Russia is Corrupting Nationalism With its Dirty Money

By Brandon Martinez

The murderous regime of Vladimir Putin has been infiltrating, corrupting and subverting European nationalists to support him and his globalist Eurasian agenda. Putin is fulfilling the dream that Stalin first embarked upon decades ago: using Russia as a base to export permanent revolution in the service of Bolshevism. Putin has been carrying on this legacy with his “Eurasianist” designs, establishing various “unions” and economic pacts with nations around Russia to convert them into mere appendages of the Moscow empire, like the Soviets did.

No better example of Putin’s corrupting influence is the case of Marine Le Pen, the French “nationalist” politician who was bought off via a Russian loan sometime in 2014. After receiving the dirty Russian money Le Pen crusaded against EU sanctions applied to Russia and openly applauded Russia’s military takeover of Crimea and proxy invasion of Ukraine. Another example is how the Kremlin cobbled together a political “delegation” to rubber-stamp Putin’s criminal land-grab in Crimea, which he boasted was planned weeks (if not more) before the totally bogus “referendum.” All of the “observers” Putin brought over to oversee his theft were officials from European quasi-nationalist and populist parties that the Kremlin has been covertly supporting. They were his puppets and they fulfilled their duties.

More evidence of this corrupting Russian influence was the fact that Béla Kovács, the former chief fundraiser and MP for Jobbik, the Hungarian nationalist party, was outed as married to a KGB spy and was himself accused of, and is now being charged with, treason in the service of Russia. Kovács was notably pro-Russian during his stint in the EU legislature as an MP for Jobbik. He even organized numerous trips to Moscow for Jobbik’s leader Gábor Vona where the latter met Russian ideologues including Alexander Dugin, the Russian godfather of the Eurasianist movement that seeks to conquer and colonize all territories of the former USSR.

The Russian dirty money must also be flowing to far-left “anti-establishment” parties in the West who likewise vigorously support Russia and Putin because that’s who pays them.

Of course, some “nationalists” are more than happy to take Putin’s money and become his stooge, falsely believing he will help them “fight globalism” or some such fantasy. The alt-right leader Richard Spencer, a noted Putinist married to a Russian who worships Dugin, even floated the idea of aligning with the Likud Zionists of Israel in exchange for some shekels. This is how easily corrupted some of these rightists are as they unashamedly offer to subordinate themselves to our enemies in exchange for money.


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