Russia’s Alt-Right Fifth Column Get Triggered By Putin Criticism


By Brandon Martinez 

I got in a confrontation with numerous alt-right Putin Cultists in the comments section on Richard Spencer’s site.

The exchanges were basically fruitless because the vast majority of them proffered nothing more than cheap trolling tactics. When their Putin Cult is challenged, alt-righters respond with the following bullshit:

1) Accuse you of being a “neocon”. This accusation is dumb and hypocritical because alt-righters’ views on Islam are similar if not identical to neocons and Israeli Likudniks, so that label could just as easily be applied to them. It’s also a dodge to avoid arguments.

2) Accuse you of being a Jew. This accusation is particularly dumb when wielded in defense of Putin whose personal best friends are two Jewish brothers, the Rotenbergs, who he helped become billionaires. In fact, 25% of the richest Russians today are Jewish thanks to Putin’s policies. None of that is criticized by the Putin Cultists, but people who point that out are bizarrely the ones accused of harbouring sympathies for Jews!

3) Accuse you of being non-white or not sufficiently white, thus making the ridiculous implication that the validity of your arguments depends on the purity of your blood. In my case some of these idiots employed the American redneck fallacy of equating Spanish (a European ethnic group from Spain) with Hispanic/Latino (which is itself not a racial but linguistic category). They obviously don’t apply this consistently because if that’s the case then white leftists, liberals, SJWs and communists should have the ear of alt-righters on the sole basis that they’re “hhhwhites.” But they obviously dismiss and ridicule the opinions of any whites that don’t share their views on race, nationalism and culture. So this is another stupid dodge to avoid real arguments.

None of them could actually debate honestly Putin’s faults. They simply said that he should be supported because he’s not liked by other people who are bad. That’s equivalent to saying that the Italian mafia should be liked and supported because rival gangs don’t like them and say mean things about them. This is how intellectually dull they are in their defense of Putin. They literally just adopt the opposite position of anything “the media” is pushing, as per their counter-signalling crusade to oppose anything that “liberals” or “Democrats” are saying.

Many of these people are actually not very intelligent and are involved in this purely to have fun trolling leftists anonymously on the internet.

While I have many views on issues like race and immigration that could be considered alt-right, the movement in its organized form has basically become a cult, which is why I wouldn’t get directly involved with it. It is also heavily infiltrated and led by people who are either direct agents or extreme sycophants of Russia and is developing into a fifth-column cat’s paw for the expansionist Eurasianist agenda of Putin, which I oppose.


6 thoughts on “Russia’s Alt-Right Fifth Column Get Triggered By Putin Criticism

  1. Well Brandon, thanks for all the efforts on the whole Putin/Kremlin situation. I definitely have picked up a lot of things off you in this area as it’s not an area I’ve put a lot of time into. Yeah, it seems to me that there may be about 15% or so of people in the alt-right who have a good idea of what’s going there. I know people myself, outside of your circle of folks who are anti-Putin/Kremlin, but they’re just not given any notable platform to voice their views, and their voices get drowned out by other much more popular platforms. Cool to see dudes like you and Bjerknes willing to take the heat on it; lotta cowards and dummies out there.

    I see a couple people in that thread were at least kind of on board with what you were saying, but of course there are a lot of non-thinking automatons there as well, as is to be expected on a site like Spencer’s. Some people I know have had massive debates/arguments on the issue at Andrew Anglin’s site. Anglin might well be a plant. His site has been vociferously pro-Putin and pro-Trump, but he’s also said a lot of other odd things, and he’s been known to silence/block dissenters.

  2. A nice piece by Brandon Martinez. The situation with the “alternative media”, i.e. the fact that it became just another arm of the psychological warfare against the European populace worldwide, has an explanation. It looks like we already live in an “Idiocracy” described in the 2006 Hollywood satire (imdb tt0387808). Idiocracy is a moment in history were most of the population are idiots. In “Idiocracy” a low IQ is used as a sign of idiocy. However, our current pandemic of idiocy is much better described by the lack of Common Sense in the absolute majority of the population, including the “elites”. Normally, at least 10% of the population have common sense. Today, however, this proportion looks reduced to below 1%.
    Indeed, only a total absence of common sense can explain the Putin Personality Cult and Russia worshiping. Thus, if you go to the site of “Russia Today”,, and search it for any important topic, you will be amazed to what extent the content of is identical to the disinformation injected by the “mainstream media” in the US. Moreover, “Russia Today” quotes almost exclusively the main “Pravdas” of the hybrid occupation of the US, the New York Times (financed by a Mexican oligarch Carlos Slims) and the Washington Post (financed by Amazon’s Bezos, the figurehead for the CIA monopoly on the Internet commerce in the US). Only a person with a total absence of common sense can remain blind to the obvious “Globalist” nature of the propaganda injected by
    “Russia Today: “massive voter fraud in the US does not exist”.:

  3. I saw of photo of David Duke with Alexander Dugin. I want to ask Brandon what that was about?

  4. neandertalien, people like Stefan Molyneux repetitively say that the people in charge of what’s going on in politics and policy must be ‘short-sited’, or basically just not really keen on what’s going on. It’s a very naive way of looking at the world. The “elites” aren’t going to go through all this trouble or take part in the certain rituals they conduct if they don’t have extremely ulterior motives. They do what they do because they are Luciferians; they take their orders from somebody/something else.

    Hard-core atheists like Molyneux have major problems wrapping their heads around stuff like this and he probably never will. He might one day conclude that they’re just “sociopaths” at best, and the things they do are only/all for power, without a whole lot of rhyme or reason, lol. Well in a mafia where people truly are psychopaths, it’s incredibly hard to maintain a hierarchy for very long. Very few mafia leaders maintained their positions without getting whacked, etc., sooner or later (usually sooner than later). The reason these “elites” can do what they do and maintain organization is because they’re not the ones truly running this show, but they do have to uphold their orders or pay the consequences.

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