American Libertarians Carry Water for the Kremlin

By Brandon Martinez

A few years back an astute Ukrainian libertarian, Roman Skaskiw, became sick of the increasingly pro-Kremlin line taken by American libertarians, observing:

Does it seem to anyone else that some libertarians only promote liberty where it intersects with weakness, anti-Americanism and demoralization? Demoralization was the first step of the Soviet Union’s propaganda strategy.

In the famous “Deception Was My Job” interview of ex-Soviet propaganda agent Yuri Bezmenov, he estimates that 85% of the KGB’s effort and resources went not to espionage, but to ideological subversion (also called “active measures”), the first step of which was demoralization. …

Libertarianism, it seems, is biased toward anti-Americanism, weakness and demoralization.

Does that not ring completely true? All American libertarians do is rail against US intervention and involvement around the globe. Their stated goal is to completely gut, if not abolish, America’s military and slash its ties with the NATO alliance.

Ron Paul’s ties with the Russians are quite out in the open. His sidekick Daniel McAdams seems to be a full-time hack for the Putin regime, appearing regularly on RT and parroting their claims about Ukraine, Syria, NATO expansion, etc., on Ron Paul’s internet show. McAdams went on RT to condemn the FBI for entrapping Muslim-Americans in terror plots, but says nothing of Russia doing the same thing to create pretexts for Putin’s crackdowns on dissident speech and opposition.

Libertarian phony Justin Raimondo does the exact same thing. He constantly bashes on American foreign policy agitating for total isolationism and weakness while maniacally supporting all of Putin’s wars to date. It would be a miracle if Raimondo wasn’t getting some of that Russian dirty money to write his lies.

Skaskiw wrote another excellent article critiquing “Putin’s Libertarians” for their despicable and treasonous shilling for Putin’s Russia during the conflict in Ukraine.


2 thoughts on “American Libertarians Carry Water for the Kremlin

  1. I used to be a Libertarian myself. The Ron Paul campaign energized me in 2008 and 2012. I was a local organizer of his campaign for my county and state, and in 2012 even appeared on the state’s ballot as an elector for the Libertarian Party on the 1 in a million chance Gary Johnson would’ve won (so basically just a formality).

    However, I quickly became disillusioned while not learning the lesson I should’ve in his first campaign (2008). All the momentum built up, well over a million grassroots supporters, and a campaign funded largely by individual donations that was actually competing with the well-funded political machines of the Establishment candidates….ALL of this was simply abandoned by Ron Paul at a very crucial time in 2012. He likewise refused to run further as an independent or third party candidate, despite the grassroots potential.

    The next few years led me to delve into the questionable financial links of the American Libertarian movement, at least its leading figures and think-tanks. These include the Globalist bankers and investors, Peter Thiel (a member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee) and Jim Rogers (who co-founded the Quantum Fund with George Soros in 1973), two advocates of the “Austrian School.” I always strongly opposed usury, so that was always a doubt I had with the Libertarian movement. They were always weak on the issue of eroding the power of the banks simultaneous to eroding the power of the State, meaning they were either deliberately or gullible in promoting a skewered narrative of the State which ignored the Big Banking/Big Government relationship.

    Just as the Libertarian Party continuously nominated and promoted weak and phony candidates with close ties with the Republican establishment, and Ron Paul abandoned and betrayed all the momentum and the legions of supporters (including myself), this same inherent lack of integrity or even adherence to their own principles can be seen in their current flirtations with the Kremlin. This is sickening and clarifies even more the true nature of those opportunists who lead the “Libertarian” movement.

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