Ken O’Keefe Calls for Military Coup in US

By Brandon Martinez

Anti-war zealot Ken O’Keefe called for a military coup in the US in this recent video:

O’Keefe has spent decades lobbying against wars. Mr. Peace O’Keefe thinks he can save the world and end human conflict. But his utopian delusion is clearly impossible.

In the vid O’Keefe openly solicits a military coup in the US. So he rails against “coups” and regime changes in foreign countries, but demands one in the US. This is the standard doublespeak of anti-war zealots. He does this while he’s more than happy to ham it up with the Russians and Iranians on their television networks. If he’s so anti-war, then why does he not utter a single word against Putin’s various wars since he usurped power in Russia? O’Keefe is not against wars… only ones that America or “the West” wage. When Iran, Russia and other regimes engage in war and expansion, he loves it. So what is O’Keefe’s ultimate goal if not to just weaken America and Europe so that Russia and China can dominate us?

This is the stereotypical reactionary position of the anti-war crowd in the West. They search desperately for heroes and saviours amongst the non-Western states because they are ultimately nihilistic agents of chaos endeavouring to tear down our Western civilization and replace it with Eastern barbarism and tyranny.

I agree with O’Keefe that our armies have been diverted into self-consuming wars that don’t serve our interests. But I think he is being steered and used by foreign governments (principally Iran and Russia) to serve their own expansionist agendas and interests. O’Keefe ignores that Russia is benefitting from these wars more than we are. While NATO states have been wasting our resources fighting goat-herders in Iraq and Afghanistan, Russia has been steadily building up its military and preparing for its Eurasianist conquests of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. That’s why Putin enthusiastically welcomed and even aided the US invasion of Afghanistan by Bush. Putin hammed it up with Bush and actively encouraged an attack on the Afghans so as to divert the US and NATO into the Middle East to fight Russia and Israel’s adversaries there. In fact Putin called for a coalition “anti-terror” war against Afghanistan before Bush did and tried to link it to the Chechen problem that he manufactured to seize dictatorial power in Russia.


18 thoughts on “Ken O’Keefe Calls for Military Coup in US

  1. Ooool Ken O’Keefe… I was just blocked on Ken’s page, by Ken. What happened was I was calling American women names like ‘ditsy’, in response to Ken calling San Diegan women ‘vapid’. A broad showed up asking me ‘Wtf am I on’. After my original, long explanation, another broad actually had the audacity to like the first broad’s comment, lol. We can’t explain anything or debate anything, but let’s just *like* what we wanna hear, lol.

    White knighting is getting to be fukin dangerous. I mean I encountered white knights on the playground, back when I was taught that fighting was very bad and would get me in serious trouble. White knights were like bullies back then, and they still are today. Well, these bullies have just a small, growing antidote for them these days.

    I couldn’t get either of the silly broads to respond, and Ken wound up blocking me. I’m not saying Ken is a bad dude or that I wish him ill, but he is seriously, seriously fukin deluded in certain, or even many ways. The broads couldn’t respond and neither could Ken, I guess, and so he blocked me.

    Shortly after Ken blocked me, a broad showed up on my page with a screenshot of me calling American women ditsy. I mean is this supposed to be some kina “surprise”?! Lol. As if I was “shocked” to see one of my own statements. That Tyler Vincent does the same shit with screenshotting a comment I made, without including the context, as “proof” that I’m “invalid” in any way he seems to think.

    The broad showed the screenshot, and I simply asked her: “Are you implying that American women are NOT ditsy”? I then asked her to PROVE it, and I tagged Ken in the post. I didn’t get shit for a response from her, and I told her I really didn’t appreciate being an admin of the Boycott American Women page when random women would come in running their ignorant mouths, just to get hammered badly on the very thread they created, and then they’d just delete the motha fukin thread after I had already taken the time to start loading it up. Well, this broad did the same thing after about 10 comments. I mean Naveed Khanverse said you “folded” after a few comments, but I can seriously make not only American women FOLD after a few comments, but I can ALSO make Pashtun supremacist Naveed FOLD after a few comments, lmao.

    I mean if Ken or Naveed, or France is a colonial ‘shit bucket’ Azaziah, or American women see this: I’m READY to fukin PARTY. I don’t think ANY of them have the guts to stick around long. Worse than that… I can PROVE it.

