“Anti-War” Libertarians and the Truther Cult Now Support War On Terror

By Brandon Martinez

Isn’t it amazing that the Western-based anti-war and 9/11 truther cult, who spent the last 10 years railing against the US-led war on terror, have (for the most part) completely reversed themselves? Ever since Russia and Putin began leading the terror war, the “anti-war” libertarians and truthers have thrown their collective weight behind it.

Take Chris Bollyn, the “intrepid” journalist who wrote a couple books claiming that Israel masterminded the 9/11 attacks. Bollyn has dedicated his life to “opposing the 9/11 wars,” but now that Putin is the new boss of the global terror war, Bollyn’s been totally behind Russian intervention in the Middle East to crush Islamic zealots. Yet Bollyn vehemently opposed and denounced as a fraud this same rationale when Bush was using it to enter Afghanistan and continue occupying Iraq after the fall of Hussein. Bollyn obsessively condemns US support for Israel, but is remarkably silent about Putin’s support for Israel and cozy relations with Netanyahu.

On his website Bollyn favourably quotes Russian politicians and military officials as if they’re infallible harbingers of truth. He promotes contradictory and highly convoluted themes about ISIS. He has at times suggested that the group is a myth fabricated by Israeli intelligence, but at other times, specifically when trying to justify the Russian campaign to prop-up Assad in Syria, he’s labeled them a dangerous menace who need to be destroyed through military means. Bollyn is clearly playing a double game here. He pretends to be anti-war when in fact he’s a war propagandist for Russia. He cannot respond to these valid criticisms hence why he blocked me from commenting on his Facebook page.

So-called libertarians like Ron Paul and his sidekick Daniel McAdams have put in countless hours preaching against the war on terror, but these days spend most of their time praising Russia for its “anti-terror” militarism in the Middle East. Paul and his minions even tried to justify Russia’s annexation of Crimea and stealth incursion into Eastern Ukraine, vigorously parroting Kremlin talking points. Interestingly, a report in the Free Beacon found direct links between Paul’s various libertarian “institutes” and pro-Kremlin NGOs based in Europe.

Another “anti-war” libertarian who loves war now that Russia is in the driver’s seat is Justin Raimondo. Raimondo spent most of his writing career penning isolationist articles for the “anti-war.com” online journal, but now just reprints Kremlin spin in support of Putin’s wars in Ukraine and Syria. Another fake “libertarian” is Ryan Dawson, an opportunist who tried to ingratiate himself with the Russians during the Ukraine crisis by regurgitating Putin’s lies on RT. He spent years whining about the war on terror only to now become a mouthpiece of support for Russia’s version of it in Syria.

A major factor in this is the poisonous influence of RT which gives copious amounts of air-time to anti-war libertarians, making them reliant on the Kremlin-funded Russian channel to get their message out. As such they’ve become a cat’s paw for the Kremlin on major foreign policy issues. Russia supports and sponsors American libertarians because they’re trying to weaken the US federal government and dial back military spending and foreign adventurism. Those things are music to the ears of the Kremlin and would greatly serve Russia’s expansionist aims, hence why RT champions libertarian anti-interventionist voices in the West.

While many of their criticisms of US foreign policy are valid, these same libertarians make virtually no criticism of the vicious tyranny in Russia installed by Vladimir Putin, which crushes with a vengeance all internal dissent and prosecutes stealth wars on false pretexts. Apparently 9/11 truthers and libertarians love tyranny, oppression and war so long as it’s someone other than the US government doing it. In other words, they’re lying snakes with a hidden agenda to weaken the West and empower communists in Russia and China.


One thought on ““Anti-War” Libertarians and the Truther Cult Now Support War On Terror

  1. In light of this article, I would be curious to know if you saw the recent confrontation that Tucker Carlson had on his show with Max Boot, and your reaction to it.

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