Globalist Muslim Taken Down by Identitarian

By Brandon Martinez

Globalist Muslim Mo Ansar does everything he can to justify mass immigration into Europe and the replacement of whites. In true Kalergiite style Ansar says “this plurality, this mixing” is going to be the future. Invaders like Ansar use bogus arguments to justify the browning of Europe because their agenda is white genocide, plain and simple.

Pro-immigration Muslims like Ansar have a secret agenda to Islamize the West. They want to bring as many brown Muslims over as they can to usurp our cultures and replace it with their own Arabized Islamic one. This is part of their stealth strategy to “save” the infidels by converting us to their religion and wiping out our infidel cultures.

Ansar is playing a very leftist-liberal tune about integration, “building bridges” and “communities coming together” to play on the heart strings of weak Europeans, tricking them into their own cultural and demographic suicide. The end result of this grand mixing will be the extinction of Europe, and Ansar knows it. That’s exactly what he and his ilk want – a non-white, Islamized Europe under the Caliphate.

This turd should be expelled immediately. He has no right to be in Britain, occupying their land while he advocates their demise through immigration and mixing.


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