Multiculturalism is Literally Killing Britain

By Brandon Martinez

Dedicated to white genocide, the Kalergiite government of Britain has allowed Islamists to swamp the country, the fruits of which we have seen in recent months of bloody terror on the streets.

An EU official has warned that the largest contingent of Islamic extremists, some 25,000, live and act freely in Britain.

This from the Independent:

The UK is home to up to 25,000 Islamist extremists who could pose a threat, the EU’s top terror official has warned.

Officials have warned that the threat from home-grown jihadis who are prevented from joining Isis in Syria and Iraq is increasing, with the group inciting global terror attacks to maintain momentum.

Gilles de Kerchove, the EU’s counter-terror coordinator, said he expected more atrocities following the deadly car rammings in Barcelona and Cambrils.

“We are going to suffer more attacks,” he told Spain’s El Mundo newspaper.

“The majority, except Brussels and Paris, were not directed from Raqqa but inspired, and then Isis claimed responsibility.

“The group’s propaganda no longer calls so much for people to travel to the ‘caliphate’, but to launch attacks in their places of origin or of residence, even on a small scale with homemade weapons.”

Mr de Kerchove said the UK was home to the highest known number of Islamist radicals in Europe – between 20,000 and 25,000 people – with 3,000 considered a direct threat by MI5 and 500 under constant surveillance.

The perpetrators of three recent attacks have been known to the police as Isis-sympathizing potential terrorists for some time:

Westminster attacker Khalid Masood was described a “peripheral figure” by Theresa May, while the Manchester bomber Salman Abedi was known to MI5 but not under active investigation and the ringleader of the London Bridge attack, Khuram Butt, was not thought to be a risk despite being a known member of Anjem Choudary’s banned network.

But cowed by political correctness, the police fail to act against potential threats so as to avoid the bad optics of preemptively rounding up brown-skinned foreigners.

Britain’s insane pro-multicultural policies have allowed these savages to gain a foothold in the country and build their terrorist networks. Any sane politician would have immediately deported these extremists who so obviously want to commit more terror against Europeans to pave out their bloody caliphate. They should ban immigration altogether, but will instead bring more backwards people here to rape, rob and kill us. The Zionist Kalergiites and the Islamists have shared interests to genocide white people. The only difference between them is that the Zionist Kalergiites want Jews to be our eternal slave masters – with radical Muslims and other non-white invaders serving as a short-term instrument of terror to kill us – whereas the Jihadists want us to submit to a medieval Islamic Shariah tyranny, beheading anyone who refuses to lick the dust off the Mohammedans’ feet.

Like a classic Trojan Horse, the Zionists have opened our gates to numerous dangers that combine to facilitate the extinction of our sacred continent. We must stop them!


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