-described “Russian Orthodox Medievalist” who is a professional apologist for Putin and propagandist for Russian expansionism. I believe Johnson served as an editor for the Barnes Review at one point, successfully degrading that journal into a pro-Putin tabloid.

These “fascists” are either being paid by Putin directly to support Russia or are brainwashed by Russian propaganda to see that regime as closer to fascism than any government in the West. As ideologues, they’ll gladly sell out their countries of birth to foreign interests if the foreign power implements any policy domestically that some fascists like. In that way they’re just like communists who will gleefully commit treason to support the intrigues of a foreign communist regime.

But there are disturbing trends that lead me to believe these “fascists” like Heimbach are being paid to support Russia. One glaring example is that during the 2014 Russia-Ukraine standoff over Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, they came out full force in support of the Russian side even though the Kremlin framed its militaristic efforts in Ukraine as a crusade against fascism. These Western fascists outright condemned the Ukrainian nationalists of Svoboda and Right Sector who the Russians were demonizing and seeking to discredit in their press as “far-right radicals” and “neo-Nazis.” You would think that “fascists” would have some sympathy for Ukrainian nationalists, but no. These Western fascists denounced the Ukrainians and sided with the Russian-backed rebels who are openly communist. Around this time Putin banned Holocaust denial and the glorification of Nazism in Russia itself. Despite the fact that Putin hates them and has outlawed their ideology in Russia, fascists like Heimbach have doubled down on their Putin worship. This is so absurd and illogical and only makes sense if there has been a payoff from Russia.

What we are witnessing is a broad infiltration of nationalist/patriot circles in the West by Russians and Bolsheviks, which explains why we’re now seeing Stalin apologism creep into the discourse of Western “fascists” and alt-right personas like Richard Spencer – himself married to a Russian who writes comical propaganda for Putin online.


3 thoughts on “Paradoxical Fascist Support of Putin

  1. Big respect to Brandon Martinez for denouncing the absurd Putin Personality Cult in the US and in the West. However, Bandon’s understanding that Putin is communist is wrong. Putin has no ideology, like Obama, like Merkel, like Macron, etc. Putin is another patsy of the British intelligence and more broadly of the “Hybrid British Empire”.
    Many alternative media are bribed to push Putin Personality Cult. Thus, Alex Jones is bribed to push glorification of Putin. A lot of others, like Tim Kelly (the host of “Our Interesting Times” podcast) is not smart enough to figure out the obvious lies on Putin. That is pretty much the picture: the bribed alternative media and the stupid alternative media who parrot those who are bribed. A sad, grim picture.
    One of the most obvious tells that Putin is an asset of the London’s Globalists is the fact that “Russia Today”,, is controlled by London. London here is the “Hybrid British Empire”, aka the London’s Oligarchy, aka “The World Order”. “Vaccines don’t cause autism, complications extremely rare”.:

  2. Brandon Martinez: “we are witnessing is a broad infiltration of nationalist/patriot circles in the West by Russians and Bolsheviks”.
    This is a mistake. The London’s Globalists have broadly infiltrated the nationalist/patriot circles in the West. Not Russians. Russia is a dumb giant that the London’s Globalists use.
    Survival Rule: Putin is a “Russian Macron”, i.e. the candidate of the Global Propaganda Ministry.:

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