Dugin Claims ‘We’re no longer anti-American’ Now that Trump is in Power

By Brandon Martinez

Months ago Kremlin ideologue Alexander Dugin said that “anti-Americanism has vanished” in Russia now that Donald Trump is the president. Anti-Americanism was the backbone of Dugin’s movement and ideology, but now that the Kremlin’s favoured candidate Donald Trump is in power, they have decided to dial back the rhetoric.

Is this not a kind of Freudian slip that Trump is the Kremlin’s stooge or useful idiot? Why would they give up on anti-Americanism unless one of “their” guys was running the White House? The Russians bet big on Trump hoping he’d cash in on his anti-NATO, isolationist rhetoric, so that Russia would have a free hand in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Dugin’s “multipolarity” agenda is designed to weaken the West so it can’t stand up to Russia. Many rightist, leftist and libertarian cultists praise Russia as a “counterweight” to US hegemony but why don’t they assert the necessity of its opposite, that the US is a counterweight to Russian and Chinese expansion and domination?


2 thoughts on “Dugin Claims ‘We’re no longer anti-American’ Now that Trump is in Power

  1. And why should he – the KGB methods of demoralization are working perfectly here in Trump’s America! The entire political discourse has been reduced to rival online jabs, rival media claims of “fake news”, and street fights between dialectical pawns of AntiFa Marxists/liberal SJWs and Alt-Right/Alt-Lite/Trumpists. The seeds of destabilization have been sown and are being harvested for all they’re worth, so from this controlled “chaos” they can now create a new “America.”

    The mainstream media ensured Trump got all the attention early on, despite the field of 16 Republican candidates. This worked perfectly with the strategy of Clinton’s campaign to promote him as the “pied piper” candidate; I suspect this was entirely by design, just as her buddy Trump never had any intention of prosecuting her. She ran a weak campaign and gave up on a few key swing states.

    Trumpists and the alt-media embrace the victimology narrative, but any media attention is “good attention” merely by propelling Trump to the top. The elites knew there was a large segment of the population who lost confidence in the media, so even the smallest, most mild criticism would make them turn en masse to alt-media outlets, including the Kremlin’s various pied pipers.

    Its not hard to conceive the Kremlin’s active role in this dialectic, given the pro-Russian bandwagon of both far-right and far-left elements in the West. The useful idiots can be easily manipulated by a Dugin who has eagerly been promoted and courted by far-right groups, even while in his book The Fourth Political Theory advocating the Russian support of liberal, cultural Marxist, “post-modern” leftist elements in the West. The same contradictory narrative is playing out with Ukraine, with leftists jumping on the Putin bandwagon because “the CIA put neo-Nazis in power in Ukraine” as per Russian propaganda, while the same far-right elements themselves often labelled “neo-Nazis” or “Fascists” likewise justify Russia’s invasion on faux-“nationalist” grounds.

  2. FSB/Dugin bank on chaos to diminish the West, creating a beachhead for eventual Russian takeover.

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