The War on Whites is Real

By Brandon Martinez

The Kalergiites have put their white genocide agenda into overdrive. Across Europe, non-whites are pushing whites out of their own neighbourhoods. The immigrant hordes take over whole areas and then scribble graffiti everywhere declaring these areas “Antifa Zones” where whites are either not allowed to live or if they do live there are intimidated into silence. Any vocal opposition to their dispossession will be met with immigrant and leftist violence. This is all being executed as some kind of Jewish revenge fantasy against the “evil Gentiles” who supposedly oppressed their ancestors. Leading the way are the Kalergiite Jews and their Freemasonic lackeys in the EU who have imposed this mass immigration replacement scheme on EU member states.

Anti-white leftist European politicians are openly declaring that whites will be a minority very soon and how that’s a “good thing.” This is incredibly sick. Non-white immigrants are being sold a bill of goods that Europe is some kind of paradise – the land of milk and honey – when in fact our own economies are weak and unstable. Immigration is only dragging our economies down further as these welfare bums from the third world come here to exploit European welfare states. These people have virtually no skills, are low IQ, and commit crimes far in excess of their numbers. There is literally no benefit to bringing in masses of people from Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America. And there are so many negatives it will make your head spin.

These immigrant bums come here and use the white guilt trip about colonialism to justify their invasion of our lands. They claim they speak some European language so therefore that gives them the right to just show up in Europe and demand acceptance and fair treatment. No, if you have no ancestry in Europe, you have no “right” to come here. Speaking a language does not mean you’re owed something by the country that originated that language. I could learn Mandarin Chinese tomorrow, but I can’t just invite myself into China and demand citizenship.

These people come to Europe solely for economic reasons. They come with dollar signs in their eyes. I see these immigrants in Europe with the latest iPhones and fancy clothes. This is all being supported by billionaire Jewish and Freemasonic globalists who want to erase the European people and continent so that they can create a dumbed down, unintelligent mixed up slave race that just work and consume.


2 thoughts on “The War on Whites is Real

  1. Why do most people ignore the situation?
    Why do they deny that it is heading towards a nightmare future?
    Are they not alarmed by this orchestrated agenda?

    Anti-white leftist European politicians are openly declaring that whites will be a minority very soon and how that’s a “good thing.”
    So there you have it . . . it is obvious what is going on . . . just look around.
    Please everyone remove your heads from the buckets of sand.

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