Jihadi Muslims Vow to Reconquer Spain


By Brandon Martinez 

Jihadist Muslims from Isis have released a video praising the savage attack in Barcelona and pledging to conquer Spain for their backwards Caliphate.

New Isis video warns they’re ‘coming to take back Spain’

The Muslims appearing in the video were Spanish citizens who left to join the Isis jihad. They claimed that Spain was once a Muslim colony and that they will wage war and terror until it is once again under Muslim rule.

Jihadist Muslims believe that any territory that has at any time come under Muslim rule through invasion and conquest belongs to Muslims forever.

The delusional jihadi harkened back to the just expulsion of the Muslim invaders and occupiers during the Spanish Inquisition 500 years ago. He vowed revenge against the Spaniards for the defeat of his invading ancestors.

The weak and cowardly European politicians refuse to do anything about this as their citizens are run down like dogs in the streets. They should immediately raid and shut down known extremist mosques and deport all known extremist preachers and their followers. Deporting all illegals, sealing the borders and blocking immigration from Muslim countries would significantly reduce the risk of jihadi terror in our lands. But they won’t do this fearing being called ‘racist’ by the left.



One thought on “Jihadi Muslims Vow to Reconquer Spain

  1. Make no mistake about it: This is the armed, political expression of a narrative pushed by many “mainstream” Muslims, that the Iberian Peninsula somehow didn’t have a “civilization” and was “backward” until the Moors invaded what they called “al-Andalus.” I heard this narrative countless times among Muslims, almost like it was a straw they could grasp onto as proof of their “golden age” vis-à-vis the “uncivilized” Europeans. They seize upon certain advancements in Moorish Spain, then exaggerate it while “moor-washing” the rich, ancient, advanced history of pre-Moorish-occupied Spain. I heard this time and time again like a broken record, and it didn’t sit well with me due to my own Spanish heritage – as I read the reality.

    The reality is that the Moors were a foreign occupier. Spain was never a “Muslim” land, but a land occupied by Muslims. So using the same logic about a “return” of Spain, France could retake North Africa, Britain could retake Egypt, Iraq and Pakistan, etc.. Yet these hypocrites would never advocate such for the “kuffar”, repeating the same type of Judaic justification for a “return” to Palestine because that land was once the home of Jewish Hebrews who conquered it from other nations.

    Is it not strange that ISIS never attacks Israel or Jews, but has increasingly been attacking Europeans? They’re foot soldiers of Israel’s own war against white Europeans, as threatened in 2014 by former Shin Bet deputy director Yisrael Hasson:


    And it comes at a time when rabbis are ramping up their supremacist hate-speech against Europeans:

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