  2. Yaiy “Roosh”, that’s all good, but the nihilistic folks amongst whites need to be used as the buffers between the white identitarians/pro-whites, and the non-white hordes. You need to be segregated so you can live amongst all the non-whites, the anti-whites, as well as the Muslims. You should live in no-go zone areas and your tax dollars should help pay for all the incoming migrants, OR you are a treasonous hypocrite. Clearly the degenerates and trash in white culture must mean that white culture commits “just as much” crime as da non-whites, and that da non-whites pay-out “just as much” in taxes as da whites n sheeeit. I don’t wanna see you tards.

  3. Well I guess I’m gonna have to take a rain check on Azaziah, lol:

    I listened to this interview and I do have to at least give him credit that he did do the research on Trump and finally recognized that Trump is no good. Personally, it’s mind-boggling to me how anyone who knows how the MSM, the US government, and secret societies work to think that anyone since at least the time of Bush Sr (possibly even JFK) has been or is not controlled and/or purposely promoted. He was able to do that while apparently the others at the Ugly Truth still haven’t been able to do so.

    I agree with a lot of the things he says here and I might be a bit too harsh on him because I understand how it is when you’ve got an audience and you’re constantly trying to keep up a certain pace. You can get tunnel vision and you can go long periods of time without noticing incredibly obvious things. Anyway, we totally disagree on Putin and he was saying in this interview that he didn’t possibly foresee any Putin and Trump collaboration, lol.

    He’s obviously really far behind when it comes to Marxism, though; just like everybody else at the “Ugly Truth” and the vast, vast, vast majority of people in the “truth movement”:

    That’s OK though, because I want to try to provoke those other delusional dummies in the pro-Muslim, pro-Arab sector of things into a debate because they either can’t notice the obvious (there is a blatant, blatant agenda against whites), or they refuse to notice the obvious, or they just straight up talk a lot of shit and/or attack other people who try to point out the obvious; especially if these particular people speaking up don’t like Islam, immigration, or multiculturalism, and think, for instance, that if you proselytize in white and Christian areas, the same thing needs to happen to you as it would to Christians and others who proselytize in Muslim lands and/or are just minorities there.

  4. Well, I guess I’m gonna have to take a rain check on Azaziah, lol:

    I listened to this interview he did some months back and think I might be too harsh on him. I have to give him credit for at least recognizing that Trump is no good, while the rest of the “Ugly Truth” apparently hasn’t been able to do so yet. It’s mind-boggling to me how anyone who knows how the MSM, the US government, and secret societies work could ever even think that these elections wouldn’t be rigged, since at least the time of Bush Sr., but possibly since JFK. I agree with many of the things he says here, however I totally disagree with what he says about Putin. He also said he didn’t possibly foresee any Trump and Putin collaboration, lol (because Putin and the Kremlin are “good guys”, lol). Of course though, why would anyone think Jews would have relinquished all power/control they had after the Bolshevik revolution? And never a mention from him on the blatantly, blatantly obvious agenda against whites. It’s like Arabs and Muslims are oppressed, even by some of the Kurds, lol; and as if Arabs and Muslims are the “pinnacle” of oppression, lol.

    Anyway, I’m going to try to provoke these other delusional pro-Muslim, pro-Arab dummies into a debate if I can. They either are too dumb to notice; just refuse to look; or just don’t care and like to talk lots of shit, and even attack those who try to speak up and point out the obvious. I figure calling them names and insulting them is a good way to get them to respond, because they don’t seem to wanna respond any other way, lol.

  5. What I’ve noticed about Azaziah is a couple things:

    #1. Dude has put his work in on many, many issues, and for that I give my respects.

    #2. He’s Muslim first, and he also seems to think the Black Lives Matter Movement (as he knows – funded by Soros) is only some kind of diversionary tactic… as if this is not a slap in the face of white folks, or anything (very, very obvious). He thinks this is all a war on Islam, first, and other folks just happen to be in the vicinity…

    Maybe he’s just way behind on these issues and hasn’t had a chance to catch up, yet, or hasn’t been challenged on it all, yet, but the pro-Islamic stance is entirely untenable. Islam really can’t be reformed, and so major concessions have to be made.

    We have reformists who subscribe to some of the tenets of Islam, but they have to negate Islam’s core-being to do this, and so we have so many ex-Muslims today, and there are going to be many, many more.

    Azaziah talks about all this as if Muslims who aren’t Wahhabis, and Arabs are essentially all innocent in this. There could “not” be any agendas against whites and Christians… this is an anti-Islam/Arab thang…. totally incorrect.

    Maybe he did this out of ignorance and just not knowing, which is very understandable, but he is also incredibly incorrect, and serious adjustments have to be made to JA’s preaching, even though he’s been in this game much, much longer than I have.

