Russia Sponsoring Anti-Government Activists in the West

By Brandon Martinez

This old clip from 2011 shows Adam Kokesh, a former US soldier turned radical anarchist activist, being confronted about his work for a Russian TV channel, Russia Today.

Years ago RT gave Kokesh his own show called “Adam vs. the Man” which was focused entirely on discrediting the US government as a tyrannical police state.

In the video a journalist confronted Kokesh about his Russian links and if he had ever covered human rights abuses by the Russian government on his RT show. Kokesh said he had full editorial control on his show, but deflected by saying his show was about “fighting for freedom in America,” so stories about Russian government abuses were not a priority. The journalist pressed Kokesh on how many shows he did about Russian abuses as opposed to American, angering Kokesh who could not answer the question.

Strange isn’t it that this “anarchist” Kokesh seems to only be interested in anarchy within the borders of the US, while taking media jobs sponsored by an oppressive foreign regime that gives far less freedom and rights to its citizens than those provided by the government he wants to overthrow.

Kokesh may have been promised “full editorial control” by RT, but that was given under the implicit understanding that Kokesh is an anarchist focused on radical activism to undermine the US government/system. The RT bosses knew he would rarely if ever criticize the dismal lack of freedom in Russia on his show. And he never did. That was the whole point of RT hiring various “dissident” Americans – libertarians, anarchists, anti-war activists, etc. – knowing they would only focus on attacking the US system and not Russia.

After he left his post at RT Kokesh ran a failed campaign for president on the platform of  the “orderly dissolution of the federal government.” Oh how the Russians would love that – the total dissolution of their chief rival’s government.

This is not a defense of the US government, which is corrupt, but it shows how foreign governments like Russia are using people like Kokesh to push their own subversive agenda. They want to weaken us in order to strengthen themselves.


One thought on “Russia Sponsoring Anti-Government Activists in the West

  1. Russia is indeed a test ground for many hybrid war technologies that later are deployed in the US. But it is more about using one “Dumb Giant” controlled by the British, “Russia”, against another “Dumb Giant” controlled by the same British, the US.
    “The majority of the “alternative media” and of their audience have been engaged in an idiotic​ and utterly degrading “Putin Personality Cult”., the “Russian” media network, is constantly cited and praised by the same “alternative media” as the source of truth. Sometimes, is criticized by some segments of the “alternative media” for being the propaganda arm of the dangerous Communist-KGB Russian adversary. So, again, I went and searched the site of for another very important topic – the voter fraud in the US. The topic is very important because the scale​ of the voter fraud is such that the US should no longer be considered as a sovereign state, but rather a bantustan, a colony, a failed state. I understood long ago, that Russia Today,, was controlled by the “Globalists”, meaning the British intelligence and their brainwashing machine. I was surprised however to what extent the content on was identical to the brainwashing and disinformation of the “mainstream​ media”.”

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