Ex-Infowars Hack Kurt Nimmo Bows to Russia

Nimmo-Russia copy

By Brandon Martinez

Former Infowars chief writer Kurt Nimmo is a rancorous apologist for Russia. When Russia is mentioned negatively in the press, Nimmo takes to Twitter and his blog to whine about Russophobia and “the empire” picking on little, innocent Kremlin.

Nimmo has spent the past 10 years helping Alex Jones spread disinformation covering up the influence of Israel in American politics, and now he’s taken to writing risible propaganda justifying Russian and Chinese expansionism. His Twitter account is full of Russia apologia, but he blocked me so I can’t see his Tweets now.

Nimmo had a split with Jones last year over Jones’ support of Trump. Nimmo is so anti-American that not even the isolationist rhetoric of Trump during the campaign impressed him. He “suspected” Trump would be “just another warmonger.”

Nimmo’s hypocrisy is through the roof. He wailed like a screeching housewife on her period about Trump’s raid on an al-Qaeda cell in Yemen months ago, which killed some civilians. But at the same time he vigorously cheers on Russia’s bombing campaign against al-Qaeda and assorted Islamic militants in Syria, which has also taken thousands of civilian lives. When Russia’s bombs kill civilians, Nimmo says it’s just regrettable “collateral damage” in a legitimate “war on terror.” But when the US or NATO kill civilians it’s an unpardonable sin and crime against humanity, and that their war on terror is “fake.”

Nimmo is simply an anti-Western leftist libertarian with a hard-on for Russian tyranny. He follows in the long tradition of libertarian apologism for Russia and communism. His goal is to make us hate ourselves so that Russia and China, working with Israel, can take over the world’s resources and dominate us. He may even be a subversive plant on the Russian payroll, tasked with writing demoralizing propaganda to facilitate Russian-Chinese global ascendance.

Nimmo is now a “reporter and producer” for Newsbud, a lackluster website created by former FBI translator turned truther girl Sibel Edmonds. Edmonds’ site is principally anti-US foreign policy and covers little about Russia. She did make one video with James Corbett denouncing the Putin cult, but the bulk of her content is in line with the Kremlin’s objective of breaking up the NATO alliance.


One thought on “Ex-Infowars Hack Kurt Nimmo Bows to Russia

  1. There’s a reason Dugin’s ideology (official FSB’s strategy, to unite the mentally confused of the world against the US) uses the “chaos symbol”. Self-hating fools, proto-leftists, proto-Nazis are all joining his club. Big umbrella.

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