Dugin and his “Special Russian Truth”

By Brandon Martinez

In this interview Alexander Dugin advocates harnessing post-modernism in order to impart the Kremlin’s “special Russian truth” to the world. In standard KGB doublespeak he wants us all to accept Kremlin fiction as truth in this brave new world.

Dugin is a classic Bolshevik. He feigns traditionalism to win over gullible rightists in the West to Putin’s cause. But this is vintage entryism of the Marxists.

Here Dugin calls for the mass murder of Ukrainians who don’t line up behind Comrade Putin. More classic Bolshevism.

Here Richard Spencer, in an interview with Dugin’s Katehon think-tank, says that the alt-right is the “fourth political theory,” which is the title of Dugin’s book.

This seems to lend credence to suspicions that Spencer, who is married to a Russian Dugin disciple, is a Russian agent tasked with helping deliver the Kremlin’s favoured candidate, Donald Trump, to the White House. The alt-right claims credit for helping elect Donald Trump by pumping out pro-Trump and anti-Clinton propaganda 24/7. And the close relations between the alt-right (and even alt-lite figures like Alex Jones) and Russia have now come right out into the open.

Notably, Spencer took part in a charade denouncing Trump for bombing a Syrian air-base following a chemical attack on civilians. He announced that he was “officially off the Trump train” because of this one airstrike against Putin’s puppet in Syria. What this shows is that Spencer is acting totally in the interests of Russia and the Kremlin, and will discard Trump in the blink of an eye if he doesn’t dutifully follow the Kremlin’s agenda.


2 thoughts on “Dugin and his “Special Russian Truth”

  1. He is a basic bitch nihilist (denying truth/objective reality) while accusing everyone else of nihilism. A con man, Russian State mouthpiece, and clown. No surprises.

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