  6. And Samira Benomar is such a shit, lol. She was talking about her undying support for Hamas. Well, unfortunately, many Muslims and Arabs don’t like Hamas. I was asking her which sect of Islam I should join so that I wouldn’t be seen as some kind of white kafir traitor, or infidel, or that I wouldn’t be simply seen as simply tryna act Arab, lol. That dumb, outdated, over-the-hill hoe blocked me. Yeah, I call her a dumb, outdated hoe because she’s just that heartless when it comes to her criticism of people opposing mass immigration into Europe.

    Fuck these Muslim and Arab squatters (pretty much most Muslims and Arabs). They should either be deported or beheaded. I’d love to do both, to be honest.

    And that Samira Beno-hoe has a rounded-out IQ of about 80 (5 points being deducted from the male/female differentiation, and also a given that the average Arab IQ is 84). Lolz.

  7. Azaziah is a circus clown. Seems the Jews are going after him. Good maybe this will force him to actually go join the fight in the middle east where he belongs instead of parasiting off of Western civilization.

  8. You’ll notice that the pro-Muslim truther crowd are jam packed with old bong smoking ‘we just want world peace maaan’ hippies. That crowd is full of New Age geeks. Ken O’Keefe is also a globalist new ager.

  9. Last message on a multi-tag with Samira that she couldn’t block, lolz:

    I am so saddened that my Samira didn’t show me the light. :( She blocked my account here, as well. 😦 May Samira give a weak, white, misguided kafir all the insights and the knowledge in the after-life. Heartbreaking. Allah, please help my sister Samira to be more kind-hearted to the kuffar in the future. May she learn to kindly direct the kuffar to pay the jizya instead of being so overbearing. InShaAllah…. my heart is broken.


  10. Brandon, sorry I missed your comments, brotha.

    Lol, yeah, from what I’ve read on YT comments and from a dude that did a pretty recent interview with JA, is that JA is safely back in the states. Either way, any “Muslim first” here deserves the same treatment that any Christian first would get in a Muslim majority country. JA has no qualms talking about Christian Identity supremacy, so he should take the very same heat for being a Muslim supremacist here (meaning I just don’t fukin like you). He may snap out of it, but probably not. Same goes for Naveed.

    Know what I’d love to see? You and me debate JA and Naveed on Islam. Hell, I’d throw in every other chump in the libtard “truth movement” as well. Like 50-on-1 is what I’d love to see; I’m used to it, lol. Like Bobby Fischer, I love smashing egos, lol.

    Lol, yeah, unfortunately KOK is so misguided. He’s still quite a libtard (yes, if any KOK fan sees this, I will be MORE than happy to debate you AND him in a no-block challenge). I’ve tried to be kind with KOK because I know he’s generally kind with people in the “truth movement”

    It really is like a bong-smoking hippie fest for a lot of these folks. These folks obviously acquire serious delusions about the world.

    Ken came along on issues like gun control, transgenderism, probably quite a bit on homosexuality, and on Jewish supremacy, but he’s still way behind on other issues (this includes the blatant war on whites and men in the West).

    I don’t know if KOK is gonna snap out of it, eventually, but right now he’s seriously compromised, and you just can’t do much with people who have one-itis so badly. I’ve had one-itis myself before a couple times and have other friends who’ve either gotten it or have it. It’s called one-itis because it’s like a virus, and you can’t get over it quickly. It’d be great to see Ken finally launch what he’s trying to do (create a method for taxpayers to avoid paying taxes to their governments), but I just don’t think he’s seriously taken into account that not only doesn’t multiculturalism work, but nationalism is on the rise, worldwide, and this includes in Arab countries.

    Sorry to Ken, but you’ve surrounded yourself with so many libtards (including a deceptive, basically Satanic-like girlfriend) that you’re just not worth our time. I’d like to wish Ken well on his efforts because he has put in good effort, but much beyond that, I just don’t give a damn about. I don’t know how Ken could have been around so long int the “truth movement” and still be such a libtard in so many ways. It’s just deplorable and sad at the same time.

  11. Angered over wars, O’Keefe burned his US passport and declared himself a ‘world citizen’. He marches along with the Kalergi tune that we should have a world without borders or nationalities and all join hands singing kumbaya. It’s a very generic hippie New Age vision. It’s really not new and these people preach the same general themes of peace and love that hippies and new agers have been promoting for decades. O’Keefe and other truthers are basically spiritual hindus preaching hindu religious doctrine without even knowing it.

