Jared Taylor Crushes Hispanic Hypocrite and Muslim Leftist

By Brandon Martinez

In these two interviews racialist thinker Jared Taylor totally annihilates Hispanic Hypocrite Jorge Ramos and a Muslim leftist journo at ABC.

Ramos is a clownish buffoon who openly celebrates the Hispanization of the US and demands that Hispanics get more positions of power in the government. He’s openly an advocate for the ethnic interests of his people yet condemns Taylor for doing the same for his people. The thing is Ramos is a white Mexican of most likely Spanish European descent, but since he culturally identifies as Hispanic he puts himself in the brown camp. He may be deluded about his own race as some white Latinos are.

Taylor points out that no people would want to become a minority in their own country, but whites are being asked to celebrate their dwindling numbers by these non-white usurpers. When Taylor gave the example of whites pouring into Mexico and changing that country’s demographics and culure, and how the Mexicans would likely fiercely resist this, Ramos tried to shift the argument and claim that the US is “different” in its founding as a “nation of immigrants,” which is utterly false anyway. The US was founded by whites for whites and all the founding fathers agreed that the country should be maintained as a nation of whites from Europe.

And none of that would explain why Europe itself is also being flooded with non-white immigration so what would Ramos’s argument be there? In that case he’d probably use the colonialism guilt trip which is also a totally bogus argument.


One thought on “Jared Taylor Crushes Hispanic Hypocrite and Muslim Leftist

  1. Leftists often like to think they know everything and in many cases they think they own everything too.
    She was extremely rude and patronizing, pressing him repeatedly on his childhood and upbringing.
    It was glaringly obvious she was trying to paint him as having a mental condition triggered by events in his early life.
    Jared managed at one point to politely reflect the question back to highlight her origins (her parents origins).
    Her frequent smiles when he made his points and then saying it is time to move on, showed she did not want to debate points he could win on.
    He kept his cool and remained calm and friendly throughout, he seems and probably is a genuinely nice person.
    Leftists when they discover that they are debating a truly nice and intelligent person, are often thrown by that, as it is not what they are expecting.
    More importantly he is telling us some uncomfortable facts that are being suppressed by the controlled media.
    Well done Jared.
    As a final note . . . always ask the question . . . “Who can you trust?”

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