Putin is a Mafia Don

By Brandon Martinez

Putin is a mafia don. This humorous video shows Putin playing ice hockey in Russia. The other players are noticeably too afraid of Putin to challenge him on the ice, allowing him to skate by them and take easy shots on net. This is probably because they realize that if they take the puck off Putin he will have the FSB break their legs after the game.

The similarities between Putin and Stalin are stunning. It’s been said that during Stalin’s reign of terror, anyone who was the first to stop applauding after a Stalin speech would later be kidnapped by the KGB and deported to the Gulag or executed. Russians have the same fear of Putin today, hence why they let Putin walk all over them during public events like the hockey match.

Fearful Russians also allow Putin to fondle their children in public. He probably pays them to allow him to touch their children to make himself appear endearing, when in reality it makes him look pedophilic. They understand that any resistance to what Putin desires at any time is just asking for trouble. FSB thugs will be knocking down their door the next day if they humiliate the glorious leader in public.


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