  12. O’Keefe made himself into a tool of Muslims, Russia and China in a reactionary effort to stop Western States from going to war in the Middle East. He’s a standard anti-war reactionary who myopically sees evil in only one place while ignoring the evil of those he’s shilling for.

  13. You know, bro, I have a little list of things I don’t like about KOK and these are impromptu:

    #1. Somehow in this whole fiasco, KOK was trying to buy land in Dominica. Right after he was being called out, he had just cancelled his purchase of land in Dominica. Odd, right? I call bullshit on the idea that he suddenly just “couldn’t” afford the land, after being called out, as he seems to claim. So while Igan was incorrect about an extradition treaty in Dominica, Ken was suddenly somehow just cancelling his purchase of land just “before” being called out.

    #2. He gets involved with this Satanic broad who anyone with any understanding at all of the occult could notice she’s into the occult. Ken doesn’t seem to notice. Even worse than that, he backs her up big-time.

    #3. After his girlfriend had put up a video of hers, which was/is Luciferian as always, I went to her vid and put up some links about the occult and I asked her a few questions about the occult. She immediately blocked me.

    #4. Ken is dead-set on the idea that she’s not actually an occultist, but she’s “exposing” the occult. Why would she block me (especially so quickly) after asking her about the occult if she was actually “exposing” the occult as Ken is saying now.

    #5. He evidently told Jeanice Barcelo that he’d pay her as long as she agreed in writing that she wouldn’t expose anything about Sophia. If you have nothing to hide, what is the problem.

    #6. Ken is sure and be-damned that his girl is “not” a Luciferian, even though she clearly is. He goes great lengths covering up for her, insulting other’s intelligence.

    #7. The dude blocked me because I was getting aggressive with a couple females who pissed me off. Neither of those broads ever has anything of value to contribute, and he chooses to block ME out of it all. I guess we should all just talk nicely and people who get pissed off for valid reasons shouldn’t be taken seriously if what they’re saying doesn’t fit Ken’s narrative.

    Ken just can’t be trusted, whether it’s because he’s bewitched, or because he has his own agenda. It seems likely to me that he’s bewitched, but you can’t tell him that, OR his slut of a girlfriend. If you can’t tell someone simple truths, especially if they’re about very important issues, what fucking good are they? Not only this, but he’s so Marxist in certain areas that he is the absolute epitome of delusion. It makes you wonder what he does with all his time. How could he have been so far ahead in certain areas, but be so far behind in so many others? He also has no problem surrounding himself with dummies and seems to not have a whole lot of desire to learn more. Not that he has none, but he’s slow as a mofo with new ideas. This may not be all his fault, and I don’t think it is, but the sheer depth of his delusion seriously impacts humanity in a negative way. Sorry to KOK fans, but the dude just can’t be trusted or believed for long. Glad I never donated to the dude.

  14. So, most importantly, Ken gets called out on air by Richie Allen (I don’t like Richie, but Ken did get called out by him while he was apparently trying to purchase land in Dominica). Ken suddenly couldn’t make the purchase, just as SOON as he’s called out. The chances of this are incredibly slim.

    THEN he goes on to defend this Luciferian broad he met, claiming, if we can fucking believe it, that she’s “exposing” occultism. Not only is this damn near impossible to believe, (and that’s an understatement), but as an example of what she had said before meeting Ken, it went something like (and paraphrasing off the top of my head) – “sharks be locking shit down… you gonna get bit and it gonna hurt so good.” That’s “exposing” Luciferianism in KOK’s deluded fucking mind.

    You know, she could probably pop out a black baby and tell Ken that it’s “his” and he’d still believe her, lmfao.

    Ken has devolved into some kind of entertainment/comedy show, just that he expects to be taken seriously. Who could take Ken seriously, though? Could Ken take himself seriously if he were in our shoes? I seriously don’t think he would. I think he’d gaff it off and would spend his time prudently looking for much more lucrative investments.

  15. The whole Dominican thing was an absurd sham. It could never have worked the way he suggested it. Only total dummies would donate to such an airy fairy project. What he was attempted was something similar to the Jonestown cult in Guyana. Some kind of communist/anarchist enclave in thr middle of nowhere. And some of these truther kooks would have drunk the spiked Kool aid right away!

  16. I remember when I was just “anti-zionist”. “Hey pal, we don’t need to make this a divide and conquer racial thing, that’s what the TPTB want, maaannnnnn.” I would worship O’keefe or any marxist activist(anti-white agitator) nitwit that I could find that would speak ill towards Israel. I Didn’t quite see the whole multi generational Jewish war on white Europeans as being the primary motivator of the tribe.

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