Alt-Right Changes Tack: Now Applauds Russian Meddling in US Election


By Brandon Martinez

The alt-right media has spent the past year denying that there’s anything to claims of Russian meddling in the US election. But now, with the emergence of overwhelming proof of Russia’s meddling in the form of a Trump Jr. meeting with Kremlin-connected Russians promising “dirt” on Hillary Clinton to aid Trump’s election chances, the alt-right has now changed tack and is saying they’re glad for the Russian interference to help elect their preferred candidate.

An article on titled “Why I Don’t Care About Russian Scandals” says:

Idealists may not like it, but politics is a transaction. I support politicians I think will do something for me and the people I care about. Therefore, I could not be less interested in the endless parade of accusations and speculations about what certain Russians might or might not have done to help elect Donald Trump. No matter what the answer is, I don’t care.

If it will help the media and liberals get over this delusion, let me be clear: I and the overwhelming majority of Trump-supporters don’t care at all about this Russia business. Even if—and it sounds unlikely—Russia undermined American democracy to help elect Mr. Trump, I still don’t care.

The writer then dropped this whopping lie: “Mr. Trump and Russia do not want to bring hordes of Muslims into our cities. They will not pass “hate speech” laws that could put me in prison.”

That may be true of Trump, but certainly not Russia, which has already banned “hate speech,” “extremism,” Nazism and Holocaust denial, in addition to virtually any criticism of the government or “insulting” Putin personally. They also ban history books critical of the Red Army’s genocidal activities in Europe during World War II. So it’s all around illegal to question Russia’s skewed version of WWII “truth.”

The article ends with this:

Maybe the next time a liberal complains about Russians stealing the election, I should say, “Boy I hope they did. It’d be comforting to know there’s a powerful white nation looking out for us.”

This alt-right article applauding Russia for their meddlesome behaviour confirms the suspicions of many that the alt-right is itself a cat’s paw of Russia and does that state’s bidding. In typical alt-right fashion they dismiss anyone who acknowledges Russia’s role in destabilizing the West as “crazy liberals,” which is the same catchphrase the Putin regime and its supporters use to demean any Russians who don’t support Putin’s kleptocracy. Because only “liberals” would prefer to live in a state that has free speech and where oppositionists aren’t gunned down in the streets by hitmen sent by the government.


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