Phony Anti-War Zealots Work for Iran & Russia


By Brandon Martinez

I’ve written before about how “anti-war” zealots calling themselves truthers are actually just subversive agents of Russian and Iranian expansionism.

This video proves that George Galloway is a literal shill working for and being paid directly by the propaganda organs of Russia and Iran:

Another who I’ve written about before is Muslim-American convert Kevin Barrett, who spends most of his time denying Muslims are even capable of violence against non-Muslims and that all terrorism is faked by the enemies of Muslims.

Barrett has spent the past 15 years crusading against wars in the Middle East. He decries the “regime change” agenda of past US presidents. Yet hypocritically he can be heard calling for a regime change himself against governments that he doesn’t like, such as ones governing the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

In this recent interview Barrett explicitly calls for the Saudi regime to be overthrown.

So how can this anti-regime change activist now be cheerleading for a regime change of his own? Obviously because Saudi Arabia is a rival of Iran, Barrett’s paymaster and chief media sponsor. So Barrett morphs from anti-intervention, anti-war hippie into a regime change hawk when the policy serves the geopolitical interests of his paymasters in Iran and Russia. Just like George Galloway who said he’s only against Western airstrikes in the Middle East while vigorously cheerleading for Russia’s bombs.

Barrett also fashions himself an anti-Zionist and outspoken critic of Jewish supremacism. But that is only applied to perceived Jewish-Israeli abuses and plots that adversely affect his Muslim in-group in the Middle East. In a debate with me, Barrett made apologies for the genocidal anti-white efforts of Jewish globalists like George Soros. So when elite Jews do things to undermine whites, Barrett sides with the Jews against whites. His Islamic brethren are benefitting from the Jewish effort to swamp the West with brown immigrants, so they’re now working together in a sinister confederation to destroy nationalism among whites.

This is proof that these Muslim and leftist truther hypocrites are total frauds who speak out of both sides of their mouths. They’re not anti-war. They love war when their favourite regimes are waging them and will work with their own perceived enemies to hurt whites.


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